FWB or Relationship Quiz: Is He Just a Casual Dating Fling or Is He Serious Relationship Soulmate Material

FWB or Relationship Quiz: Is He Just a Casual Dating Fling or Is He Serious Relationship Soulmate Material

Sometimes, you get the vibes of certain men who are outright swinging bachelors who never wants to settle. They are in for the summer flings, Friends With Benefits fun, no-strings attached sex and are never serious about being in a Committed Relationship.

In our deepest fantasies, we hope to tame one of these men and make them settle because we can sort of hold on to this invisible trophy that we made one of these “untouchable” men cave in to us. But, how often does that really happen?

Here we share some tips to tell the difference if the guy you are seeing is just a Casual Dating Fling (aka FWB), or a potential soul mate material for a Serious Relationship.


FWB or Relationship Quiz

Here’s 6 clear tell-tale signs which shows you whether your guy is a Friends With Benefits or genuine boyfriend material … Enjoy this FWB or Relationship Quiz!


It’s a Casual Relationship Fling when…


1. Everything’s about the sex

Often times when you receive a text at night, you wish that it is a sweet text with a short message like “I miss you.” That never happens.

On the contrary, the intent of the message is always dirty. And that’s almost all there is to it. Your exchanges feel almost transactional, and it becomes a highly predictable routine.

Whenever he texts, it’s asking for sex and the next moment, you’re both entangled under your sheets f*cking like rabbits.

Your FWB Relationship is very superficial and he barely knows you and vice versa. You both don’t delve much into personal topics or talk about yourselves.


2. He seems cold towards you right after the deed

He doesn’t give you a status nor ask you to be his girlfriend. He shows a clear disinterest towards you right after the deed, but that interest mysteriously rekindles the next evening.

The worst thing is, there’s nothing you can do about it because you’re a willing party.

He clearly doesn’t have any intention to progress in the foreseeable future and he just conveniently treats you like a “friend” whom he bonks with regularly.

Basically, you’re his friend with benefits, and he is reaping the benefits with so much gusto. You had better be enjoying it as well. A lot.


3. He doesn’t initiate any dates

The last time you could remember him suggesting a brunch or a dinner date at the posh restaurant was when he was trying to get into your pants. After that, he conveniently skips them because he thinks it’s mutual; you both just want the benefits out of each other. In fact, you can’t deny that he seems to be deliberately keeping you out of the public eye. He probably doesn’t want you to be seen with him. That’s why he prefers to chill and netflix because the sex is all he is after.


He is a Soulmate Material for a Serious Relationship when…


4. He makes an effort to connect with you

The night doesn’t just end after the sex.

In fact, he tends to open up and engage in heart-to-heart conversations with you talking about his goals, aspirations, family, friends and life in detail.

You both feel comfortable and at ease to share these intimate anecdotes and parts of your personal lives, and you know he wouldn’t be one to judge or criticize.


5. You both see past each other’s faults

He confides in you about his ex and you tell him about how much a b*stard was yours.

You both understand that the scars and pains in your previous relationships don’t matter, and instead they make the both of you stronger, allowing both of you to become more aware of what works, and what doesn’t.

You see each other as strong pillars of support because of this connection you share, and you feel that he is the one who will help you scale even the most treacherous mountain.

If he gives you this security which you can hardly explain, it’s probably something that you should pursue!


6. Mediocre sex is just as mind-blowing

With love as an anchor, even the most mediocre sex becomes mind-blowing.

Because you are both in love with each other, having sex is no longer just a purely physical and superficial act, but one that brings even greater intimacy between the two of you.

Contrary to beliefs, you may both even be willing to accept each other’s quirks and fetish, and continue to have an exciting sex life while being in a Serious Dating and Committed Relationship.


Concluding Insights on Whether He’s a FWB or Relationship Quiz

So, is the person on your bed merely a fling, or is he soulmate material? Take this FWB or Relationship Quiz above and you’ll know.

It may be good to determine now so that you do not invest too much only to end up hurting yourself. It may also take some time for clear signs to develop, so remember to be patient as well!

You’d never know when a fling would evolve into a soulmate because in reality, that does happen!


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