Best Dating Apps For Relationships: 5 Major Strands of Online Dating Apps & Dating Sites to Find a Casual Relationship or Serious Relationship

Looking for the best dating apps for relationships? Here’s the 5 major strands of online dating apps and sites for you to find a casual relationship or a serious relationship.

Are you the new kid on the block, and wondering how you can get yourself familiar with the Casual Dating and Committed Relationship scene?

It’s not difficult at all really. Add to this dimension different types of Online Dating – i.e. Heterosexual Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating, Bisexual Dating, Bi Curious Dating, and Senior Dating.

Casual Dating” basically refers to dating relationships with different people, which are of the NSA relationship and Non Monogamous relationship type. They usually center around sexual intimacy, fun and excitement.

Such casual dates are short term Flings, Casual Encounters and One Night Stands. They tend to involve little or no emotional baggage, and do not require an Exclusive Relationship, or any form of serious commitment.

Hybrids of Casual Relationships include Friends With Benefits dating and Open Relationships.

Serious Dating” on the other hand, generally refers to a Monogamous Relationship with one romantic partner, for a Long Term Relationship.

A Casual Relationship is a great arrangement to have, if one isn’t in the mood or is simply, not ready to commit. A Romantic Relationship, is one you should definitely consider, when you’ve found “The One” who is your best friend, live-in companion, partner-in-crime, and your everything!


Best Dating Apps For Relationships: Top, Best & Free Dating Apps, Dating Sites & Dating Websites for the Different Genres of Online Dating

Before jumping onto the bandwagon of popular Dating Apps & Online Dating Sites, it’s a good idea to know the different types of dating platforms which are available, and the types of audience they are intended for.

Here are the 5 Major Strands… Enjoy!


1. If You’re Merely Looking for Fun …

If you’re just looking for someone to f*ck because you’re bored, or you are just looking for a f*ck buddy to have some fun in your vacant bedroom when your housemate isn’t around, these Casual Hookup Apps should do the trick.

Users of these Casual Fling Apps generally belong to the younger crowd, so you should be able to find someone who shares the same agenda as you.

Who knows you might even be able to score a long-term contact for the purpose of a booty call whenever, wherever.

Dating Apps/Sites to try: HappyMatches, Tinder, Badoo, Lovoo


2. If You’re Looking for Love …

If you’re in the mood for love, and wondering if someone out there has the same sentiments, these Top Dating Apps should do the trick.

Just bear in mind that many users are actually looking for Casual Sex in these Dating Apps as well.

So, don’t be too dejected if nothing good comes your way. Just be patient and you’ll be fine!

After all, you are looking for a long term partner (and even a marriage spouse), which means you need to be picky and wait out for the absolute best person!

And oh – just because you are meeting some for Casual Hookups, doesn’t mean there’s no way that it could progress into something more.

In fact, many serious Romantic Relationships start off from Casual Dating! At the least, you’ve had your fair share of fun – up to you to decide if an interim Fling lifestyle is for you, whilst waiting for your “Mr Charming/Ms Amazing”!

Dating Apps/Sites to try: HappyMatches, Once, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel


3. If You’re Looking for Good Sex …

Here’s the most likely reason – good sex. High five! Us too.

There are just so many apps of this nature out there and we gotta say it’s tough finding those that actually deliver what was promised.

Nonetheless, we have done our homework and these are the apps that can truly deliver no-strings-attached fun.

You’ll find plenty of like-minded individuals, who are just interested to do the deed.

We have had successes with these Casual Fling Apps so far, so we’re pretty certain they’ll work for you too!

Dating Apps/Sites to try: Happy Matches, Feeld, C-Date, Pure


4. If You’re Looking for Someone Rich …

Now who doesn’t like hooking up with someone rich?

Not only will you be able to score some good sex (that person’s likely to be experienced in bed …), but also score some free dinner or late-night supper.

It sure sounds like a good package, and too good to be true eh?

But this is definitely attainable if only you look at the right places.

That’s why we highly recommend you to invest some time into writing up your profile in these apps, and who knows when you might get lucky!

There are plenty of mature men and women looking for ways to spend their excess cash – so why not let it be you?

Dating Apps/Sites to try: Elite Singles, The League,, Consider (only if you are open to Sugar Dating arrangements)


5. If You’re Looking for Gays or Lesbians for Gay Dating or Lesbian Dating (or even Bisexual Dating or Bi Curious Dating) …

You’ll find that there’re plenty of choices out there too! In fact, many sites and apps celebrate the LGBTQ+ movement so you will surely be able to find someone from one of these apps.

Dating Apps/Sites to try: HappyMatches, Chappy, Grindr, Her, Wapa


Concluding Insights on Best Dating Apps For Relationships

In summary, there’s definitely something out there that works for you.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to invest your time (and money) fully into one of these apps.

It’s always good to try them all first to have an overall feel of how they are like.

Besides, it’s not a good idea to keep all your eggs in one basket. Get what we mean?


(Last Updated: 7 June 2020)


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