Lesbian Websites: Top 6 Best & Free Lesbian Dating Apps & Lesbian Dating Sites for Lesbian Romance & Relationships in 2020

Lesbian Websites: Top 6 Best & Free Lesbian Dating Apps & Lesbian Dating Sites for Lesbian Romance & Relationships in 2020

Do you still recall the time, when you first came to terms with the fact that you might be a Lesbian?

It might have been an awful period of identity crisis, but give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve survived that.

Over here, we share with you our most highly recommended 6 Lesbian Apps and Lesbian Websites which you absolutely have to use, if you’re a Lesbian …


Lesbian Websites

Here’s the Top 6 Best Lesbian Dating Apps and Lesbian Dating Sites in the world, for all Lesbian Ladies and Lesbian Women to bookmark and use in 2020 … Enjoy!


1. HER (https://weareher.com/)

Annoyed at having to scroll through male matches when you’ve already selected your preferences for women on other online dating sites?

HER specifically targets women and lesbians only, so finding a date you like ain’t such a tall order after all!

Signing up on HER is also free and users on this Lesbian Site are verified, therefore it is quite a safe bet that there are no male scammers lurking around here.

A social networking site created by queer women for queer women, they sure know what queer women like you are looking for.

From the latest LGBTQ news to the hottest LGBTQ events happening in your area, HER keeps you updated about trends in the media, movies and happenings to foster a sense of belonging and community within the site itself.

You would certainly have loads of fun exploring the various functions and connect with like-minded individuals on this fun Lesbian Dating Website!


2. Fem (https://fem.mingle.com/)

Eliminate the possibility of being catfished on Fem – members on this Lesbian Site are verified with a video instead of a photo (which can be easily stolen or faked).

Fem understands that queer women are especially cautious in joining Lesbian Dating Apps and Lesbian Dating Sites because of desperate men disguising themselves as queer women.

Therefore, Fem is very stringent about profile verification (only allowing existing Facebook users to register for an account), and having a unique video identification to ensure users are real and genuine lesbians.

Fem also have this function called ‘Rooms’ which are basically chatrooms with different themes.

There’s one called ‘Makeup Talk’ (no prizes in guessing what the ladies in this group are interested in) and a kinky one named ‘Naughty or Nice’.

You can join whichever room that tickles your fancy.


3. OkCupid (https://www.okcupid.com/)

Hugely popular, OkCupid has upped its queer women game in the last couple of years.

With a large pool of potential dates, lesbians can surely find someone within this Lesbian App.

Adopting the same swiping function as Tinder, OkCupid lets you swipe left to reject and swipe right if you’re interested to connect.

In addition to that, OkCupid shows profiles with a high compatibility percentage (based on the similarities you both have on the questions you answered) instead of displaying random profiles that are just within your location.

This helps to narrow down matches who are more suited and similar to your type and personality.


4. Hinge (https://hinge.co/)

Touting themselves as the ‘anti-Tinder’, Hinge believes in linking even queer women to real connections and genuine relationships.

First, Hinge doesn’t suggest random matches based on location, but links you up with mutual friends through your Facebook account.

Its matching algorithm is nothing short of fantastic, and we have experienced quite a lot of success for this one.

If time is short, go for Hinge. It’ll work- we promise.


5. KITSCHMIX (https://kitschmix.com/)

Providing lesbians with up to 7 suitable matches daily, KITSCHMIX discourages you to swipe left at the speed of light and your quota is only bumped up to 15 if you invite more friends to join in this social networking site.

This rule encourages people to not judge too quickly and superficially and in turn, allow users to recognize that this Dating App is not for finding a quick Casual Fling or Hook Up.

In addition, it has a pretty good range of videos, articles and blogposts to keep you entertained when you need it!


6. HappyMatches

Use HappyMatches.com – and you’ll discover this is the Most Amazing and Extremely Effective Lesbian Dating Site you’ve ever experienced to date!

Try it to believe this …


Concluding Insights on Lesbian Websites

We are certain that your Lesbian Romance and Lesbian Relationship life has never been better, and embracing your Lesbian personal identity has opened up more dating and pleasure doors, than you could have ever imagined.

Go on and enjoy it – you deserve it.


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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