NSA Dating: Top 5 Ideas to Consider When You Feel Stuck in a Friends With Benefits Relationship

NSA Dating: Top 5 Ideas to Consider When You Feel Stuck in a Friends With Benefits Relationship

It’s inevitable to feel that you’re stuck in a rut sometimes, and that FWB Dating doesn’t seem that amazing after all.

If you find yourself having such thoughts, you’re probably doing it wrong.

A Friends With Benefits Relationship shouldn’t be one with so much negative sentiments.

You’ll be better off getting yourself into a Committed Relationship at the rate that you’re going.


NSA Dating: Stopping the Rut in Your Friends With Benefits Relationship

Over here, we offer our 5 Most Valuable Suggestions, which you could consider taking up to correct your FWB Relationship, before it spirals out of control … Enjoy!


1. Consider What He/She Wants Too – (Top #1 Advice for NSA Dating)

It takes two hands to clap and it takes two committed individuals to be together in a stable relationship.

Make sure you’re not the only one getting your hopes up too high, and wishing for your f*ck buddy (who isn’t committed) to be in a Serious Relationship with you.

Avoid initiating things or getting him to do something that you want, but he doesn’t.

Don’t turn this NSA Dating into a one-sided love affair, because you will be the one who will be suffering from the heartbreak in the end.


2. Walk Away – (Popular #2 Tip for NSA Dating)

If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, after being in this non-descript NSA Relationship with your f*ck buddy for donkey years now.

And you’re wondering what the f*ck is happening exactly, you can always scoot and leave.

You don’t have to stay because you aren’t obligated to and your relationship is essentially No Strings Attached.

So, move on to greener pastures elsewhere for there is already nothing for you here.


3. Instigate a Response

Drop him hints that a new colleague is interested in you at work and has made his moves on you.

Provoke your f*ck buddy and make him feel insecure and unsettled so he knows he’s being challenged.

Make him think you are highly sought after and highly prized by many. Play hard to get and revel in the thrill of the chase.

Inject some zest and passion in your otherwise dead Friends With Benefits situation.

Maybe he will f*ck you harder tonight or show you who’s the boss. Or if there is something that sparks some sort of anxiety in you, it will certainly affect him as well if he cares about you.

This is the best method to see if he is genuinely concerned about you, and if there’s anything worth pursuing further with him.


4. Avoid Being Overly Attached

Distance yourself and don’t be too clingy. Meet new people, get other f*ck buddies.

He may sense it and if he is just not interested, he will drift away too. Not making him your only option is the best and easiest way to detach from him and forget him.

Hook Up with other people and don’t put all your time and attention on just this one particular f*ck buddy of yours. What’s so special about him anyway?

He’s easily replaceable. And you’ll never know what you are missing out if you focus all your attention on him.


5. Spice Things Up

If you’ve been f*cking in the same position since the first time you both met, it’s a matter of time before the flame totally extinguishes.

It’s always a good idea to explore different ideas behind closed doors, and you’d never know how much you’d enjoy them.

Go on and try something exciting; something which you both have never done before and you’d be surprised by the sudden surge of enthusiasm from your FWB Partner.


Concluding NSA Dating Insights: What to Do When You Feel Stuck in Your FWB Relationship

In the end, the success of your FWB Relationship depends on how much you’re willing to invest in it.

If you find someone whom you’d like to bonk with forever, you’ve got to find ways to make it happen.

Or move on from this current No Strings Attached arrangement, to another Dating Partner or to a different type of Dating Relationship, depending on what suits you and your circumstances the most.


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