Lesbian Sites: Top 7 Free & Best Lesbian Dating Apps & Lesbian Dating Websites Where Real Lesbian Ladies Hang Out

Lesbian Sites: Top 7 Free & Best Lesbian Dating Apps & Lesbian Dating Websites Where Real Lesbian Ladies Hang Out

It has been reported that only about 1% of the population in the USA are known to be lesbians. Now that’s a number we are highly skeptical of.

Logically speaking, we shouldn’t be seeing Lesbian Apps and Lesbian Websites burgeoning in the Online Dating scene, if this number was indeed true.

It might be a niche market we’re talking about, but the following Lesbian Dating Sites (set out below in this article) certainly don’t disappoint … Read On!


Lesbian Sites

Without further ado, we present to you the Top 7 Best & Free Lesbian Dating Apps & Lesbian Dating Sites where real Lesbians hang out … Enjoy!


1. Plenty of Fish (https://www.pof.com/)

Wait- isn’t Plenty of Fish an online dating website for heterosexuals?

Well sure. That might have been the original intention of its founders, but they’ve got to move on with the times, right?

Like many Dating Apps and Dating Websites, Plenty of Fish is now increasingly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.

That’s great news for this group of users since Plenty of Fish is really a huge force to be reckoned with, with more than 150 million registered users in its highly international database.


2. Zoosk (https://www.zoosk.com/)

We all know that when it comes to Online Dating, the number of users registered in a particular Dating Site is really all that matters.

That’s why platforms like Zoosk has always been one of the most highly rated ones among its users.

To give you an idea of how huge a platform Zoosk is, it has over 40 million users from all over the world.

In addition, its members are able to make full use of the Dating Website’s features (such as liking, flirting, and winking at members) without paying a single cent!


3. Bumble (https://bumble.com/)

If you’re a lesbian, you got to try Bumble for one simple reason – it’s all about female empowerment.

It originally started out as a heterosexual app for the mainstream audience, but now it has been expanded to serve a much wider group of audiences including gays, bisexuals, lesbians, and other sexual orientations.

The only difference in user experience is that lesbian women have equal rights to message fellow lesbian users, whereas heterosexual women are the ones with exclusive rights to message the men on the platform first.


4. Our Time (https://www.ourtime.com)

Now what happens if you’re a senior, yet looking for a fellow senior lesbian to spend the rest of your life with?

You’d be glad to know that you’re not forgotten!

In fact, a number of dating websites dedicated to seniors and those over 50s have also become increasingly welcoming towards the LGBTQ+ individuals.

Our Time is simply just an example.

Since its inception in 2011, it has grown at an exponential pace and it is easily one of the largest senior dating sites of all time.

It’s really simple to use, and you’ve really got to try it to believe what we’re raving about!


5. Be Naughty (https://www.benaughty.com/)

Now what if you’re just a naughty lesbian hoping to have some senseless, non-committal fun?

Be Naughty might be a great option since it is really well known for its flirtatious environment.

The gallery is a great way to find like-minded girls (and also locate the type of girls you fancy).

It functions similarly to Tinder, so most people won’t have issues navigating around it.

Like something you see? Just send a message from the platform and let the magic happen.


6. Pink Cupid (https://www.pinkcupid.com)

Another website to absolutely visit if you’re a hookup kind of girl.

Pink Cupid features a bloody huge database and we promise it won’t take long for you to find someone for a sexy time.

If you like sharing, group arrangements are possible too.

In fact, you can even spice things up with heterosexual people.

Basically, there are no boundaries with Pink Cupid and you just need to let your imagination do the work.


7. HappyMatches

HappyMatches is frequently rated the World’s Best Lesbian Dating App and Lesbian Dating Site, simply because of its amazing concept.

HM provides an awesome experience and very effective matching process, that Lesbian Women and Lesbian Girls can enjoy on this Lesbian Romance and Lesbian Relationship dating platform.


Concluding Insights on Lesbian Sites

The choices of Lesbian Apps and Lesbian Websites you have available to you as a Lesbian Lady & Lesbian Girl are growing with each day.

Besides HappyMatches.com which is a MUST use for your Lesbian Dating endeavors.

Be sure to explore various Lesbian Dating Apps and Lesbian Dating Sites for online dating platforms, because you’d never know what surprises you might find!


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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