Fling Relationship Meaning: Top 6 "High-Tech" Signs that Your Hook Up & Casual Relationship has Evolved Into a Serious Relationship

Fling Relationship Meaning: Top 6 “High-Tech” Signs that Your Hook Up & Casual Relationship has Evolved Into a Serious Relationship

Are you in a Casual Relationship, and wondering if its status has changed somewhat into a Committed Relationship?

Well it’s definitely much easier to tell if your Casual Hookup is going the “Serious Dating path”, if you’re someone in tune with technology.

Wait does that even make sense?

It will once you get through the following paragraphs (we know you will) … Enjoy this insightful article!


Fling Relationship Meaning: Top 6 Signs Your Hookup & Casual Relationship has Turned Into a Committed Relationship


1. You find yourself uninstalling dating apps – (#1 No Longer a Fling Relationship Meaning)

You may have met your Casual Dating partner on an Online Dating App, but you catch yourself deleting the very Hookup App you met her on.

Because you know, that you wouldn’t be needing it any more.

Even though you may have hooked up through HappyMatches with the intentions of finding a f*ck buddy, you realized that you both had a good time. And, that she was a great catch that was too good to miss.

So that’s adios to Casual Fling Dating Apps (at least for now).


2. You share your Netflix password with her

Sharing your Netflix or HBO password, is actually considered a huge milestone in a Dating Relationship.

Because it involves a whole lot of trust (she can actually share it with anyone else), and she can potentially screw up with your favorites and to-watch list.

The fact that you shared this intimate detail with her, means that you are both into something pretty serious.


3. She’s mentioned in every of your Instagram or Facebook posts – (#2 No Longer a Fling Relationship Meaning)

You dedicated a post to her on Instagram or Facebook. Complete with a romantically crafted caption and all, portraying your love and dedication to her.

Friends who read it say it’s cringe worthy, but sweet nonetheless.

You may even have a unique couple hashtag, that you use to tag all your travel photos.

Well, you definitely wouldn’t publicly declare your love for her, unless you are serious enough about it.


4. You have access to each other’s phone

You can easily log into her phone because you know her passcode by heart, and she could for yours as well.

There’s really nothing to hide. And, you are not afraid that she would come snooping around, looking through your phone too.

Some of you may even have your fingerprints authenticated on each other’s phones for convenience sake.


5. You text each other, even though you just left 5 mins ago

You often text her throughout the day, updating her about things you are doing and what you are thinking etc…

It has become a subconscious act, and you just tend to do it throughout the day.

Because she’s the one whom you want to talk to, when something upsetting happens, or when you have good news to share.

Essentially, you also text her when you are bored with nothing to do.


6. It’s official on Facebook

You have decided to announce on Facebook about your Romantic Relationship. You have also changed your relationship status to “In a relationship” on Facebook.

If it isn’t already as clear as day, your Facebook wall is just peppered with posts from her. And numerous photos tagged alongside her.

Awww… if this isn’t love, what is?


Fling Relationship Meaning: Turning a Hook Up & Casual Relationship into a Committed Serious Relationship

And that’s what we mean, when we say it’s much easier to detect if your open Short Term Relationship has become serious, if you’re a technology kind of person.

The above signs would surely not exist for the brick-and-mortar guy.

It’s certainly not for us to say if “going down the serious path” is necessarily a good or bad thing – essentially, it’s all up to the individuals who make it happen.

We’ve seen our fair share of sob stories (and happy-ending stories) concerning couples who start off from Hookups, Flings, One Night Stands, Friends With Benefits and other forms of Casual Relationships.

Regardless, we hope things go great for you! It should if you’ve both talked it out, and know what you want in a Long Term Exclusive Relationship!


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