How To End A Friends With Benefits Relationship: Top 7 Advice for Breaking Up with Your Guy FWB (Ladies Edition)

How To End A Friends With Benefits Relationship: Top 7 Advice for Breaking Up with Your Guy FWB (Ladies Edition)

Wondering how to end a Friends With Benefits relationship, and not wanting to appear like a total b*tch?

You both weren’t exactly seriously dating, yet you can’t say it wasn’t a dating relationship. You’ve been racking your brains on how to break up with your current FWB for quite some time now, and you still haven’t found the courage to spills the beans. Perhaps you have found someone new, or decided to move on to something more serious, or maybe he just did not seem that interesting to you (especially in bed) anymore.

Here’s 7 Valuable Tips on How to Approach Such Tricky FWB Relationship Situations, and to Break Up With Your FWB Tactfully without appearing like an obnoxious b*tch.


The Top 7 Pointers on How to End a Friends With Benefits Relationship … Enjoy!


1. Before anything, seek clarity first.

Ask yourself if this is a decision you have made (with a clear mind) and not something done at the spur of the moment. Perhaps, there is this potentially hot new FWB you met and you decided on a lustful whim to give up on your current one as you feel you did not have the time to invest in two FWBs simultaneously. You feel like you could give up anything for your new f*ck buddy who bears an uncanny resemblance to Chris Hemsworth, has sun-kissed glowing tanned skin, toned 6-packs and even a huge package.

But! Before you do anything silly, understand that you are risking everything that you have built with your FWB if you went ahead to ditch him, only to realize that you’d actually prefer a slightly smaller d*ck (or anything else, for that matter). Bottom line? Don’t ever put yourself in such a situation.

Be very certain of your decision and make sure you would not be regretting it in time to come. Once you give up on your FWB, there is a chance you will lose him forever. Even if he decides to come back, things may become awkward, and you won’t share the same bond again. So be firm and stick to your guns.


2. Be upfront and honest (don’t just disappear)

Avoid saying “it’s not you, it’s me”; the classic excuse for ultimate b*tches during breakups. Be honest and let him know the reason behind your decision to initiate the break-up your FWB relationship with him.

Do not “ghost” him, by disappearing and hoping that everything would pan out the way you would want it to. Have the decency to meet with him face-to-face (if possible) and put it across to him ever so gently and lightly.

If circumstances do not allow for it, a call or text would suffice. Just be sure that you explain the reason(s) so that there is closure and he is not left hanging.


3. Reduce the sex gradually

Logically speaking, both of you shouldn’t be bonking too much the weeks leading up to the end of your FWB Relationship. Doing that may set him up for a puzzling ride, and complicate things more than they already are.

Reduce the frequency of sex and this can serve as a prequel to the breakup; it’s very much like a cushion to soften the fall, and to make sure that he isn’t caught unaware.

With less physical intimacy, it’ll irrevocably create an emotional distance between the both of you, making the breakup easier to swallow.


4. Be genuine with your words and intentions

Do not say “let’s just be friends” for the sake of it. Be genuine about it, and don’t take it too personally if he doesn’t want to. You’ve got to admit that not everyone can handle a platonic friendship with someone they’ve slept with. Even if you can, he may not be able to. So, you’d both have to be very clear about this and come to terms if one of you are unable to become ‘just friends’.

If both of you are emotionally ready and happy to, by all means! Text each other occasionally, grab some coffee or hang out as a group. Do normal things that friends do. A genuine new friendship may blossom from this!


5. Allow him space and time to mourn

There is a likelihood that you’d have to give him some time and space to grieve after the break-up (even though technically, there shouldn’t be any emotions attached to your relationship).

Especially since you were the one who brought it up to him, it could have caught him unaware and hurt his feelings. At that point, he may still be rather invested in this relationship or he could be harboring the hope that it would develop into something more.

Don’t badger him to be your friend or probe him for any answers; let him speak to you again at a time he feels comfortable to.


Concluding Insights on How to End a Friends With Benefits Relationship

Like all Dating Relationships, it’s never easy to say goodbye. That’s why you should never get yourself emotionally involved right from the start – that is the golden rule of any FWB Relationship, remember?

In any case, if you have decided to give up on this Casual Relationship, move on quickly – go hang out with your besties and maybe hook up with someone else.

After all, we all know the best way to get over a FWB is to replace him with another. Or a few others if you’re up for it.

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