How to Turn a Friends With Benefits Into a Relationship: Wanting More with Your Guy FWB

How to Turn a Friends With Benefits Into a Relationship: Wanting More with Your Guy FWB

Just like all Dating Relationships, Friends With Benefits (FWBs) start with some chemistry and may develop into something deeper.

You may find yourself falling for your FWB, but you are wondering if it could progress into something more.

Fortunately, the answer is “Yes” (although you still have to be prepared for the worst). Here are 5 Exclusive Tips on How You can take your FWB Relationship a Step Further into a Serious Relationship.


How to Turn a Friends With Benefits into a Relationship if You want Something More with Your Guy FWB?

You are looking to make further progress in your FWB Relationship with this guy. So how to turn a Friends With Benefits into a Relationship?

Fret not, we’ve got this settled for you … simply follow the 5 proven and valuable guidelines suggested below. Enjoy!


1. Strike While the Iron is Hot

He always walks you home even though his place is in the opposite direction and he snaps up whatever opportunity he has to be with you. When you tell him you’re having a bad day, he drops whatever he’s doing and rushes over to your place.

He lends a listening ear to you for 5 hours straight despite the fact that he has to report to work at 7am the next morning. Some of these signs could mean that he’s into you.

Because he has dedicated much of his precious time to you, it is likely he is emotionally invested in you too. With these tell-tale signs, you can certainly take your FWB Relationship onto a more serious level if you take the necessary reciprocal actions fast.

If you think he’s boyfriend material, do something to show that you’re interested in him too.


2. Find Lots of Reasons to Hang Out with Him

Try asking him out for casual dates instead of always meeting in bed or through a booty call.

If he’s open to meeting you for movies, brunch at a local café or for a concert at a park, it’s good news, it seems like he likes spending time (outside of bed) with you too!

Aside from that, you could also initiate a gathering with mutual friends or group dates if he is comfortable hanging out with other couples (just be careful it doesn’t turn into a mass orgy if you’re really intending to take things seriously).

It’ll be fun and these opportunities would create a lot more new experiences with him.

Such platforms would be great for you guys to get to know each other better, and on a different level too!


3. Don’t Lose Yourself Over Him

Although it may sound counter-intuitive because you want to be in a committed and serious relationship with him, you shouldn’t make yourself too available for him right at the start.

Especially since you are not sure if he’s also feeling the same way. With the lack of contact with other people or FWBs, you may appear needy and overly reliant on him. That could be a major put-off.

So, keep yourself available to other FWBs, and this may potentially make him want you more. With your attention spread out to the other FWBs or partners, he will start craving for your attention and love.

He may even wonder what he may be losing out due to your absence.

Well, the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest, isn’t it?


4. Have an Open Conversation with Him

It would be good to lay your cards out on the table and communicate truthfully and openly with your FWB about how the both of you feel.

It is however essential that you do not insinuate or pressure him into being in a Committed Relationship with you. Think of these as open conversations where you can finally understand if he is ready to take the existing FWB Relationship more seriously, or for you to move on to another Dating Relationship (and Dating Relationship Partner) where you can get what you really want and deserve.

Try not to be overly solemn and serious when having such conversations – a good trick is to subtly show your intentions before the deed. If the conversation doesn’t turn out the right way, just make-out and enjoy the sex first.

The rest can wait!

5. Know When it’s Time to Move On

Allow your FWB Relationship a timeframe to develop into something more. Be patient as these things take time, and remember not to rush into it as it may freak your FWB out.

At the end of the day, if things don’t go the way you’d like it to be, it’s probably high time to leave as your FWB may not be on the same page as you.

It could be because he’s not ready to be in a more stable Serious Relationship or he does not share the same feelings as you do. Just set a reasonable time-frame and stick to it.

If things don’t work out, you can always continue to enjoy the carefree time as a single. Who knows, your next f*ck buddy will be the one?


Concluding Insights on How to Turn a Friends With Benefits Into a Relationship: Turning Your FWB Relationship into a Committed Relationship

Whatever you do, never rush into a Serious Relationship before knowing for certain that he is the one.

You’ll need to be sure that it’s not merely an infatuation you’re feeling, but that you genuinely see him as a potential life partner and soulmate.

Take your time! It’s always good to know if you’re both compatible in bed before taking things up a notch 😉


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