Gay Hookup Rules: The Top 6 Unspoken Etiquette of Gay Hookup Apps for Gay Dating

Gay Hookup Rules: The Top 6 Unspoken Etiquette of Gay Hookup Apps for Gay Dating

As convenient as it can seem to be able to cruise hot Gay Men from the comfort of your armchair in your Y-fronts, Gay Hookup Apps and Gay Hookup Sites do come with their own set of social rules.

It is extremely important that you abide by these 6 established Gay Hookup Rules if you want to succeed in Hooking Up with fellow attractive Gay Guys and Gay Boys for Casual Dating, and enjoy your Gay Romance with them.


Gay Hookup Rules

Here’s the carefully curated list of our Best 6 Online Gay Hookup Tips for Gay Men looking for Hook Ups and Casual Encounters … Enjoy!


1. Be Upfront With Your Intentions

Hookup apps aren’t necessarily always about instacock, although it can be! Lots of men have made find friends, found lovers, and met their future husbands on the app (usually after hooking up first, though).

Be honest with yourself and what you want – an LTR, meeting new friends, finding a quick hook up, a conversation, or even a local tour guide if you’re visiting a new city.

But if you’re not clear in your profile about what you’re doing there, guys who are looking for a quick hookup on that hookup app could be annoyed and justifiably so.

Knowing why you are online will help you get to your end goal quicker and avoid disappointment to yourself and others.


2. Get Your Timing Right

Even if your intentions are stated explicitly in your bio, much can be inferred from your online behavior – and texting someone in the wee hours of the morning can usually only mean one thing.

If it’s in the middle of the night, you can probably assume most guys are on Grindr looking for an immediate sexual encounter, unless they have insomnia and just love chatting with mostly headless strangers online.

Nothing’s actually preventing you for doing just that of course – but be sure to communicate that’s all you’re into, or someone is going to get pretty pissed off for wasting their time and slap a block on you.


3. Location, Location, Location

Geolocation is now simply a standard feature in most Gay Hookup Apps, meaning you’re going to get a different experience based on where you’re using it.

Be aware of your neighborhood or whatever area you’re staying in when travelling or visiting a friend in a city you’re not familiar with.

Some areas are known for hard partying chem sex, and others are enclaves of queer hipster twinks into dream pop and exchanging ironic GIFs.

Don’t be caught literally with your pants down in a situation you’re not prepared for.


4. Hats and Sunnies Off

Hot headless torsos work if you’re in the market for some quick anonymous action, but for everything else – ie. a human connection – do include your face in your profile shot.

Off with the hats and sunglasses, the hoodies, anything that partially obscures your face – it’s annoying for people to have to message asking you for photos. And besides, what are you hiding under all that?


5. Reply, Even If It’s a “No Thanks”

It’s just about karma, really. It’s a mobile social app, and mostly being location-based, people are constantly in motion, and therefore response time is important.

If you’re active on your app, try to get back to people right away, even if it’s a “sorry not interested”.

You graciously but firmly decline and step aside for other candidates on the timeline, wishing that someone else will return the favor down the line, instead of leaving you dangling indefinitely.

It’s also rude to leave Grindr on all night while you’re out at the bar or with friends and then come home to answer a flood of messages from other people who are already offline. It’s social media, be social.


6. Always Ask and State Status

It’s only good practice, and no one should be offended – and if they are, you’ll want to steer clear of them anyway.

Understand the acronyms – DDF means drug and disease-free; Poz means HIV positive.

Apart from current health status, HappyMatches, Grindr and other primarily gay dating apps are exploring ways to add the ability for people who test positive for an STD to notify partners using the Gay App. Don’t lie about your status.

It’s our responsibility to look out for each other’s health, in addition to our own.


Concluding Insights on Gay Hookup Rules for Gay Hooking Up

Gay Dating Apps and Gay Dating Sites have made it extremely easy for Gay Men like yourself to find your ideal Gay Partners for your ideal types of Gay Dating relationships.

Make full use of these Gay Apps and Gay Sites to discover attractive Gay Guys and Gay Boys. Have fun with them for your Gay Hook Ups, Casual Dating, Casual Encounters, Casual Relationships, One Night Stands, Friends With Benefits and Open Relationships.

However, remember there is basic unspoken etiquette of the Essential 6 Gay Hookup Rules highlighted above, so be sure to follow them and enjoy Gay Dating, Gay Relationships and Gay Romance at its BEST!


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