Friends With Benefits Dating: Top 5 Tips to Make Ladies Want You as a FWB on FWB Dating Apps/Sites

Friends With Benefits Dating: Top 5 Tips to Make Ladies Want You as a FWB on FWB Dating Apps/Sites

You have to admit the proposition of an FWB is way too irresistible. That’s why you are here reading this article. Just imagine … getting mind-blowing sex without the dreaded commitment and romantic nonsense that comes along with a typical relationship. What’s more, you can change partners as and when you please because that’s the incentive of a no-strings attached FWB Relationship.

Increasingly, with the advent of technology, people are seeking ways to find FWBs from online websites dedicated just for such casual relationships. These websites assure discreet encounters and a myriad of like-minded members also looking for the same type of fun.


Here’s How to Succeed in Friends With Benefits Dating …

However, you may be wondering; how do I land myself an FWB on these FWB Dating Apps and FWB Dating Sites? Below are some professional tips on how to make you irresistible to the ladies before they even meet you in person:


1. Be Genuine

Got a user profile on a FWB Dating site? It might be a good idea to open up that page now to do a self-evaluation: How are you presenting yourself on your profile? Are you including details which are obviously untrue and exaggerated?

While you may have a reason for your write-up, a wrong word choice could backfire and make you appear tacky or even arrogant. Worse still, ladies may think you’re a hoax or a wannabe.

For instance, some people may think that the description “Millionaire Sugar Daddy” will entice lots of women for obvious reasons. Desperate attempts at a ’10 inch c*ck that will satisfy and make you scream for more’ is not going to cut it either.

The trick here is to be genuine, and show some respect. Ladies aren’t as shallow as you want them to be. If you’ve got a micro-penis, go ahead and declare it for you never know which lady out there has a genuine interest in you. It’s better than being disappointed on the first date, right?


2. Be Witty (if you can)

If you’re looking for a Hook Up, don’t ever state in your profile that you’re looking for one. It makes you look shallow. Instead, try to sound fun and flirty.

Adding in a little humor would surely lighten things up and make you look more approachable. Be honest about your age (you can just put a range if you are not keen on revealing the exact age).

Surely, you wouldn’t want to be caught by surprise during the ‘blind date’ and to deal with the awkward situation of meeting a cougar or someone way too young?


3. Edit Your Profile Photos

Let’s face it – 8 out of 10 photos we see on social media have gone through some extent of editing. If you can’t beat the crowd, you got to join it.

Go ahead and edit your photos to make yourself look better. There are tons of such applications out there and you just have to Google. Bare it but leave some for the imagination (that is if you have a toned body or a six pack).

If not, be sure to use photos that focus on your best angles! I mean, surely you would want to put your best face forward and give a good first impression so that ladies would approach you, right?


4. No Photos of Families and Friends

Also, avoid posting photos with your friends or family in them, even though you look really good in one of those photos.

If you’re insistent on posting a photo of yourself at your niece’s 1st birthday party, you may wish to use a photo-editing tool to crop your relatives away in that photo so that their identities are not exposed, especially since these photos are posted on Casual Dating sites.

Also, don’t post one with your mates to save yourself the embarrassing situation when your potential FWB Date goes “oh, I thought that guy was you…”.


5. Don’t Be Inappropriate

A dick pic (even though you may feel particularly well-endowed) is never a good idea as a pick-up line because that is the number one method for potential ladies to instantly block you on these FWB Dating Apps and FWB Dating Sites.

NEVER, WE SAY NEVER SEND DICK PICS even to your potential FWB (except if you’re in the midst of sexting and you are very certain this person is not going to be thrown off by your in-your-face dick pick). Because sometimes, too much is really too much.

You can be provocative, but do not reveal the full-monty. Because that really kills the mood and makes it look cheap. Who knows, your full glory may also be circulated as a humiliating joke for the entire world to see.


Concluding Friends With Benefits Dating Insights on How to Make Ladies Want You as a FWB on FWB Dating Apps/Sites

In summary, start with something witty and original, or maybe just a friendly “hello” will suffice. Be nice!

Once things are comfortable and you know it’s going in a promiscuous direction, you can be naughty and flirty to show your intentions.

Who knows? An attractive FWB may come knocking at your door before you know it for your exciting FWB Relationship.


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