FWB Dating: 4 Reasons Why a Friends With Benefits Relationship is Better than a Serious Relationship

FWB Dating: 4 Reasons Why a Friends With Benefits Relationship is Better than a Serious Relationship

A new kind of Dating Relationship is taking the world by storm and you guessed it right – it’s having Friends With Benefits (FWB).

Technically it is not exactly a friendship; neither is it a One Night Stand nor a Serious Dating Relationship. The situation seems a little mind-boggling, however that’s what makes it thrilling and fun to engage in.

Long gone are the days when people had to date in a Monogamous Relationship with the traditional end goal of marriage in mind. This novel way of Modern Dating is up and rising because of its lack of rules and no-strings-attached nature.


FWB Dating vs Serious Relationship & Committed Relationship

When played the right way, it’s a win-win situation for both parties in FWB Dating! Still contemplating about signing up for an account on an FWB Dating App or FWB Dating Site?

Here we present to you the Top 5 Reasons Why Having a FWB is Better than Being in a Real Serious Relationship or Committed Relationship … Enjoy!


1. You get instant gratification with FWB Dating

In this “attention deficit era” where people can’t even concentrate on a paragraph or text for more than 10 seconds, millennials chase after the notion of instant gratification in all forms, sex included.

What’s the point of all the compromise, heart-to-heart talks, planning for the future and all the relationship BS that does nothing but drag you down? FWBs (and FWB Dating) offer the instantaneous satisfaction and pleasure without all that hoo-ha.

Try it, you’d be blown away by how fuss-free an FWB is (assuming your partner knows and respects the rules of the game).


2. You get the freedom to do whatever you want

FREEDOM~ Such a sweet word. If you associate being in a relationship as being shackled by it, an FWB doesn’t have to go through that.

Being in a no strings attached FWB Relationship means you can see who you want, whenever you want, without answering to anyone.

You have the liberty to f*ck with anyone because you are single and ready to mingle. You can have multiple f*ck buddies are free to explore.

You don’t have to deal with any of the hysterical BS your serious girlfriend whom you are dating gives you. Come on, tell us this isn’t tempting enough! Try FWB Dating now.


3. You will never be bored with the sex

Essentially, the casual disposition of FWB Relationships means that a FWB Relationship never lasts long so sex is always fresh, new and exhilarating.

You never have to make do with the boring missionary position as you can go all out and be weird with the exploration of the 101 karmasutra sexual positions or an over-the-top crazy sexual fantasy you have. If they judge, just be like Ariana Grande and go “thank u, next”.


4. You will never have blue balls – ever.

Living in a fast paced society, most students and working adults have literally no time nor energy for relationships. But one carnal need still needs to be fulfilled – sex.

With an FWB, you don’t really need to go through the hassle of dating to jump right into bed with her. No more waiting till she is ready or even after marriage to enjoy the forbidden fruit. No more waiting till the end of the day to get into her pants.

Hurray to no more blue balls! For consensual FWBs, the goal is to f*ck – that’s why there isn’t a need to go through so much unnecessary items in the agenda to get to the AOB.

The sex would come really fast and furious, and it might be a good idea to invest in supplements that keep you going at it. We heard zinc keeps your semen volume high so that you’d have plenty to spare 😉


Concluding FWB Dating Insights on Why a Friends With Benefits Relationship is Far Better than a Serious Relationship & Committed Relationship

While some may feel a little uncomfortable at the start, you just have to learn to get past the inertia to start enjoying the perks of having a FWB.

To put things in perspective, just imagine the first time you had sex with your serious girlfriend and how long it took for you to convince her to get down on you?

Now you get to fast-forward straight to the fun part. And enjoy it a few times a day if you’re up for it.


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