FWB or Relationship Quiz: 5 Questions If a Friends With Benefits Relationship is For You

FWB or Relationship Quiz: Here’s the 5 Questions to Determine If a Friends With Benefits Relationship is For You

Is an FWB relationship for you? Does having a FWB sound like a great idea to you? We don’t know about you, but it’s probably the best acronym ever invented in our opinion.

An FWB relationship entails a fun casual relationship with someone whom you like, lots of sex, and the best part of it all? There is no need to be involved with all the problems that come with being in a serious dating relationship. It sounds too perfect to be true, but it CAN happen to you.

What’s important is to find out if it’s something that’s really for you. In other words, are you really suited to be in an FWB relationship? Here’s the Top 5 Questions on a Friends With Benefits Relationship you should ponder on before getting into one.


Our Proprietary FWB or Relationship Quiz

Below are some questions on FWB Relationships that you should consider, and perhaps drill the cold-hard truth out of you to see if you’re ready to join the crew … Enjoy!


1. Are Your Ex-Boyfriends Still in Your Contact List?

If your answer is a resounding yes, then FWBs may be for you. The fact that you are able to separate emotions away from your past relationship to be able to build a friendship with your ex means you probably CAN handle an FWB.

That’s because emotions must never become embroiled in such relationships in order not to overcomplicate things. When too much emotions are invested in an FWB, trouble brews.

That said, just because you aren’t in contact with your ex doesn’t mean you’re completely out of the game. Knowing what to expect of a FWB Relationship, and having the commitment to play by the rules are much more critical.

All we’re saying here is that you probably have a slight advantage over others in getting involved with a FWB if you are still in contact with your Ex-es. In fact, one of them could be your first FWB – just make sure their lover doesn’t find out about it.


2. Do You Get All Emotional and Needy After Orgasm?

If you don’t, congratulations because an FWB may be suited for you. In FWB relationships, FWB partners exist solely to satisfy each other physically.

Research has shown that women tend to become particularly needy and emotional after sex, as compared to men who simply fall asleep most of the time. That translates into an expectation among women that cuddles ought to accompany every orgasm.

Now with your FWB, cuddling after sex does not come as a given because men are just not genetically wired to do such stuff with their wives or girlfriends; let alone their FWBs. If you are chill with this, you are cool to be in an FWB relationship. If you’re not, you just got to manage your expectations.


3. Do You Get Jealous Easily?

If you are able to have an open and heart-to-heart conversation with your FWB about some girl he’s into and not feel a tinge of jealousy, give yourself a pat on the back because you’re one of the rare few who can keep emotions out of the way.

In FWB relationships, people are allowed to see or sleep with anyone they want without having to let their f*ck buddies know. He probably sees you as a friend to be able to confide in you about another girl, and trusts you to give sound advice since you’re his friend and a girl at the same time.

Because of the nature of such no-strings attached relationships, jealousy is totally out of the question for all FWBs. If you’re someone who gets jealous easily, it may be a good idea to stay out of a fwb relationship. If you do decide to get into one, remember to stay zen, show no emotions, and be involved in lots of meditation. Ohmmmm….


4. Do You Always Dream of a Happily Ever After?

Having separate time and space away from one another, aside from your weekly bonking affair is important to sustain your FWB Relationship in the long run. You shouldn’t be hanging out with each other too frequently as you may start to develop feelings which will complicate the no-strings attached nature of FWBs.

So, if you are even harboring any thoughts that your FWB Relationship may blossom into a loving Dating Relationship, you may wish to stop and reconsider for a bit. Sure, there is always a possibility that a Friends With Benefits Relationship could progress into something more, but one should also not put their hopes up too high.

Just enjoy the freedom, and let nature take its course. Who knows, if you’re less pushy about things, your happily ever may eventually become a reality?


5. Is It Important for You to be Involved in His Personal Life?

Even though you flit around groups like a social butterfly, it’s best for FWBs not to get involved with each other’s inner-circle of friends or family. It’s important to respect the boundaries and each other’s personal space. Unless he initiates something, don’t ask for it.

The fact that you are someone’s FWB means that you could be part of his double life, one that he wishes to keep a secret about. So it’s really not a good idea to want to be involved in his personal life.

Understand that an FWB Relationship is nothing like the Serious Dating relationships that you have been in previously. It’s really all about the sex and the fun without any commitment. It may be tough to “recalibrate”, but it’s all going to be worth it.


Concluding Insights on FWB or Relationship Quiz to Determine If You’re Ready for a Friends With Benefits Relationship

So there we have it, some questions that you should really ponder over before considering to get involved in a FWB Relationship. The answer doesn’t like in the results you get from “fwb quizzes” scattered all over the internet.

If only things were that simple! What’s important is for you to get attuned to your own thoughts and expectations, manage them, and start enjoying the life you deserve.

There is a time and season for everything, so if it’s time for fun and senseless sex, why hold yourself back? We say – the serious stuff can wait. Have some fun first!


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