What Is A One Night Stand: One Night Stand Definition & One Night Stand Meaning for ONS Casual Dating

What Is A One Night Stand: One Night Stand Definition & One Night Stand Meaning for ONS Casual Dating

What is a One Night Stand? … And other FAQs for 1 Night Stand beginners.

Whoever coined the phrase “One-Night Stand” could arguably be described as a mightily humorous prick, or someone who is completely devoid of creativity.

Because ONS literally means having your little (or big) buddy stand for just one night only.


What is a One Night Stand

If you’ve just been introduced to this new buzzword and wonder what it entails, here we unravel the mystery of this wonder phrase for you, as well as answer some of the most frequently asked questions about One Night Stands … Enjoy!


1. What is a One Night Stand (ONS)?

ONS is self-explanatory and you should be able to get some clues from the word itself that this is an encounter that lasts for typically one night and is sexual by nature.

You would be involved in a sexually intimate act with a person and wouldn’t see this person again in the future.

Therefore, it is essentially a no-strings attached situation and you likely won’t be seeing this person or getting intimate with him/her again.

It’s for one night only.


2. Does a 1 Night Stand Involve Only Strangers?

ONS usually happens with a stranger, perhaps someone whom you just met that night at the bar.

Having said that, the definition of ONS has evolved to encompass having a one-off sexual encounter with even someone you know.

Regardless of these variations, ONS encounters traditionally involve non-romantically involved partners, it has to be a strictly one-time sexual occurrence.

For instance, you were out of town due to work when you hooked up with and engaged in hot steamy action with an old high school friend (not a stranger).

After which, you both went back to lead your own lives separately and never contacted each other again since.

Shockingly, we are even hearing of confession stories involving ONS with brothers or sisters-in-law.

We say, whatever floats their boat.


3. Is There a Chance of an ONS Progressing into a Serious Committed Relationship?

Typically, this seldom happens. Besides, going by the conventional definition of ONS, this ought not to happen.

However if there is an unexplainable chemistry between the both of you, either of you could attempt to pursue it.

Bear in mind however, that there is a slim chance that it could transform into a Serious Relationship. In fact, it is extremely unlikely for it to happen.

Survey results have shown that both men and women are not keen to develop a Committed Relationship out of a Casual Relationship. They cited various reasons but one of the most salient one which appeared has got to do with trust.

In the case of both gender, people find it difficult to trust someone whom they know have been engaged in infidelity at some point in their lives.


4. How Can I Stay Safe During a One Night Stand?

Always ensure you are physically and mentally prepared for a ONS. Prepare condoms and protection for you would not want one night of pleasure to result in years of regret.

Visually check for nicks, cuts or open wounds (on yourself as well as your partner, if possible) to guard yourself against possibly infected bodily fluids.

Be level headed and don’t be too emotionally invested in this person whom you are having a ONS with.

Enjoy the ride, have fun and don’t take things too seriously for that is the essence of a 1 Night Stand.

Also, ensure someone knows who and where you are with as well!


Concluding Insights on What is a One Night Stand

So, is a 1 Night Stand your kind of thing?

Try to play out the situation in your head and observe if you are excited, happy, fulfilled and satisfied about an ONS.

Ask yourself honestly if you feel used, taken advantage of and unfulfilled after playing out a scenario internally.

Only when you’re being completely truthful with yourself can you recognize if an ONS is for you.


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