How To Go From Friends With Benefits To A Relationship: 4 "Musts" to Consider When Moving from FWB to Committed Relationship

How To Go From Friends With Benefits To A Relationship: 4 “Musts” to Consider When Moving from FWB to Committed Relationship

Essentially, how to turn a Friends With Benefits into a Relationship? What do you need to know, and what must you consider beforehand?

He’s great in bed, gentlemanly, has a great sense of humor and is a wonderful companion to talk to. You connect to him on various levels and can visualize the both of you together. But oddly enough, he hasn’t asked or taken any action. You are unsure if he is also as terrified to take another step or that he has other plans.

Racking your brains on how to get your FWB to take your FWB Relationship to a more Serious Relationship level? Dreaming of a happily ever after with this guy whom you’ve been seeing (albeit in a no-strings attached arrangement) for a while now?

Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone in this situation. That’s why we have crafted this insightful content to set you thinking before you embark on your next important step!


How to Go from Friends With Benefits to a Relationship: 4 Valuable Points to Consider BEFORE Moving Into a Committed Relationship

In fact, many women are in search for tips and methods on how to move on to a stable and Committed Relationship with someone they have been seeing casually.

Perhaps it’s time you took things by the reins and see if this is going to end up the way you want to.

Below are 4 Important Pointers on how you can approach this situation to Take your Dating Relationship from Casual Dating to a Committed Relationship level … Enjoy our carefully curated advice on How to Go from Friends With Benefits to a Relationship!


1. Be Prepared for the Heartache

(a) If he is not prepared to move the FWB Relationship into a Serious Relationship

Before doing anything, it’s absolutely essential to guard your own feelings first. You need to be prepared that he may not feel the same way as you do, so do be mentally ready to let him go.

Do not allow him to convince you to continue this FWB Relationship casually as you have already decided to move on to a Committed Relationship. Since he is unable to progress along with you, take it as he has decided to forgo this relationship.

Do not allow him to hang on to you and delay your prospects of getting into another potential Dating Relationship with the right Dating Partner. Leave and never look back, because it’s better to leave now than delay and prolong the heartache.

Unless of course, he’s so good in bed that you figured there’s no harm clinging on to him while you seek your Serious Relationship elsewhere.


(b) If he is keen to move the FWB Relationship into a Committed Relationship

Conversely, if he has decided to move on to a Serious Relationship with you, let go of all the lingering negative impressions you may have of him because he was your ex-FWB.

This includes thoughts like “is he going to look for another partner behind my back?”, “will he revert back to his polygamous lifestyle?” and such.

Since he has decided to take the leap of faith with you, start on a clean slate and give this Committed Relationship a fighting chance.

Stay positive and it’s already half the battle won.


2. Steer Away from Sex and See Where it Leads the Relationship

Get to know him on a non-sexual level. Sex may be an important factor in a healthy Committed Relationship, but since you all have had so many f*cking seshs as FWBs, try to let that take a back seat and get to know him better in other aspects.

Make excuses to stay out of the house – take a walk in the park, attend a concert or even travel and get lost together. Research has proven that traveling with your Relationship Partner will allow you an insight as to whether your Dating Partner is your soul mate.

Quirks and odd habits will show when traveling to far-flung places where both of you are out of your comfort zones. It may even bring you both closer together and show that you were both made for each other!

If however, your Relationship Partner doesn’t seem too keen on the idea of getting out of the house or leaving sex out of the equation for that matter, it might be a clear sign that he’s not keen to progress into anything more than your current casual FWB Relationship.


3. Consider a Makeover

Give him the chance to see you in a different light; trade your low-cut sexy dresses and stiletto heels with your comfortable jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

Talk to him about things other than sex that interests you – it could be a casual conversation on the type of tea you enjoy, or even your political views and other intellectual interests.

The point is to make him realize that you’re more than just a source of orgasm. Connecting with him on different levels besides the sex would be a good idea to begin with.

He may need to see you through a different lens in order to take the relationship from a casual to committed level.

Who knows, you might even realize that his intellect turns you on more than you’d have imagined 😉


4. Attempt a Heart-to-Heart Talk

While this is usually a strictly no-go zone for starting FWB Relationships, you might be able to approach this cautiously if you’ve been with him for a significant period now.

When the time is ripe, you may try to talk to him about personal matters and confide in him. Let him realize that you’re trying to connect with him on an emotional level, and watch his reactions carefully and trust your intuition.

Is he really listening with a genuine interest, or is it that he’s merely trying to find an excuse to leave so that he doesn’t have to be burdened by your emotional baggage?

Even if he offers a genuine listening ear and gives you some sound advice, you shouldn’t be celebrating too soon either.

Take it slowly, and test the waters a few more times before taking the chance to pop the question to see if he’s ready to take the relationship to another level.


Concluding Insights on How to Go from Friends With Benefits to a Relationship: What You Need to Consider Before Moving Towards a Committed Relationship

So, How to Go from Friends With Benefits to a Relationship?

At the end of the day, just be sure not to be too emotionally attached to your FWB if you don’t ever want to come to this stage.

However if it does, don’t feel bad. You’re NOT ALONE in this! Many other ladies are in the exact same situation as you. We trust the above pointers will guide you to take the necessary actions to try to move things forward in your FWB Relationship!

If things should work out and you’re able to progress to a Serious Relationship with him, then well and good.

If things do not work out, remind yourself that he’s just your FWB, and not someone you had intended to build a long term Serious Relationship from the start. Brace yourself. Be strong. Do know that a better guy who’ll be there through good and bad times is out there waiting for you.

Consider now adjusting the Type of Relationship you are looking for in the Dating Site and Dating App to “Serious Relationship” (instead of mere “Casual Dating”).


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