What Does FWB Mean In Dating: It Takes Discipline NOT to Fall in Love with Your Friends With Benefits

What Does FWB Mean In Dating: It Takes Discipline NOT to Fall in Love with Your Friends With Benefits

So, you intend to keep things casual, but sometimes it’s hard to separate love when there is sex.

It’s human nature to want to develop close relationships we have into something more, let alone intimate relationships involving sex.

It takes discipline – in fact lots of discipline, to maintain your FWB Relationship, and prevent it from going awry.

Here are some 6 crucially important ways to go about doing it.


What Does FWB Mean in Dating

It takes discipline to NOT fall in love with your FWB – here’s how … Enjoy!


1. Keep a Distance

Distance yourself away from him. Don’t spend too much time together or meet every other day.

Have your own activities; meet your friends or you can even get another new FWB!

Don’t let him be your only option as that will make you clingy and reliant on him for his love, care and attention.

Humans are very social beings, so put yourself out there and make sure you keep your heart safe and as far away from him as possible.

Always remember that he’s just someone you’re hooking up with and you shouldn’t cross the line and get too serious for you’ll be the one whose heart will break.


2. Stick to Just the Sex

Research has shown that humans tend to be clingy after sex. It’s really the hormones talking.

To avoid this, strictly no cuddling, kissing, canoodling or engage in any lovey dovey kind of acts which only lovers do.

Calls and texts should be limited to just booty calls, phone sex and/or sending nudes or temptation purposes.

He is just there to satisfy you sexually, other than that, don’t engage.


3. Don’t Add/Stalk Him on Social Media (or Follow Him)

Well, if he is already a friend of yours, just disable his posts notifications without un-following him so you are discreetly not going to be a stalker and follow his every movement and get jealous of the girls he’s hanging out with.

You don’t want to end up like a psycho making yourself envious and spiteful every single f*cking time you see a girl commenting on his pictures or appearing on his feed.

Save yourself the heartache and don’t add or follow him if he wasn’t a “friend” on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Keep it business-like and know he is just your f*ck buddy; you’ll just see him in bed.


4. Keep Things Strictly Business

Stop calling each other “babe, baby, honey, darling” or any of those sweet endearing names.

Just your first names will do. Romantic nicknames are reserved for people in a Serious Relationship.

Skip all that and keep it plain and simple in your Friends With Benefits Relationship.


5. Avoid Heart-To-Heart Talks like the Plague

Keep things light, sexual and casual.

Don’t go into deep and meaningful talk with your FWB, or confide in him about the bad day you were having.

Channel it into maybe some passionately violent sex you’d have with him instead, and talk to a true friend afterwards.


6. Don’t Introduce Him to Your BFFs

There’s really no point in bringing him to a gathering and introducing him to all your friends.

He is merely your short-term sexual partner and not your boyfriend. Only when you are committed to someone and emotionally invested in a Committed Relationship with a guy should you introduce him to your friends.

Trust us, it’s going to be a hassle to explain yourself, when things start to go wrong and your friends ask: “What happened?“.

Save yourself the trouble and keep your f*ck buddy away from your BFFs and family.


Concluding Insights on What Does FWB Mean in Dating 

So what does FWB mean in Dating? You should minimize the commitment and emotions you invest into any FWB Relationship.

Whenever you find yourself developing feelings for your FWB, it’s always good to stop and see someone else for a bit, before engaging in intimate acts with him again.

It’s all in our brain’s wiring; we have to intervene to reset its neural networks sometimes to avoid falling in love (and just stick to enjoying the sex).


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