NSA Relationship Definition: A First-Timer's Guide To NSA

Many get into no strings attached (NSA) relationships to keep commitment and drama at bay.

As alluring as NSA is, many may not be familiar on what is the definition and meaning of a NSA relationship.

No sweat!

You’re not alone in this as complex as human beings are, the definition can come in just as many shades of gray.

But the fundamental definition is usually the same.

NSA relationship is defined as having sexual intimacy with someone, minus the emotional attachment with the person.

So, it’s pretty common for those in NSA relationships to be seeing or sleeping with other people at the same time.

The number one rule for a NSA to work is to keep it casual, have fun without any obligations or responsibilities, but keeping it respectful.

Now that we’ve gotten the definition out of the way and if you’re keen in pursuing it, there are things you should know before plunging into one.

Read on to save you a lot of time, effort and heartache before dipping your toes into the NSA territory.


Top 6 Things To Know Before Getting Into a NSA Relationship


1. It’s Not Meant to Last



Because there is literally no strings tying you two together, it can end anytime.

So make sure you’re well-aware of that before embarking into a NSA relationship.

With no emotional ties between both of you, a NSA relationship could last for a day, couple of days or a couple of weeks, depending on the arrangement.


2. Don’t Go Into It Hoping for a Real Relationship



If you go into a NSA relationship hoping the other person would change his or her mind, we hate to break it to you, but the results will most likely disappoint you.

Be honest with yourself and don’t kid yourself into thinking that the person would change by getting into a relationship with you for the long haul.

Although you may hear stories of people hooking up and in the end marrying each other, know that this doesn’t happen often and you’ll most likely end up with a heartbreak.

Take it as it is or don’t go into it at all, as it may bring you down and you may fall into an unnecessary heartache.


3. Condoms, Condoms and Condoms.



Some couples in a monogamous relationship are fine in taking out condoms from the equation.

But this cannot be the case in NSA relationships.

While birth control is helpful in preventing pregnancy, it doesn’t prevent STDs from transmitting.

So if the other person is not up for using condoms, don’t compromise your sexual health to satisfy the other party.

Be mindful that you have no idea how many partners the person has been having sex with before you.


4. Respect is Important



Despite the short shelf life of a NSA relationship, respect shouldn’t be deducted from the arrangement.

And just because there are no emotions involved in the arrangement, if you feel that you don’t like it or it has run its course, you are not obligated to continue.

Ask yourself if this is good for you and if it fulfils your intentions and needs from time to time.

If feelings are catching, then voice it out to your partner and end it, if it’s doing you more harm than good.


5. Avoid Having a NSA with a Friend



It is tempting to experiment with a friend as there is a certain degree of trust between you two versus a complete stranger.

However, quite often it could change the friendship and if you’re not prepared to face the music on what that could mean, just avoid it altogether.

Both of you may get weirded out by what happened and no matter what you do, you can’t glue the friendship back together again.

So, don’t take a step into regret territory and use dating apps instead, if you still want to test the water on whether a NSA would work for you.


6. Experiment in Bed



NSAs are great to experiment on your greatest sexual fantasies and an excellent way to explore your sexuality.

Learn what turns you on and what turns you off.

This is not the time to be afraid of unleashing your naughty side.

But always communicate with your NSA partner if they’re comfortable with it (especially if it’s something super kinky and out there) and you’ll be surprised.

They may just take you up on it.

But you won’t know until you speak up or else you may lose out the opportunity to know more about yourself!



(Last updated: 2 Dec 2020)


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