Friends With Benefits Vs Dating: 6 Clear Signs You & FWB should Start Serious Dating

Friends With Benefits Vs Dating: 6 Clear Signs You & FWB should Start Serious Dating

Here’s the scenario – you have been meeting her/him for no-strings-attached (NSA) sex for a significant period of time now, and subconsciously, you know you may have fallen for her/him. Dang.

Don’t be too hard on yourself for flouting the big rule of FWB Relationships though. We’re sure you know you should never get emotionally involved. That said, we are all human beings with the capacity to experience the ups and downs in this roller coaster ride which we term, life.

Sometimes, things are just beyond our control. Dating Relationships do evolve and feelings may change. Now, you are sitting there wondering if she/he feels the same towards you.

Here are 6 Sure-Fire Ways to tell if you should make her/him your bae before it’s all too late.


Friends With Benefits Vs Dating

Listed below are 5 Key Ways to uncover if she/he is just treating you as an FWB or if there is a chance to take your Friends With Benefits relationship to the next level …


1. Does Absence Make Your Heart Grow Fonder, Or Your Sexual Desires Grow Stronger?

You start missing her/him whenever she’s/he’s not with you. This can happen without you knowing, but you start missing her/him even though you were apart for a few days or merely hours.

You see yourself reaching for the phone to text, to check how she’s/he’s doing or even just asking what she’s up to. This is a clear indication that you care about her/him and that she/he means more than just an FWB to you.

And, we are assuming that you’re not having a hard-on for her (or craving intimacy with him) as you are texting her/him. Simply put, if you are texting her/him just for the sex, she/he should just remain as your FWB.


2. Do You Keep Your Hands to Yourself, or In Her/His Pants?

If both of you are always completely oblivious to your surrounding as you engage in massive PDAs, and getting hollered at to ‘get a room!’ is becoming such a common affair, you should probably just stick to being Friends With Benefits.

The point here is to know for sure what is it about her/him that attracts you so much – if it’s all physical, you might as well remain FWBs.

Couples in a Serious Relationship don’t necessarily have to have their hands all over each other – it’s perfectly okay to keep one’s hands to themselves.


3. Do Your Eyes Wander, or Do You Just Want to Wanderlust with Her/Him?

“Oh, how nice if she/he could be here sharing this scenic view of the mountains with me” – now that’s a clear sign that you are emotionally attached to your Friends With Benefits.

Even as you are up in the mountains with your buddies on a guys hike out, or enjoying tea with your girlfriends, you just can’t seem to get her/him off your mind. You know, they say a travel partner can make or break your dream vacation.

Therefore, it is very important to travel with someone whom you feel comfortable with, who also happens to enjoy the same kind of travelling as you do. If you can’t imagine jet-setting or exploring new places with anyone else, then she/he could very well be the one.


4. Are Weekends “We-Time” or “Me-Time”?

You love having breakfast in bed and sleeping in on weekends with her/him. In fact, there isn’t anything else or anyone else on your TO-DO (pun-intended) list this entire weekend.

Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for her/him and you just like spending time outside of work, even if it means doing nothing with her/him.

If that sounds like you, then maybe she/he could be the one.


5. Is She/He Your “Go-To Person” when Significant Things Happen in Your Life?

Discovered a hidden gem of a Japanese restaurant and you are already making plans to bring her/him there? Or thinking of going to that Indie music festival to enjoy really good music and booze? Taking it up a notch, attending your best mate’s wedding cuz’ he’s invited you and your other half, and you are already thinking of asking her/him?

When you see someone as a significant other, she/he would always be the top of your list to call during these special events or to share important news. If you find yourself in such situations, perhaps you should reconsider if she/he is really just your FWB or someone a little more special.


6. Is She/He Always the Better One, No Matter How Many Others You Try to Date?

Nobody seems to be able to match up to her/his standards. In fact, you seem to compare everyone with her/him.

“She/He isn’t as funny as her/him.” “Her/His smile isn’t cute and dimpled like hers/his.” “Her/His lips don’t feel as soft and gentle as hers/his.” “She/He doesn’t make me feel as comfortable and safe as I do when I share my inner most thoughts with her/him.”

After the umpteenth date from dating apps like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel or Bumble, you actually think she/he is still the best (suited for you). She/He knows your quirks, your preferences, desires and dreams. And you know hers/his too. No one can actually make you feel the way like she/he does. If that sounds like you, maybe, just maybe, she’s/he’s more than a FWB to you.


Concluding Advice on Friends With Benefits Vs Dating

If you are ever in doubt – just come back to the Rules of the Friends with Benefits game.

If she’s/he’s worth nothing more than the sex to you, then she’s/he’s probably just a FWB. It’s perfectly normal for Friends With Benefits to progress into something further and deeper relationship-wise.

Just know the clear FWB Dating signs, understand the Friends With Benefits Rules and Guidelines, and Do the Right Thing(s) if you don’t wish to get into any unnecessary drama with your FWB!


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