Friends With Benefits: Top 7 Best & Free FWB Apps & FWB Sites to Widen Your Pool of NSA Open Relationship Partners

Friends With Benefits: Top 7 Best & Free FWB Apps & FWB Sites to Widen Your Pool of NSA Open Relationship Partners

Friends With Benefits (FWB) – What a wonderful phrase, won’t you agree?

If only all our friends are open to receiving (and giving) benefits, life would have been so much more fulfilling and exciting.

You know what? That’s actually a really possible reality, not just a pipe dream.

Given that there are so many FWB Apps you could use, to build up your network of f*ck friends and Casual Sex buddies.


Best & Free Friends With Benefits App & FWB Sites for Open NSA Relationship

We’re as excited as you are, and that’s why we’re sharing with you the Top 7 Free & Best FWB Sites and FWB App which you can easily get lucky with.

Use them to find your NSA Relationships and Open Relationships dating partners and lovers right away … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches ( – (World’s #1 Friends With Benefits Dating App & Dating Site)

Come out of your hiding, and join the Casual Dating and Non Monogamous Relationship crowd that’s open with each other on what they are looking for: NSA FWB dating relationships.

Basically, what-you-see-is-what-you-get in the World’s No. 1 Undisputed and Top-Most Rated FWB App and FWB Website. Simply no arguments.

What makes stand out is its explicit and unapologetic straightforward no-holds-barred open concept of being “EXPLICIT” about the Type(s) of Dating Relationship each User is looking for on the HM site.

In this case, a FWB Relationship and No Strings Attached Casual Fling partner for an on-off and Non Committed Relationship.

Add to this the removal of the hassle of having to “swipe left, swipe right”, and patiently wait hours upon hours for your next “match” (who may easily turn out to be yet another forex / crypto-currency scammer after days of engaged chatting.

You can probably understand, why more and more people are simply turning away from other very established Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites.

And instead, heading straight to sign up for their “FREE” accounts at Happy Matches to find their ideal dating partners and preferred dating relationships.

You would be superbly impressed to know that “Date” accounts use the site entirely free-of-charge.

Suitor” accounts (where even more fun exists) merely costs a negligible USD 1 a month to get started.

Be sure to verify that you are a living, breathing human to get your profile noticed and trusted by as many Users as possible.

Simply by going through, the simply yet extremely effective World’s FIRST “Face Recognition Verification System“, that absolutely distinguishes the HM portal from any other Dating Site or Dating App out there.

With Happy Matches, you can in fact safely say “GOODBYE!!” to any other established, popular or supposedly world-class Dating Apps and Dating Sites out there whom everyone else tries to promote to you.

Just know where to go – the ONE and ONLY place (which is

And Hey Presto!! You’re on your way to Modern Dating success and fulfillment instantly without a doubt! Hesitate no longer!


2. OkCupid (

It may take awhile to get any response from members at OkCupid, but your patience will pay off eventually!

OkCupid works like this – once you’ve expressed interest in somebody, the system doesn’t allow you to chat with the user unless it detects that the feelings are mutual (i.e. the other user likes you back).

The good news is that OkCupid rotates its profiles around very frequently, which means that you get maximum exposure.

Regardless, of whether you paid for the premium account or not.


3. Coffee Meets Bagel ( – (Interesting #2 Dating App to Find Your Friends With Benefits)

Coffee Meets Bagel features a stylish, clean interface which is sure to attract a younger crowd.

Or at least, people who enjoy things which are aesthetically pleasing.

Besides, the name of the app sounds cool enough – coffee meets bagel.

In fact, who would have expected such a Dating App to be a Casual Relationship platform, for FWB seekers to lurk?

That’s why, you need to be particularly skillful here to fish out the right people.

Otherwise, failure to do so will lead to a banned account. Ouch!


4. Hinge ( – (Popular #3 Dating Website to Land Friends With Benefits)

Hinge works pretty much like any other Online Dating App.

And, it recently started to allow new account registration, without any Facebook integration (Yay!).

Honestly, it’s an utter social suicide, to integrate Facebook with any FWB Dating App.

And, it didn’t take long for mobile Dating App developers, to realize that it is a dumb, redundant move to begin with.

In any case, Hinge works great now. Because the community of users is continuing to grow.

And, we all know the wonders of numbers (especially for Top FWB Apps like, when it comes to Online Dating platforms!


5. Tinder (

Tinder works great, if you invest time into writing up a Dating Profile, that attracts the right group of people.

If Casual Sex or f*ck buddies are who you’re looking for, be sure to note it down clearly.

Without violating the website’s listing rules, that is (or you will get banned!).

You need to try to be a little more, subtle but trust us – the people you’re looking for, will get what you’re trying to drive at.

Once your profile description is up, you’re all set to go!

Exercise extreme caution though, whenever you come across any rather attractive and alluring profiles.

Yet it’s clear from their location, that they are many hundreds (or thousands of miles) away from you.

Others simply try to invite you to continue your conversation with them in an external chat app.

An,d along the way, drop subtle hints to you of their regular solid earnings from trading forex or crypto-currency.

It should be very obvious to you by now, that these are potential Online Dating Scams, that you should be very wary of.

And clearly, don’t be foolish enough to fall into their money scams!


6. Bumble (

Bumble’s for you, if you’re not the pro-active type.

That’s because, only the ladies have the power, to initiate any form of contact at Bumble.

That just means, that you have to channel your efforts, into writing up an attractive profile (including a decent profile photo).

So that, ladies don’t just click the “skip” button.

It’s good to have an account here in Bumble.

Because, you’ll never know when you might get lucky.

In the meantime, keep yourself busy with the other Free Dating Apps and Best Dating Sites.

Use only those Dating Platforms, that are highly recommended and available.


7. Happn (

Happn works particularly well, if you’re in a city full of Happn users.

You’re actually able to get an idea of the user demographics, by looking at the reviews on the app store.

You’ll need some decent inference skills though.

But the analysis will be worth it, since it helps to determine if Happn would work for you.

Happn depends very much on the GPS location system.

Because, you’re able to detect fellow users on the Dating App, if they are near to you.

This means searching for a Hookup and One Night Stand partner, has never become so much more convenient, than it has been before!


Concluding Insights on the Best & Free Friends With Benefits App & FWB Sites for a NSA Open Relationship should clearly be your obvious No. 1 choice, to find your ideal FWB dates and partners.

That aside, the trick is to explore as many FWB Dating Apps and FWB Dating Sites, as you can.

And, you should keep the contacts of every successful Hook Up and Casual Fling.

Before you know it, you’d have consolidated a solid list of potential FWBs.

Who are ever ready to be activated by you, whenever you’re in the mood for sex.


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