Fling Meaning: Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for an Unforgettable Summer Fling & Casual Hook Up Experience

Fling Meaning: Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for an Unforgettable Summer Fling & Casual Hook Up Experience

Everyone ought to experience, how it’s like to have a Summer Fling relationship, at least once in their lifetime.

Life is too short to be prim and proper all the time. Don’t you agree?

At some point, we should all learn to let loose, and finding a Casual Fling and Hookup partner, is one great way of doing it.

The advantageous of having a Casual Encounter are endless, owing to it being a Casual Dating, non-committed NSA Relationship.


Fling Meaning & Fling Definition

If you finally do decide to get into one, here are the Top 5 Essential Casual Fling & Hookup Rules to bear in mind, to make the experience an unforgettable one … Enjoy!


1. Discuss your expectations upfront – (#1 Top Fling Meaning)

Be forthright and let her know what your expectations are early on; because you definitely don’t want to be leading her on in the wrong way.

Say during the second date or so – casually mention to her that you really enjoy your time with her, and that you are actually not looking for anything serious right now.

She will get definitely the hint and if she is consensual, both of you can enjoy and have fun all summer long.

On the contrary, if she does not agree with it, you can move on to another potential Summer Fling, without holding on to the guilt and the label of a heart-breaker.


2. Try all things unconventional – (#2 Top Fling Meaning)

On the whole, Casual Flings are fun, exciting and a great way to experiment and get yourself off the beaten track.

You don’t have to worry about being blamed because she isn’t satisfied, or being overly concerned about whether she is comfortable and in the mood compared to a long term Committed Relationship.

Don’t be mistaken though. You would still have to show her ample respect, and make her happy with the sex.

But Summer Flings allow you a lot more room, for explorative sex and enjoyment.

So, be bold, adventurous, live out fantasies and unleash the fetishes you have.

Who knows, you may experience your best sex yet.


3. Saying it once is enough

Stop spoiling it for her and yourself, and constantly reminding her that you have a girlfriend back home, and that this Casual Relationship isn’t going to get serious.

She’s already got it (the first time you mentioned). And, she doesn’t need you to keep drilling that fact into her.

She’s also here for some sexy fun time.

Don’t get too ahead of yourself, and think that she’s going to be devastated without you. She isn’t.


4. Don’t do things couples do

Don’t do too much (in fact, NEVER) couple-ly stuff together, because you need to draw the line for your Short Term Relationship.

Or else, you will end up missing her and pining for her, when summer is over.

Well, avoid all sweet lovey-dovey couple-ly things like cuddling, staring into each other’s eyes, pillow talk etc…

Spare yourself the heartbreak, and focus on the short term pleasure and sex (without the emotional baggage).


5. Don’t over-promise or lie to her

Never say you will keep in contact, or visit her in the fall, when you obviously ain’t gonna do that.

It makes you a total jerk and a douche bag, because you are just telling her a blatant lie.

She obviously doesn’t deserve that.


Concluding Insights on Fling Meaning

Summer Flings are great way to unwind, from the stresses of life, and recover from a failed Romantic Relationship.

Let’s just say that we ought to reward ourselves once in a while, just so that we can keep ourselves sane.

There’s nothing wrong with having such Casual Flings – if you don’t do it, someone else would.

You’d be surprised by the number of people who actually have Casual Encounters & Hookups.

They just don’t talk about them openly about these Open Relationships, even with their closer friends.


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