Single Lesbians: Top 5 Truths about Being Single and Lesbian for Lesbian Women & Lesbian Girls

Single Lesbians: Top 5 Truths about Being Single and Lesbian for Lesbian Women & Lesbian Girls

As though the journey of self-discovery, as a Lesbian Woman (or Lesbian Girl) in this day and age, wasn’t fraught enough with challenges.

Being a Single Lesbian simply adds whole new layers of complexity.

Throw in your well-meaning but clueless straight friends, and you’ve got the perfect storm of face-palm moments.


Single Lesbians

Here’s FIVE of the most annoying things all footloose and fancy-free queer lesbian women, lesbian girls and lesbian ladies have to put up with … Enjoy!


1. Straight friends telling you how easy you’ve got it – (#1 Top Single Lesbians Issue)

Something all straight friends should learn never to say to a Lesbian Woman, and yet somehow always do.

You’re so sick of your straight female friends, complaining about how easy it must be to date other girls.

And frankly, if it were so easy, why the hell are you still single?

Dating women isn’t all kittens and glitter. Just like men, women have their downfalls.

Some women ghost other women. Some are pushy about sex.

Some are manipulative. Some are misogynistic.

So, whatever terrible behavior they’re ready to write off men for exhibiting.

It’s almost a guarantee that there’s a woman out there who’s done it, too.


2. Being set up by well-intentioned but clueless co-workers

If this hasn’t happened yet, it’s simply a matter of time.

A well-meaning colleague will take it as her personal mission, to set you up with her wonderful friend.

Which is all fine and good, because she likes you and wants you to be happy – but she just hasn’t got the memo that you’re lesbian.

Being quizzed on your top traits for “Mr Perfect”, isn’t really your idea of a relaxing work lunch.

Just be straight up – you’ll find that most people are usually embarrassed by their gaffe.

And, also eager to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

If there’s a knowledge gap, proactively filling it in, can help avoid these moments from happening.


3. Developing a mega crush on a straight girl

Of all the lesbian women out there, (and according to a recent Gallup poll, approximately 5.1% of women in the US identify as LGBTQ), you had to go fall for a straight one.

Don’t worry, it happens to even the best of us – the question now is how to extricate yourself without excessive heartache.

Falling for a straight woma,n is almost a lesbian rite of passage – sometimes “straight” women aren’t really straight. They just haven’t come to terms with their own sexuality.

Sometimes sexuality is fluid. Sometimes love is simply love.

And many times, we want to believe they can change.

Our advice is always to respect what she tells you, despite what she does. All human beings are susceptible to attention and flattery.

But if she’s consistently telling you she’s straight, you best heed it. Because you can be sure, that is what she is telling herself.


4. Seeing the same five lesbians on lesbian dating apps – (#2 Common Single Lesbians Problem)

You know the drill – you start swiping on straight girls after a couple of scrolls.

And then, the invitations for threesomes with straight couples start pouring in.

It’s difficult sometimes not to get disheartened by the digital slim pickings.

Ditch Tinder, and get on some of the better Lesbian Apps and Lesbian Dating Sites out there like HappyMatches, Pure and Her.

While Dating Apps and Dating Sites may still have a long way to go, before they’re completely able to cater to the diverse needs of the LGBTQ community folks.

Many queer-only Online Dating Apps are beginning to gain attention, with many existing apps and websites emerging with better queer-friendly features.

Hang in there!


5. Being told “maybe you should just date guys”

If that’s the only opinion you’ve got to offer, best keep it to yourself.

It’s not the universal solution to happiness, and let’s just say you’re otherwise predisposed.

What makes anyone think, that being in a Serious Relationship with a girl, would be any different from being in one with a guy?

Sure, the specific challenges we face with a woman might not be the same, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be any easier.

For now, suffice to say you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re into, and you’re not doing it for the sake of convenience.


Concluding Insights on Single Lesbians

When you’re single, it seems like everyone, from your besties to your boss, is in a relationship.

And, they’ll have every shade of advice for you.

Take heart, you’re not alone, even if you feel alone sometimes.

There’s a whole lesbian dating community out there for you to plug into.

Check out especially the amazing portal, rated easily the World’s Top Site/App for Lesbian Dating.

Here, you can find and mingle with lots of amazing Lesbian ladies, women and girls.

Hang out with them, enjoy life – and search out leisurely for your ideal Lesbian lovers and partners in the process based on the type of dating relationship(s) you are looking for.

Have fun, flirt outrageously, and deliver yourself from cringeworthy moments – one day, you’ll surely look back and laugh at these memories.


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