Best Lesbian Dating Sites: Excellent Reviews of the 5 Free All-Time Top Lesbian Dating Apps & Lesbian Websites of 2020

Best Lesbian Dating Sites: Excellent Reviews of the 5 Free All-Time Top Lesbian Dating Apps & Lesbian Websites of 2020

When it comes to Online Dating, many would agree that many of these platforms have very much been designed to meet the needs of heterosexual individuals.

In fact, some of the creators of such Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites were reported to be homophobic, and for that reason they intentionally made it impossible for those from the LGBTW+ communities to access these platforms.

Even though times have changed, it still isn’t a breeze for the LGBTQ+ people out there to find a decent dating app.

That’s why we have painstakingly curated this list for this marginalized group of people, specifically, the lesbians …


Best Lesbian Dating Sites

Here’s our all-time most valuable recommendations and reviews of the Best Lesbian Apps & Top Lesbian Sites for 2020 … Enjoy!


1. Match (

Founded in 1995, Match has been around for a long time and has established itself to be one of the pioneers in the online dating sphere.

With numerous success stories under its belt, is a popular choice among users who use dating sites and apps to look for love or even a casual hook-up.

In the recent years, they have shown full support to be more inclusive by offering a dating platform for the LGBTQ community.

Indicate your preference for woman searching for woman matches during your account registration and would eradicate all straight male and female accounts from your searches on its site.

Furthermore, you can explore and like up to 7 lesbian matches daily and even look for users who live within your vicinity or neighborhood for a date or even a booty call.


2. Elite Singles (

Just by the name of this website, you will get an inkling that this is a premium dating platform; known for introducing quality dates and relationships to single queer women.

If having intellectual conversations and connecting with women of a professional caliber are your cup of tea, Elite Singles would be the perfect place for you to be!

The demographics of this online dating site boasts that 80% are college graduates and are working in professional jobs and careers (such as lawyers, entrepreneurs, executives and doctors).

Empowered and confident women who hold high standards and regard of themselves throng this site.

So if you feel you’ve been shortchanged on some other dodgy online dating site, you should definitely give Elite Singles a try!


3. HER (

Realizing that there is a lack of dating apps and sites for queer women, Robyn Exton founded HER which was a website catered to lesbians finding love.

Known to be an open and fun-loving community, HER is very welcoming when it comes to engaging its members and making them feel right at home.

Even if you’re just exploring your sexuality or if you’re already out of the closet, HER offers a safe and non-judgmental platform for you to discuss these topics and issues with other LGBTQ users.

HER is also strictly no-male zone. And the team behind HER ensures weirdos, scammers and frauds are reported and removed from their website with immediate effect.

Moreover, what’s promising is that a trending hashtag #WeMetOnHER has been building up on social media recently and it feature success stories of lesbians who met on this app!

Aww… How sweet is that!


4. Bumble (

Touting itself as an app made for women by women, Bumble focuses on queer women looking for a committed relationship or a romantic date.

In fact, only a minute 1% of women on this app are looking for a fling or a casual hook up!

Empowering women to make the first move, Bumble encourages even lesbians to approach other ladies they take an interest in.

So, don’t be shy and take the initiative to send a message to your mutual match!

Don’t let a good opportunity slip by!


5. HappyMatches

Enjoy the world’s most fantastic and amazing Dating Apps and Dating Sites for Lesbian Romance and Lesbian Relationships.


Concluding Insights on Best Lesbian Dating Sites

While the choices may not be as aplenty as compared to Dating Apps or Dating Websites designed for straight individuals, we are hopeful that there would be many more dating apps for the LGBTQ+ community to come!


(Last Updated: 30 May 2020)


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