Lesbian Relationship Advice: Top 5 Reasons Why Conflicts & Disagreements Can Be Good for Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance

Lesbian Relationship Advice: Top 5 Reasons Why Conflicts & Disagreements Can Be Good for Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance

Conflict gets a bad reputation in most dating relationships.

Most couples conveniently assume, that conflict will undermine the stability. And, even signal the beginning of the breakdown of their dating relationship.

On the contrary, happy couples aren’t the ones who never fight. They are the ones, who are able to communicate openly and honestly.

Here are some Top 5 ways, to make disagreements in your Lesbian Relationship work for the both of you.


Lesbian Relationship Advice: Top 5 Ways to Effectively Handle Relationship Problems in Your Lesbian Dating & Lesbian Romance

Disagreements, when done the right way, can actually be a good thing.

Here’s how conflict can be healthy for your Lesbian Relationship … Enjoy!


1. Don’t seethe in silence – (Top #1 Lesbian Relationship Advice)

You might think avoiding a showdown with her is the wiser thing in the long run – but don’t let it become a habit.

In trying to avoid arguing, couples can keep their feelings bottled up.

But, this will eventually lead to resentment, and establishing patterns of blame.

Many people believe that happy couples don’t fight at all.

This could not be further from the truth – conflict avoidance can actually be downright toxic to relationships.

Instead, work on communicating consciously – make your feelings known.

But, be aware of the impact of your words, and listen to her response with empathy.


2. Listen with empathy – (Best #2 Lesbian Relationship Advice)

Empathy is the ability to recognize and relate to other people’s emotions and thoughts.

And, this means putting yourself in her shoes to try to “feel” her feelings.

Or, to recognize that she might experience feelings, in the same way as yourself.

It’s not the easiest thing to do, especially when she’s probably having a go at you for leaving the dishes in the sink.

But, try not to focus on responding with emotion, and instead think about what her deeper motivation is, for expressing her anger.

Could it be that she feels unappreciated, for all the efforts she makes to keep the house looking nice?

Could it be that she feels ignored by you, because you have been working late recently?

Empathetic listening can help you deepen, your understanding of her as a person – instead of you simply reacting emotionally.

You acting up wouldn’t help. Look beyond, and look deeper – ask yourself why she is reacting this way.

And, how you can change to cater to her feelings, and eradicate her frustrations.


3. Share problem solving

Disagreement can be good sometimes, because it helps you both agree, on a common problem space.

Instead of letting a disagreement evolve into a tug-of-war, between who is right and who is wrong.

Why not try to come up with a solution together, that will work for the both of you?

For example, she gets mad when you forget to take the trash out, and you get mad when she nags at you constantly.

Perhaps rather than letting it dissolve into a name-calling session, you can both agree on a time of the day at which you will take the trash out, before which she is not to badger you about it?

Give yourselves some time, and see if the situation improves.

Evaluate whether a solution is working, by assessing your mood.

Are you in a better mood, are you feeling closer to her? Is she in a better mood and feeling closer to you?

Discuss with each other, on what you feel is and isn’t working.


4. Don’t be afraid to say sorry

Saying sorry doesn’t necessarily mean, that you are taking the fault of the situation.

But, more that you understand the hurtful position, in which you have placed her.

When you are arguing, there is no doubt you will be hurting each other’s feelings.

Either by the words you say to each other, or through your exchange of reactions.

Also, a sincere and heartfelt apology, can go a long way.

We all make mistakes, and we need to be able to acknowledge, that we had a part in an argument that gets out of hand.


5. Take the opportunity to start over

Perhaps the biggest upside to conflict, is that it is an authentic opportunity to reconnect in the relationship.

Little tears and damages inflicted in the relationship, are repaired by the communication and re-connection patterns we use, to come back together in intimacy.

Without these repairs, relationships tend to grow apart, or become somewhat surface level, lacking depth and true connection that sustains love over time.

Take your disagreements as a chance to reset your connection with her – after all, it is always worth reminding yourself she is someone you love and care about deeply.


Concluding Insights on Lesbian Relationship Advice

At the beginning of a relationship, you’re both on your best behavior.

You show your best sides, and when things come up, you let them roll off our backs.

Because you’re both in love. Because you’re just learning about each other.

Over time, as the relationship evolves, there comes a point when things get real – a genuine conflict emerges.

And, this is your real chance to get to know her, and yourself, at a much deeper level.

Iron out your differences quickly and in a matured manner – and you’ll continue to date your Lesbian Lady happily ever after!


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