Lesbian Romance: Top 9 Best Lesbian Fairy tale Dates in Lesbian Dating Ever

Lesbian Romance: Top 9 Best Lesbian Fairy tale Dates in Lesbian Dating Ever

Queer Lesbian Girls share stories of their most memorable dates – the ones that leave you dreaming for more.

Sometimes it’s the perfectly laid plan; and others it’s purely spontaneous and completely random. Whatever the circumstances surrounding that story of that one Perfect Date, it will go down in your own personal history as the stuff dreams are made on.

Prepare to be swept off your feet by some of these personal stories shared by Lesbian Women online, and be inspired to break out of your date-night rut.


Best Lesbian Romance Dates for the Lesbian Community to Enjoy!


1. Straight Out of a Movie

“A picnic. It was very much like the bee-charmer scene from Fried Green Tomatoes. I’d planned it loosely and it went amazingly.

We had cheese, meats, and champagne on our little blanket in a field next to a covered bridge and old mill. Spring was just settling in and the fields were getting long with grass and busy with bees.

A creek babbled alongside us and pleasant silences were interrupted by good conversation and long kisses.

We guessed at the clouds and smiled at each other longingly, even though we belonged to the other. It happened so fast, it was like a dream.” (oneforeverything)

2. Together At Last

“I met my girlfriend while abroad for work through HappyMatches. I didn’t want to risk the chance of her disappearing so I messaged her saying that I was interested in going for a coffee with her, but that it wouldn’t be for another 4 weeks as I was away.

I told her she had 4 weeks to decide. She immediately texted me back and we basically Facedtimed everyday until I got home.

We met up as soon as I returned, went out for Thai and then straight back to my place.

It was the best first date ever. She stayed the night and it was wonderful.” (PrideOfBeing)

3. Sunsets and Swedish Cheese

“It was the second date that I had with my current girlfriend. I’d planned the perfect romantic date – placed an advance order of a to-go cheese platter from the shop I used to work at (they even put in a special order for Scandinavian cheese because she’s Swedish and thought it would be funny).

The plan was for us to have a picnic and watch the sunset over the harbor. We eventually did all those things, but both ended up running a couple of hours late because of traffic! We showed up within minutes of each other and everything went perfectly.

It was the last chance I had before she moved across the country and it went so well we’re still dating now, and we’re going to close the distance soon.” (gayzedandconfused42)

4. The Perfect Adventure

“My best date lasted 18 hours – we started at 9am and ended at 3am the next day. We’d met at a party about a month prior to this date and the chemistry was just insane.

She asked for my number and asked me out. The date was one she planned from start to finish. It was a surprise – I’d had absolutely no idea what to expect.

It started with a pizza-making class for our lunch – we were partnered with a straight couple who commented on what a great couple we were (we weren’t being overtly flirtatious at that point – I think the gay was just really obvious – but the comment made me so happy!).

Afterward we went on a scavenger hunt around major romantic landmarks in our city, did some window shopping, stopped by her place so she could take out her dogs, stopped for coffee again – no lulls in the conversation the entire time.

Then we had drinks and went to a drag show at gay club where she’d reserved a special table for us.We stayed after the show for dancing, but then the music got too loud so we took a break outside and made out on the street corner.

The whole thing was incredible. Unfortunately it didn’t work out between us in the end, but I will never forget this date!” (CircleStream)

5. For Your Eyes Only

“This was my first ever date with my first ever (and current, and hopefully forever) girlfriend.

We’d been talking online a ton before we met up so we already knew a good deal about each other on both practical and philosophical matters, and we hit it off like mad.

We walked around the canal downtown for a couple hours, then sat on a bench just watching the canal, gazing into each other’s eyes and giggling.

It took every ounce of our mutual willpower to not just start making out then and there. The date ended after about 28 hours in total.

I’ll let y’all fill in the blanks.” (literallymagic)


6. European Affair

“I had a great time with a girl I met in the Czech Republic. She told me she wanted to take me out and surprise me.

We met at a gay bar for drinks and then she took me to this “escape the room” game for just the two of us. It was a great date activity because it builds trust, makes for exciting conversation, and really gets the adrenaline flowing.

She then took me out to dinner followed by a long romantic walk before eventually going home and having amazing sex.

We weren’t compatible in the long run, but she was cool and we’d had such a fun time.” (anonymous_raptor)


7. A Night Drive

“I picked her up and we had no plans. We drove to the airport outlook and watched planes land and take off for a bit.

Then we went to a football field at a nearby college and lit a paper lantern and watched it float into the sky. After that, we went to a park but it was closing so parked nearby and snuck in through the woods, and sat on the swings and just talked for hours.

There was a lot of driving involved that night, which was nice because we could just talk and be together and listen to the CD she made me.

I’ve since had lots of fun dates with her, but that one is my favorite.” (emilytheviolist)


8. Virtual Romance

“I once had a Minecraft date. We wandered the virtual countryside, playing with virtual animals, frolicking in virtual gardens, making each other virtual food, swimming together in virtual lakes, and watching the virtual sunset.

I won’t say it’s my favorite date, because physical proximity is really great, but it’s up there. I still get fuzzy feelings remembering it.” (trillioneyes)


9. A Kiss to Remember

“We met online, and eventually made plans to go to the zoo for our first date. A few days before our date was supposed to happen, we both had plans canceled on us, so we met up earlier for ice-cream instead.

We rock-paper-scissored to decide between gelato or ice cream (I won, but picked her favorite spot anyway) then we went to a park, played on the swings and kissed in the rain.

It was a 10-hour date, and we now live together! She’s my one and only.” (Pinkngoldnglitter)


Concluding Insights on the 9 Best-ever Lesbian Fairytale Dates in Lesbian Romance

All too often we hear of first date disasters and awkward situation-ships that we allow to dim the romantic potential of new, exciting prospects.

You know what they all say – when it happens, you will know. There will be that one moment, an exchange, a heartbeat in between.

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