Lesbian Dating Tips & Lesbian Hookup: How to Flirt with a (Seemingly) Straight Girl

Lesbian Dating Tips & Lesbian Hookup: How to Flirt with a (Seemingly) Straight Girl

Does she like you or is she just being nice? Here’s how to take it to the next level.

As a queer woman, sometimes it’s really difficult to tell which way the wind is blowing. Take this scenario, for instance: you’re at a club in the powder room taking a quick breather, fixing your hair, whatever, and this beautiful girl next to you turns to you and says, “You look great! You’re so pretty.”

Now, in the straight world where everything is much, well, straighter, a guy saying this to you would be a definite come-on. To which, you could either politely decline or take him up on it.

However, in the queer world of Lesbian Dating, things are a bit more, well, fun! Enjoy these 5 excellent Lesbian Dating Tips & Lesbian Hookup pointers.


Top 5 Lesbian Dating Tips & Lesbian Hookup Pointers to Attract a (Seemingly) Straight Girl

Wondering if she’s likewise interested in you, but not sure how to gauge and how to approach her? Let us guide you on the question “How to Know If a Girl Likes You“. You can observe her behavior to know her interest level in you, and also drop subtle hints of a Lesbian Relationship to her to “test the waters” between both of you.


1. She likes you, she likes you not

The complicated thing is that girls really do say things like this to each other – well, some do. Most girls compliment each other on lots of things, hair, clothes, makeup, style – it’s one of the ways women socialize, and connect with each other.

How then do you tell if she’s merely into your personal style, or whether she’s into more than that?

One interesting take on this is perhaps you don’t need to know. Perhaps even she doesn’t know at this point. But the one thing you do know is that you’ve caught her eye and that’s the only ice breaker you need.

If you’re feeling bold, you could instantly take it up a notch by responding with something flirtatious, perhaps even a little outrageous, like “Thanks, so are you – I think we’d look good together”.

If she wasn’t expecting this, she could be a little surprised, and that isn’t always a bad thing – most straight women don’t have much experience being hit on by another woman, and after all, who doesn’t like attention? It could get her thinking.


2. It’s all in the eyes

Eyes don’t lie – when you’re attracted, engaged and enthusiastic, it shows in your gaze, and women are particularly attuned to this sort of attention. Smile and lavish her with the luxury of your undivided attention, and she’ll feel like you couldn’t tear yourself away.

Don’t keep staring though, as that would just be weird and discomfiting. But as you talk and hopefully make witty conversation, keep returning to catch her eye meaningfully. Be flirty, and wait to see if she responds with her own eye contact.

Also don’t be afraid to let her catch you “checking her out”, but not in a predatory way. Let your gaze wander to her lips and her hair from time to time, as though you were drinking her in with your gaze, and she will get the message that this is more than a just a platonic hangout.


3. Use body language

Women are generally touchy feely creatures. We snuggle, hug, put our arms around each other, stroke each others’ hair – and this is with our own mums, let alone our love interest!

So it’s great – we get to be close physically, but it’s also not so great – you just don’t know if it ever means anything.

The key is to introduce a little frisson into the mix – maintain the warm closeness, but then add a little something with an unexpected light brush on a cheek or a hand sliding down her waist and lingering there for a touch longer than necessary.

What you don’t want to do is be invasive – don’t snatch or grab or be lewd (you can save that for later if that’s what you both enjoy!). What you do want to do is to spark a little flame of curiosity, and heighten her physical awareness.

You could also compliment her on how she looks, but with an emphasis on her body, like “your figure look amazing in that dress” so she knows it’s not just about her sense of style.


4. Get her talking

Along with the physical attention, be sure to engage her soulful side – women are usually very connected with the idea of who they are and how they feel about things, so turn that on. Ask her questions about herself and what she thinks, engage her in conversation and she’ll find herself getting closer to you.

Many lesbian women tend to report that their once-straight girlfriends find their new relationship with another woman so refreshing because of this respectful emotional connection, which can co-exist with physical attraction.

Don’t be afraid to admire her, and tell her that you’re into her beliefs and opinions – that you’re interested in her as a person, and not just how she looks.


Concluding Insights for Lesbian Dating Tips on How to Flirt with a (Seemingly) Straight Girl

All in all, the rules of dating relationships and hooking up don’t really differ that much even across sexual orientations.

Everyone is looking for someone who can respect them for who they are, and who has the emotional maturity to honour and appreciate the mutual attraction. This applies whether it’s a Serious Relationship, even if it’s just Casual Encounters.


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