Top 10 NSA Relationship Rules You Need to Know and Follow

So you went over to a friend’s place and met someone cute there or you found an incredibly attractive person online.

You’re geared up, ready to make your move and you go over your list in your head.

Perfect candidate for a NSA relationship.


Amazing sexual chemistry.


Your hormones are raging.


NSA relationship rules.


If this is you, it is definitely worth it to go over some rules before taking anything further and fully enjoy the sexual tension between you two.

If you understand the definition and meaning of NSA, NSA relationships are great to get some sexy hookup and casual sex, without the emotional intimacy and investment needed in a traditional relationship.

While NSA sounds fun when you hear about it from friends and your curiosity is tickled by it, it can get tricky as you may unknowingly get attached to one another.

Human relationships can get complicated and to make it uncomplicated, it is best to agree on some rules before engaging into anything.

It can prevent a whole motherload of issues and have the fun both of you are seeking for.

Learn these rules to gain maximum pleasure and steer clear from any negative consequences that could come from a NSA relationship with these rules.


1. Keep jealousy and control issues at bay



Even in a normal relationship, you need to keep these negative emotions in check.

More so, in a NSA relationship.

So this should be your guiding star in all your NSA relationships.

Controlling your partner by asking them a barrage of questions such as where they have been, who they were with or even asking them why they didn’t contact you in the last 24 hours, is a no-no.

They’re not obligated to you as there are no emotional attachment and you’re not in a serious relationship so don’t go looking for trouble by blasting them with 99 Questions.


2.  Respect Each Other’s Freedom



In continuation of Rule #1, respect each other’s freedom and don’t expect them to see less people to make time for you.

They have a right to see other people and you do too.

So, don’t suffocate them by trying to spend more time with them or asking more questions than you should.


3.  Don’t Get Upclose and Personal



Keep the conversations between you two very casual.

You guys can talk but keep it light with topics such as movies or general knowledge.

Keep the personal matters, even tiny things like you dragging your feet about meeting a client, out the door.

It brings in certain intimacy that has no place in a NSA relationship.


4. Safety First



Other than using the rubber, you may want to consider birth control pills as well.

Even if you’re a guy, it’s not wrong to ask if they are on the pills to ensure a pregnancy is not in the picture at the end of the road.

If your partner, whether male or female, is asking to have sex without the rubber, insists that it’s important.

If need be, don’t proceed with anything you don’t feel safe with.

Also, if you feel creeped out when you reach their place especially if the person is a stranger, you’re not obligated to stay and can leave anytime you want.

Run if you have to.


5.  Don’t Make Too Much Room For Them



If this NSA relationship lasts longer than one hookup, don’t try to free up too much time and space in your life for the person.

If you’ve made plans to meet friends or see a movie with a date, don’t cancel them just because your partner text to meet at the last minute.

Your NSA partner will understand if it’s agreed that both of you are keeping things casual.

This means there’s no emotional obligation to prioritise them over yourself or people, who are important in your life.

Plan in advance when or how often you guys are meeting and stick with it, instead of carving out more time to spend together.

It’ll be the foundation of a disaster waiting to happen if both of you meet too often.


6.  Don’t Bring Them to Meet Friends and Family



While you think your partner is real cool and nice, it’s never a good idea to bring them to meet friends and family.

It is a sure way of blurring the lines of the relationship and might turn-off your partner, which could be a sure way of sending the relationship down the drain.

Also when you bring your partner to meet friends and family, most of them and your partner will take it as signal that you two are going steady.

You’ll end up explaining more than you have to.

Not everyone will understand the relationship and arrangement.

Remember, keep the relationship light and airy.


7.  Keep Things Short and Sweet



NSA relationships don’t last long.

Now, read that again.

It is important to remind yourself from time to time when you start seeing your partner in a different light and start thinking about them, as boyfriend or girlfriend material.

Stop yourself from dreaming of a future together besides living in the moment.

Also, whenever you guys do meet, don’t cuddle and definitely don’t spend the night.

Have sex and leave promptly.

Basically, don’t stay longer than you have to.

It always paves the way for an intimacy beyond a NSA relationship and can lead it to a very confusing path.

Be polite, agree on when to meet next and go out the door.


8.  Never Ask Who Else They’re Seeing



Keeping in line with what I’ve mentioned about respect and freedom, this is a golden rule to follow.

Your NSA partner is not your property and shouldn’t be treated as one.

It is never a good idea to ask who else they’re seeing or how many people they’re seeing.

Your partner is free to see whoever he or she wants to and you’re also entitled to that freedom.

When you start poking your nose into their business, it’s a start of an attachment and a NSA is exactly what it means.

No strings attached.

Treat it as such.


9.  Keep Texts to a Minimal



If you do have to text about where or when to meet, keep it casual and fun.

Communicate only when needed and definitely no oversharing.

Don’t bare your soul to the person with your secrets and troubles.

They aren’t going to stick around long so do they really need to know more about you?


If you’re having problems and you need someone to talk to, call your friends.

Otherwise, it’s going to cross the line towards something more serious and if the person doesn’t feel the same, you are going to be left picking up the pieces.


10. Know When To End It



The sex was great while it lasted.

But if the fire has been put out and the sex isn’t as passionate or doesn’t make your heart race anymore, it’s time to end it.

NSA relationships always has a deadline and you shouldn’t feel obligated in any way to continue it if it doesn’t meet your needs anymore.

The same goes if your partner is not fulfilling your sexual needs anymore and only wants to do what the person wants to do, without taking into consideration your own sexual fantasies as well.

In the case of you starting to develop feelings for your partner, tell him or her and walk away.

If you have met someone whom you want something serious with, then be honest about it and end it.

You should be your biggest priority here.

If it isn’t good for you anymore, you have every right to end it and you’re not compelled to stick around just because you don’t want to offend your partner.



(Last updated: 3 Dec 2020)


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