One Night Stand Advice: Idiots Guide for Men to Succeed in a 1 Night Stand & Other Casual Encounters

One Night Stand Advice: Idiots Guide for Men to Succeed in a 1 Night Stand & Other Casual Encounters

One Night Stands (ONS) are a common hearsay; some flaunt about it, some try to keep it all under wraps. It may be a common thing, but the very notion of a 1 Night Stand still does have some negative stigma attached to it.

However, how many men are actually good at ONS? Wait, is that even a valid question? Do you even have to be good at it, to engage in a 1 Night Stand?


Our Top 5 One Night Stand Advice & One Night Stand Tips

In this article, we compile a list of commonsensical One Night Stand Advice and Tips that you’d be surprised are unknown to men and share them with you … Enjoy!


1. Clean Your Apartment (or Dim the Lights)

The least you could do is to make sure your house is clean and decent enough for a fellow female companion to see when she comes over for a sexy good time.

You don’t want to be stumbling across old pizza takeaways and empty beer cans from a week ago as you both get it on, do you?

It would be majorly awkward and she may be wondering what else is unhygienic down there (pun totally intended).

PLEASE, spare yourself the uncomfortable and embarrassing situation and clean up your apartment before you head out.

It could take minutes or hours (depending on the state of wreck your apartment is in) but know that it’s all going to be worth it when you impress your lady later in the evening.

If all else fails and you can’t find time to clean, keep the lights real dim and make sure her lips doesn’t leave yours when you’re making out.


2. Don’t Be an Idiot

No matter how desperate and hungry for sex you may be, DON’T TAKE SHORTCUTS. If you want sex, you’ve got to work for it.

You can’t just march straight up to an attractive woman and expect her to start agreeing to your crazy demands. You will either get a furious incredulous stare, a tight slap right across the face or her male companions might beat you up.

Effort is key in scoring ONS with women just like the mating rituals you see on National Geographic where even attractive male insects put up a performance to get laid.

Women are naturally ingrained to accept sex from men who can talk and charm their way into their pants. So, go up to her and charm her with a good pick-up line.

Make her laugh and rouse her interest in you as a person. Only when you are sure she is interested, can you suggestively ask her to follow you home for some passionate hot sex.


3. Be Prepared

Always have condoms in your wallet, because you never know when you’d need it! You also don’t want to be getting someone (you barely even know) pregnant or worse still, get infected with syphilis or gonorrhea.

You may think the chances are slim and that you probably won’t be the unlucky one. Besides, how germy can that delicious, innocent looking camel toe be, right?

You can never be sure. A moment of folly, a lifetime of regrets. Just bring the condoms, it’s really not that hard.


4. Don’t Be a Mr. Nice Guy

Don’t let your stupid mouth say “I’ll call you” before your brain even registers it.

Just because you are afraid to offend her and you say that white lie (even though never in a billion years would you be calling her back), doesn’t give you a reason to hurt her more in the end.

If she’s seriously into you, she may spend days and weeks waiting for your call, and you will leave her hanging thinking there’s something inherently wrong with her (which explains why you’re not calling her back).

Just cut to the chase – don’t fake your emotions. Just a simple “I had fun last night, thanks” will do.


5. Snooze Just for a Little.

You can have a sleepover since you may be all tired out from the mind-blowing passionate hot love making, but limit yourself to leaving early the next morning.

Set your alarm!  Don’t overstay and give her the wrong impression.

You wouldn’t want to meet into a worst case scenario where she chases you out of her place, with you stark naked clinging to sheets with your dear life because her housemates are waking up soon.

So, keep your dignity and leave when it���s early. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Concluding Insights on the Best One Night Stand Advice & One Night Stand Tips

ONS are fun, but always remember to be respectful towards each other. The last thing that you’d want is to have her walk out on you just before the deed.

Remember to abide by the basic and essential One Night Stand Advice and One Night Stand Tips above too.

And please, if you can’t stop yourself from taking pictures or videos, at least keep them to yourself? After all, that’s just being a gentleman.

With that, enjoy your 1 Night Stand to the fullest, and have a whale of a time!


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