Black Lesbian Dating Sites: Top 5 Free Lesbian Apps & Best Lesbian Websites to Find Black Lesbian Women & Black Lesbian Ladies

Black Lesbian Dating Sites: Top 5 Free Lesbian Apps & Best Lesbian Websites to Find Black Lesbian Women & Black Lesbian Ladies

If you’ve always had a love for dark skinned black lesbian women, it can be frustrating to even find a platform that allows you to meet these black female lesbians.

Thankfully, Lesbian Dating Apps and Lesbian Dating Websites dedicated to people who are just like you have been emerging in recent years.

In fact, we have reviewed some of these most popular and reliable Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites, so that you can zoom straight into the sites that will do its job best …


Black Lesbian Dating Sites

Here are our Top 5 Best Lesbian Apps & Free Lesbian Websites for Lesbian Women looking for Black Lesbian Ladies & Black Lesbian Girls to enjoy your Lesbian Casual Sex, Lesbian Romance & Lesbian Relationships … Enjoy!


1. BLK (

Are you sick and tired of subpar dates and unsuitable matches from dodgy dating apps and websites?

And you haven’t got time to waste due to your busy schedule? BLK provides you with the perfect solution!

BLK is a dating platform where black professionals throng.

Here you’d find people holding college degrees and working in professional jobs (such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, business executives etc).

Generally, singles who use this online dating site are on the look-out, for individuals with higher income, and of a fairly good social economic status and educational background than the average Joe.

Therefore, if this is what you’re looking, you’ll definitely love this Dating App!


2. BlackPeopleMeet (

Launched in 2002, BlackPeopleMeet is touted as the U.S. hottest website for African American online dating.

Search for true love, casual relationships, one-night stands or even companionship right here on this platform!

With over 5.7 million members and counting, you get to meet black and biracial singles through this website.

Registering for an account is really simple; all you got to do is to sign up with a username, your birth date and a valid e-mail address.

After which, you can upload a selfie or your most flattering photograph.

Adding to that, you can fill up your profile section with your hobbies, interests and just some interesting things you’d like to share about yourself, and you are ready to go!

The features on BlackPeopleMeet are endless, you definitely wouldn’t be bored on this site!

You can purchase tokens to send virtual gifts to people you are interested.

In addition to that, you can even enhance your chances and your profile’s visibility by promoting yourself on the site.

Or even find better matches by enhancing your matching features so you can find the girl or man of your dreams!


3. Zoosk (

Zoosk is great for meeting other African American singles, because they have a super simple to use chat feature, that allows you to message other users on this platform.

Their chat feature is so popular, that over 3 million messages are recorded to be sent on their site, every single day!

Utilize their filter search function and search for your ideal partner by location, ethnicity, height, educational qualifications and body type.


4. eharmony (

If you’re a black single looking for a relationship, eharmony might be a great option for you!

What makes eharmony stand out is their patented 29 Dimensions Personality Assessment which is a super comprehensive and detailed questionnaire which sieves out an individual’s hobbies, interests, pet-peeves, deal breakers, goals and aspirations.

Using the information they have gathered from the assessment, they would use their in-house Compatibility Matching system to find a potentially suitable date for you!

If you’re someone who needs statistics as evidence, eharmony is known to be responsible for 500+ marriages daily in the US!

That equates to 2% of marriages in U.S.A! Who knows, you might find your Mr. or Mrs. Right, right here on eharmony!


5. HappyMatches

Whether you’re searching for Casual Dating partners or Serious Relationship companions, you can definitely find them easily and effectively on HappyMatches.

Besides an elegant and intuitive state-of-the-art Dating Apps and Dating Website, HM is well-known for its already huge and ever-exploding rapid growth of new Users to its dating community.

To find Black Lesbian Date matches, simply indicate in your profile that you’re a “women looking for women”. Select whether you’re looking for “Casual Dating”, “Serious Relationship” or an “Open Relationship”.

Once done, set your search filter to look for people with “Black / African Descent” to refine your date requirements to exactly what you’re looking for.

Bingo! You’re off to enjoy your amazing dating journey to interact with gorgeous, charming and attractive Black Lesbian Ladies and Black Lesbian Girls.

Be sure to complete your “Face Verification” to enhance the integrity and authenticity of your dating profile.

All “Date” accounts use Happy Matches entirely Free. But if you want to attract the best and most ideal matches for yourself, be sure to sign up for a “Suitor” account instead. At a mere USD 1 for the entire first month, you gain access to the complete array of phenomenal Dates in any city in the world of your preference.


Concluding Insights on Black Lesbian Dating Sites

People are increasingly open-minded these days.

For that reason, besides the typical pairing up among black lesbian couples, expect to see lots and lots more of interracial Casual Relationships (eg. hookups, casual encounters, one night stands, friends with benefits, open relationships, nsa relationships) and long term Committed Relationships.

More and more people from all ethnicity and background are using the above Black Lesbian Dating Apps and Black Lesbian Dating Websites.

Well, that simply means more fun, more casual sex, and also more serious romantic love relationships ahead!


(Last Updated: 30 June 2020)

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