How To Turn A Friends With Benefits Into A Relationship: 5 Tell Tale Signs He Likes You More Than An FWB

How To Turn A Friends With Benefits Into A Relationship: 5 Tell Tale Signs He Likes You More Than An FWB

You must be pondering: Is this Just Friends With Benefits or More? Basically, you are probably keen to know how to turn a Friends With Benefits into a Relationship.

Yet the reality is this: Sometimes, it’s quite tough to tell if your f*ck buddy is interested to pursue a real Serious Relationship other than having a romp with you in bed every other week.

So how to turn a Friends With Benefits into a Relationship? In order to do so, you need to understand whether or not he is interested and serious enough in you beyond a FWB. This article sets out to show you how to tell if you’re just his FWB or his something more!


For those of you ladies keen to know, here’s the Top 5 Tell Tale Signs to look out for to see whether he likes you more than just a Friends With Benefits.


1. He doesn’t bring up anything about his ex anymore.

It’s obvious if your FWB is still into his ex; every now and then, he may share with you bits and pieces of something related to his ex and most of the time, these are unpleasant things. He may bitch about her lack of sensitivity, how big a sl*t she was but the truth is that he hasn’t moved on yet.

That’s precisely the reason why he’s still so sore about it. Now though, you noticed that he has stopped being a whiny broken recorder. Chances are, he has stopped harboring any thoughts about getting back with her and it could very well be because he’s more interested in you already.

If he is being very cautious about bringing his ex into conversations, there is a likelihood that he may have fallen for you.


2. He says you are his “only” fwb

Even though you both know the rules of being in a no-strings attached FWB relationship, he somehow tries to slip in information about his ‘monogamous’ relationship with you. In fact, there were more than a couple of occasions when he mentioned he wasn’t seeing anyone else but you.

These statements may be deliberate, and consciously planted just so you are able to notice that he is serious and wouldn’t consider dating anyone except for you; quite the contrary to people engaged in FWBs, where it is common to have multiple partners because of the nature of these non-committal relationships.

For him to be just seeing you means he is taking you very seriously and would like to pursue something much more than an FWB relationship with you.

That said, be very careful with guys who are glib-tongued; they may very well be saying these just so that you’d be more committed to providing better sex for their enjoyment. It’s all a mind game to them, and it doesn’t hurt them in anyway.


3. He talks about having a future with you

Subconsciously or maybe even deliberately (just so you get the hint and his intentions), he may have said “if you were my girlfriend, I would have bought you a bunch of wildflowers, just because I know you didn’t like roses.”

He would make passing comments on how big an assh*le his mate was to be two-timing and sleeping around despite being engaged to his fiancée. The point is, he tries to make moral judgments about the people around him and in doing so, tries to bring home the point that “he will never be like them if he’s ever in a committed relationship”.

And he does this every so often; probably because he imagines the both of you together, and you being his in a possible serious dating relationship.


4. He wants you to stay.

Instead of rolling off the bed and leaving right after sex, he tells you to stay over for the night and you both hang out chatting through the night. He might even say he misses you, and that he doesn’t want to leave (Yes, men do get emotional after sex too. It’s not just the ladies).

To top that off, he may even make breakfast for you in bed the next morning (and perhaps score a morning sex session while at it). Simply put, he seems to be enjoying spending every moment with you and that itself is a huge indicator that he is into you more than an FWB.


5. He involves you in his social circle.

One doesn’t count as a number. If he has brought you along for gatherings and he tries to involve you in his social circle by officially introducing you to his friends and best buds, it is highly likely that he takes you seriously. It is an unspoken rule that when one introduces the other to close friends and families, there’s probably something going on, and in this context he is trying to declare you as his bae.

Think about it, if you are just a fling, why would he go through the trouble of introducing you to his friends and having to explain what happened after that (when the fling is over)?


Concluding Insights on Just Friends With Benefits or More? Here’s How to Turn a Friends With Benefits into a Relationship … with our 5 Tell Tale Signs that He may Like You More Than an FWB

Probably the best way to tell if a guy likes you more than a fwb, is to check for signs of emotions. Is he allowing emotions to come into play? Does it affect him a lot when you’re down? Is your happiness important to him?

These are all possible ways to determine if he has fallen for you for real. To put it bluntly, guys who are in casual no-strings attached fwb relationships just don’t give a f*ck apart from the deed itself. The fact that he gives two hoots about something personally related to you could be a sign that he’s really into you.

Just remember to be cautious all the time, and not end up giving your man more than what he really deserves.


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