Best Dating Websites: Top 8 Free & Good Dating Sites & Dating Apps If You Want to Succeed in Online Dating

Best Dating Websites: Top 8 Free & Good Dating Sites & Dating Apps If You Want to Succeed in Online Dating

Various Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites have failed you, time and again.

As a matter of fact, you can’t even recall the number of times you have swiped on your screen, in search of a suitable date, but to no avail.

Or you have tried to interact with profiles on a few Dating Platforms, only to receive no replies to your messages. And if they reply, such profiles are a waste of your time, or their behavior suggests they are potential scammers.

Having been disappointed quite a number of times already, you figured you would give other established and more popular Dating Apps and Dating Websites a try.

Maybe, and perhaps, your luck might get a little better – if you just knew which Dating Sites you should place your trust on.

You’ve come to the right place! Let us show you where (and how), you can find your ideal dates and preferred type of dating relationship.


Here’s the Best Online Dating App/Site to find Charming Men/Women & Attractive Ladies/Guys Near You

whether Charming & Awesome Men/Women

I’m living a great life, and want someone to live it with me 💯
5' 9"
New York City - United States
Casual Dating, Make Friends, Networking, Open Relationship, Serious Relationship, Travel Companion
i love to try new things
New York City - United States
Open Relationship, Make Friends, Serious Relationship, Networking, Casual Dating, Travel Companion

or Gorgeous & Attractive Ladies/Guys

Sexy, fun, we, & playful 💦💗
5' 4"
New York City - United States
Open Relationship
I am young and naive. Where will you take me gurl.
6' 0"
New York City - United States
Open Relationship, Networking, Travel Companion, Casual Dating

Thousands of Charming Men/Women and Gorgeous Ladies/Guys Near You are seeking Casual Dating & Serious Relationship Partners …

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Now to Find your Ideal Dating Partners & Type of Dating Relationships here at HappyMatches!


Best Dating Websites – Introducing the BEST of the BEST Dating Apps & Dating Sites

To help you out and make it easy for you to succeed in Online Dating, here are 8 of the Best Dating Apps and Top Dating Websites that we have consolidated for you … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches ( – (Top #1 Among Best Dating Websites)

HappyMatches is such a fantastic Dating Site and Dating App, that you (like every other user of HM), will start raving about its wonders after using it!

Its mega user base is continually growing by leaps and bounds, with every single day that passes. Few, if any, of the other dating platforms can boost a month-on-month traffic growth of at least 30% or more.

Besides a huge number of users, the next most important characteristic of a Top Dating Site is the “QUALITY” of its members. No point boasting about millions of users, only for users to realize and be greatly frustrated by the large percentage of fake accounts, duplicate profiles, time-wasters (and worst of all, ruthless Scammers out to scam you of your money).

Such issues are real – and plague almost every Online Dating App and Online Dating Site out there. Ask any user of Dating Platforms, and you’ll be sure they’ll nod their head convincingly. The frustrations, irritation and helplessness in dealing with these inappropriate profiles has inevitably given Online Dating quite a bad reputation.

Enter – the amazing “Knight in Shinning Armour” here to rescue the world of Online Daters. HM’s World’s First “Facial Recognition Verification System”, effectively ensures that there is a “real” human behind each of its profiles. Assisted by its advanced A.I. algorithms, diligent site moderators, and reporting by members of any bad profiles, the combined efforts of everyone makes Happy Matches a safe, reliable, and trustworthy dating platform filled with nothing but High Quality users.

You can look for (and easily succeed) in finding suitable partners for Casual Relationship, an Open Relationship, or a Serious Relationship here. This applies whether you are looking for heterosexual dating, Gay Dating or Lesbian Dating.

Despite its wide offerings of Dating-Relationship Types, HM’s “Explicit Dating” concept makes it super easy to navigate the site, so as to focus on only the targeted group of members who match your dating expectations and requirements. For example, if you make clear you are looking for “Casual Dating”, users searching for a “Serious Relationship” will not find your profile (and vice versa).

