First Date Questions To Avoid: Top 5 Conversation Questions You Should Never Ask on a First Lesbian Date

First Date Questions To Avoid: Top 5 Conversation Questions You Should Never Ask on a First Lesbian Date

We highlight some awkward no-go zones to steer clear of while you’re trying to make a good first impression with your Lesbian Date.

We understand – First Dates and First Date Conversations can be pretty nerve-wracking scenarios.

You’re tongue-tied, she’s nervous (and also looking smokin’ hot), and you say the first thing that pops into your head – only to kick yourself endlessly the next day.

To save yourself the potential embarrassment, here are our Top 5 First Date Questions to avoid on that First Date with your lovely lesbian partner.


First Date Questions You Should Never Ask On Your First Lesbian Date


1. Are you still friends with your ex? – (#1 Worst Among First Date Questions)

It’s probably a fair question to have – in your head – as it’s only human to wonder, but a monumental mistake to actually voice it.

It can come across sounding possessive and intrusive.

It’s hard to know what sort of relationship she had with her exes, but you probably don’t know her well enough just yet to probe too much.

You could also make her feel put on the spot or judged – wait until later on.

Once you know you want to build a connection with this person, you can inquire respectfully about their past relationships subsequently when you know the person better and it’s a more appropriate time to do so.


2. Where do you see this relationship going?

Firstly, it’s a First Date, and NOT a Lesbian Romance or Lesbian Relationship.

Secondly, it’s pretty presumptuous to assume, that it will evolve into anything more than that very drink you’re enjoying with her, at that very minute – and that can be off-putting.

If the date is going well, it’s natural to hope that the two of you will continue seeing each other.

But any attempt to make it seem anything that demands a Long Term Relationship commitment, can make you appear desperate and needy – not to mention, delusional.

You want to present your best self to your Lesbian Date, and prematurely fretting about the future isn’t going to do that.


3. How many women have you slept with?

This question is never really appropriate, and especially not on a first date. Until of course, you know the person well enough to discuss such sensitive topics.

It comes across as disrespectful, and frankly the only suitable reply is “None of your business.”

It’s probably best not to directly ask about anything sexual on the First Date – it can seem rude and intrusive, and your Lesbian Date will feel put on the spot and judged if she chooses to answer.

Besides, you can always choose a better way to glean such information if you really must know, like ask her to tell you about herself growing up or at college.

You want her to feel relaxed enough to share with you her stories, and not have her guard up.


4. Have you come out to your family? – (#2 Worst Among First Date Questions)

This can be a particularly sensitive one for many LGBTQ people, and you’d be mad for taking this one on.

The subject of parents can strike a chord with people and make them really uncomfortable – it’s best to steer clear of family histories and potential unresolved dramas.

It’s generally better to keep the tone of the evening upbeat, rather than dredge up potentially painful memories.


5. Why are you still single?

This question may seem flattering, but it’s really not.

It actually just suggests, there’s something wrong with being single.

Or, even worse, something wrong with her.

It also suggests that being in a relationship is everyone’s ultimate goal, which isn’t necessarily the case.

Rather than quiz her about her life choices, simply be happy that you’re sitting opposite from someone, who seems pretty amazing and is available!

Even if the question is well intended and you actually mean it as a compliment, it’s best to avoid it.


Concluding Insights on First Date Questions to Avoid on a First Lesbian Date

Learning how to ask the right questions, is something of an art form.

While there are many things you are probably curious about, you certainly don’t want to come across as intrusive or inappropriate.

On your first Lesbian Date, it’s best to keep things on the lighter side, and focus instead on getting to know her.

Genuine warmth and interest make all the difference in getting her to open up to you.


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