Friends W Benefits: Top 4 Fun & Sexy Things You Can Do With Your FWB

Friends W Benefits: Top 4 Fun & Sexy Things You Can Do With Your FWB

Friends With Benefits (FWBs) come without the drudgery of serious talks about the future and arguments about who pays for the groceries or bills, unlike being in a long-term relationship.

That’s precisely the reason why FWBs are a load of fun; they come without commitment and they present us the opportunity for frolicsome fun, allowing us to explore our darkest sexual desires and fantasies.

Below are just 4 exciting and adventurous activities you can explore with your FWB … Enjoy!


Friends W Benefits: Awesome Activities to Engage In with Your FWB


1. Sexting with Your Friends W Benefits

Receiving a flirty and suggestive message in the middle of your work day is going to make you so hot and bothered that you would not be able to wait till the end of the day to jump right into bed with your Friends With Benefits. That is what makes sexting fun; the sensual yet tormenting wait and anticipation. If done right, it is an excellent form of foreplay.

Go on and dirty talk and tell your FWB how horny you are or send them an elusive picture of yourself; for the guys, your V-cut abs should do wonders. Who knows, she may be sprawled on your bed, eagerly waiting with a glass of champagne for some action at the end of the day.

For the ladies, never underestimate how your sexy thighs can make your FWB go crazy for you. If you’re up for it, you may even send your FWB an upskirt or downblouse shot of yourself at work. Just make sure you don’t get caught by your boss.


2. Netflix and Chill with Your FWB

Tried and tested, the sexual connotation in ‘Netflix and chill’ is inevitable as it will almost definitely lead to some steamy action with the right atmosphere. Dim the lights, light some scented candles, prepare your champagne glasses, play a rom com and the rest will take care of itself.

Hell, in fact, don’t even bother wasting time searching and deciding on a movie. After all, you both know that the movie isn’t the focus. If your FWB is up for ‘Netflix and chill’, you know you’re up for some sexy time. Turn up the volume to block out the raunchy loud moans from her. For this purpose, an action-packed film sounds ideal.

Prepare for the situation – be ready for Netflix and chill. A TV setup right in front of your bed would be perfect. Better still, invest in a projector that allows you to watch the movie projected onto the ceiling while both of you are lying in bed (and getting it on). Trust us, it would be useful.

TIP: Try this on your first “date” with your FWB as this is known as a foolproof method to get her comfortable and in the mood for some sexy time.


3. Up the Game with Sex Toys

Always too shy to go into that sex toy or adult store? Or wondering how that gigantic dildo with a million contraptions work? With your FWB, you can explore a tirade of sex toys set to jazz up your sex life with no holds barred. With the age of the internet, getting a sex toy is simply an anonymous click away.

So loosen up and have some fun with your FWB as this may be a time to amp up your collection of vibrators, sexy lingerie or hand cuffs. Try it and you will never know, you both may be hooked! Just make sure you don’t show off your stash right at the first date.

Always remember that mutual respect is key in your Friends W Benefits relationship – if our FWB isn’t up for an overly exciting sex life, then you should respect that too; or move on and look for someone else who can match up to your expectations. Not everyone is into sex toys, domination, or other of your fetish.

You could however, explore these when you’re both deeper into the FWB relationship, and are more comfortable with each other.


4. Explore your Fantasies & Erotic Desires with Your Friends With Benefits

Embrace your inner desires and try out something which you saw in a porn clip that turned both of you on. You may even suggest watching porn together. You’d never know what you might uncover along the way!

The benefit of FWBs lies in the fact that you are both free to explore what you want, without having to deal with the heartbroken, dejected and disgusted look of your partner, for instance when you probe the possibility of a threesome with your long-term pro-monogamy girlfriend together with her hot twin sister.

With FWBs, even if your deepest darkest sexual fantasies are judged, you can always go “Thank you, next”. Surely, you would be able to find someone who can play along with you. Remember that an FWB shouldn’t be emotion-laden, it should be good, carefree sexy fun.


Concluding Insights on Friends W Benefits: Spicing Up Your FWB Relationship

It really doesn’t take much to spice up your sex life with your FWB with these activities which you both can enjoy! One should take the time with your FWB to experiment and tread into unchartered waters.

Be open minded and you both may experience the deepest sexual pleasures within. Just make sure you don’t escalate things too quickly; unless you’re certain it would work out for sure.


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