The perennial headache and issue of having to second-guess the Type of Relationship the other person is looking for, has been miraculously resolved!

HappyMatches is constantly rolling out new features and functions, to always maintain its No. 1 position at the cutting edge of Online Dating. Continuous innovation means one’s User Experience and User Satisfaction can only get Better and Better!

Best of all, “Date” accounts use the site and apps entirely FREE of charge! Though we would highly recommend you spend just a little (i.e. USD 1 for the first month special membership, or more if you wish for a higher membership status), and register for a “Suitor” account instead, to avail yourself all the amazing and very attractive Date profiles on the site.

A billion Kudos to the HM team for creating such an amazing Internet Dating platform, which no surprises, is continuing to rise in prominence, popularity and stature, as more and more daters all over the world recognize Happy Matches as the World’s BEST Dating Site & Dating App for Casual Relationships (eg. Hookups, ONS, FWB, Flings), Open Relationships & Committed Relationships.


2. Single and Shy (

If you’re someone who finds it particularly tough to meet new people, you’d be glad to know that there are plenty of others out there who are going through a similar situation.

Single and Shy is a dating platform dedicated to people just like you – someone who is looking for a partner yet feeling apprehensive about the dating experience.


3. Happn (

Well this isn’t exactly a website, but it’s so good we just have to mention it here.

If you’re somehow still stuck with the mentality that dating shouldn’t be done online, Happn might very likely change your mind.

That’s because it literally bridges online and offline dating in the form of an app – using Happn, you get to know people whom you cross paths with in real life.

This means you’ll get a second opportunity to get to know the cute guy or girl who walked past you that afternoon!

We know you’re sick of swiping, but this might just work for you!


4. OkCupid ( – (Popular #2 Among Best Dating Websites)

For those who are serious about finding a date, OkCupid should do the job.

After all, it’s one of the most established dating platforms on the internet, and boasts a fairly huge user database.

The sign-up process might take a bit of time, but trust us – once you get through them and put in the effort into providing the information requested, you’ll be landing yourself a date in no time!


5. Open Minded (

If you’re looking to date someone who has a mind of his or her own, and if anything, far from what one might describe as ‘conventional’ or ‘traditional’, Open Minded is a great place to start your search.

Sure, it’s a relatively new dating platform with a user base that is still expanding – but the good thing about such new sites is that users are mostly active and looking.

Don’t wait anymore!


6. eHarmony ( – (Established #3 Among Best Dating Websites)

This is definitely one of the big guns in the online dating industry. In fact, we would be very surprised if you haven’t heard of them as you search for online dating on Google.

With its patented ‘Compatibility Matching System’ which is essentially a form of personality assessment, eHarmony has managed to bring together a huge number of couples from all over the world.

You might have to pay to fully maximize the website features, but it’s definitely worth the money.


7. Zoosk (

If you’ve got cash to spare and are completely fine with spending money to find love, you might want to invest in Zoosk.

Similar to eHarmony but aimed at a younger crowd, Zoosk utilizes a matchmaking algorithm that is constructed from the behavior of its users.

This unique algorithm has been responsible for the countless successful matches that has occurred in this highly effective dating platform!


8. Date My School (

If you think Date My School is just another college hookup app, you have clearly misunderstood.

Despite its cheesy name, Date My School is a great dating website for people to get in touch with ex-schoolmates or even meet those who attended the same college or university as you previously.

Just because you didn’t know each other then, doesn’t mean you can’t now!


Concluding Insights on Best Dating Websites

Regardless if you’re using a Dating App or a Dating Website, remember that you need some patience to land yourself a suitable date.

Waiting is perfectly normal, so don’t make rash decisions, and invest your time and money in the wrong person!


Find Awesome Dating Partners & Your Ideal Dating Relationships at HappyMatches

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