Are We More Than Friends With Benefits Quiz: 5 Signs Your Boyfriend Sees You Merely as a Casual FWB

Are We More Than Friends With Benefits Quiz: 5 Signs Your Boyfriend Sees You Merely as a Casual FWB

Would you consider yourself a person who doesn’t jump into things, especially Committed Relationships easily? If that’s the case, you probably prefer to take things slow and contemplate before going into a full-fledged committed dating relationship.

Like many others out there, you are likely to explore, date casually, and see if things work out eventually. In the midst of these, you may sometimes find yourself asking if your feelings are right, and if your partner feels the same way too.

These days, you can���t tell if he’s not exactly interested in you anymore or if he is really busy with school or work. Well, these things can be really complicating.


Are We More than Friends With Benefits Quiz

Here we share with you the 5 Tell-Tale Signs that your casual boyfriend isn’t exactly into you … reconsider your Dating Relationship with him if you must, especially if you are looking for a soulmate and Serious Relationship partner!


1. The only item on his agenda is getting into your pants

He can’t be bothered to plan your dates and most of the time he just expects you to hang out at his place or he would be at yours, and it always ends up with sex.

Not that you are complaining, but it seems as if this has morphed into a casual dating Friends with Benefits (FWB) situation.

Perhaps you would like to consider if you are interested to still continue this FWB Relationship with him, if not we say you should move on. This is especially important if you notice that you are investing too much time and emotions in your boyfriend, yet somehow this doesn’t get reciprocated on his part.

Tread carefully, or you may run the risk of hurting yourself emotionally!


2. You are status-less

You never ever make an appearance on his Instagram photos or Facebook pictures. Even if you do, he would ensure the photo looked like an innocent platonic photo (not like someone he’s f*cking).

It irks the hell out of you, and almost makes you feel like you’re his dirty little secret which he’s keeping from everyone. If you do notice such behavior, we suggest that you be extra cautious towards this guy that you’re dating.

More often than not, guys hide their Dating Relationship status so as not to close themselves off to other potential ladies; be it serious or for fun.

It may very well be a clear sign that he still wants to explore his options, and that he’s not ready to invest all his time in you.


3. He has no plans with you for the future

More often than not, he drops hints that he is not looking for anything long-term or serious. It doesn’t have to necessarily point to you, but could be a passing comment about his current outlook towards dating.

Whenever you try to broach a topic that hints at planning for the future, he skillfully maneuvers his way out and tries means and ways to avoid delving into the conversation.

Probably, this is a huge hint for you to look out for and consider as well!


4. He keeps you out of his inner circle

He tells you ever so often that he has a family event to attend in the evening, but never invites you for any.

The logic is simple – if you are someone important to your partner, he would naturally want to show you off to his friends and family.

That fact that he does not suggests that he doesn’t see you as a serious date, and doesn’t want to risk explaining himself to all of them when you both end the perceived “Committed Relationship”.

To him, you’re just a casual fling. It may be hard to swallow this fact, but you have to.


5. He isn’t keen to know you at a personal level

Your conversations don’t go deeper than “What’s your plan for this weekend? Wanna bang?”.

He does not attempt to get to know you better as a person. To be honest, you’re just one step away from saying “hello, stranger” whenever you meet him.

Perhaps he’s just adopting a no-strings-attached action plan so he can get into your pants without the emotional attachment.

If you don’t think you can live such a life with him, it’s about time you let go and seek someone who is looking to be in a serious relationship like you are.


Concluding Insights on Friends With Benefits vs Dating: Are We More than Friends With Benefits Quiz

At some point, you’d have to ask yourself if this casual boyfriend you’re dating is looking to progress things to a deeper level.

If he seems not too keen to, there’s really no point trying to get him to be on the same page as you.

You could either stay put and enjoy the carefree, no strings attached sex, or walk away in search of your happily ever after.

The choice is yours. Make a decision based not on your emotionally attachment to him, but based on the Type of Dating Relationship and person(s) who will bring you the relationship fulfillment (whether emotional, physical, long term stability, or all of them) that you are seeking.


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