One Night Stand Advice: Top 4 Proven Tips for a Lady's Guide to Survival After a 1 Night Stand

One Night Stand Advice: Top 4 Proven Tips for a Lady’s Guide to Survival After a 1 Night Stand

Had too much of a good ONS time last night and was jolted rudely awake by your alarm in the morning, trembling from the realization that you have to be at work in under an hour?

Worse still, you can’t seem to find your panty since it was literally ripped apart by the beast you met last night. You frantically looked for your bra, and you were so thankful to find it lying beside the bed at the corner, unscathed.

If this has ever happened to you, know that you’re not alone. Plenty of ladies out there have been there, done that. Some were even in a worse scenario than you’ve been (we’ll leave that for the next article on One Night Stand Tips).


One Night Stand Advice & Tips for Ladies After Your 1 Night Stand

Regardless, fret not as here we share with you some top One Stand Stand Advice (i.e. our Top 4 Tips and Tricks) on how to look good even after a hell of a One Night Stand last night … Enjoy!


1. Put your finger to good use

You are at this stranger’s place and obviously you don’t have a toothbrush here nor do you know where he has stashed all his new toothbrushes (or if he even has new ones).

You take a whiff and attempt to smell your own breath; you almost got knocked over because it smells like a rancid pile of old socks. You know that you can’t possibly head to work like this!

You actually contemplate if you should use his toothbrush but you gag and couldn’t get past that (even though you were both kissing passionately the night before – weird, right?).

In any case, desperate times call for desperate measures. Go ahead and put on some toothpaste on your index finger and brush away!

Gargle with mouthwash if you can locate it; if not just rinse with water and your breath will instantly smell better.

Another tip is to drink a cup of plain water – that should freshen up your breath naturally too!


2. Get your hands on some Vaseline

It is perfectly understandable that after a night of raunchy good time, your lipstick has gotten smudged, and that some of your mascara and eyeliner have ran down the corners of your eyes.

You have basically transformed into a freak of a human. You wouldn’t want to turn up at work like the Batman joker or a wild racoon.

A quick way to fix this would be to use some Vaseline along with a q-tip to remove those stains easily! It works like a charm and you wouldn’t need to rub too hard, especially since you had on waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

You can also take some of those Vaseline to tame your eyebrows. You’re welcome!


3. When all else fails, hide them

It’s almost guaranteed that you’d get a bad hair day the next morning of a 1 Night Stand.

If that happens, a quick way to fix it would be to gently comb through your hair with your fingers and dampen the roots with some water to get a fresher look!

It’ll be a bonus if you can find a hairdryer in his bathroom as well. If all else fails, one of the best ways to rid of greasy hair is to hide them!

Simply bun your hair up with a top knot using anything you can get your hands on that has some elasticity.

If you can’t find any rubber bands lying around, use his dental floss as a temporary hair tie; beggars can’t be choosers and you can’t afford to turn up for a meeting with a client in a total mess!

It might be a good idea to stock up on some dry shampoo spray.


4. Use anything that smells good

If had forgotten to toss your deodorant or perfume into your bag and you can’t stand the smell of your own BO, fret not.

You can simply use a hand sanitizer. Yes, we know it’s drying because of the alcohol content, but you really don’t have a choice, do you?

At least it kills 99.5% of the germs that are hiding under the warmth and comfort of your armpits. Rub the hand sanitizer thoroughly into your armpits and dab off any excess with a toilet paper so you smell at least a little cleaner.

If you can’t get your hands on hand sanitizer (haha), a worst case scenario would be to apply some toothpaste, or his perfume, or even liquid soap.

The whole point is to freshen yourself up in as little time as possible.


Concluding One Night Stand Advice & Tips: A Lady’s Guide to Survival After a 1 Night Stand

In the end, it’s all about making the best out of your situation. With these valuable One Night Stand Tips, you’ll get better each time you engage in a One Night Stand – you’d become more prepared with each session, and before you know it you’d have an “ONS Survival Kit”’ assembled.

If there’s one more thing that we’d definitely include in this 1 Night Stand survival kit, it would be a few packets of condoms (of varying sizes). What about you?


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