Best Free Dating Websites: Top 10 Online Dating Apps & Online Dating Sites So You Don’t Spend Christmas or New Year Alone

Best Free Dating Websites: Top 10 Online Dating Apps & Online Dating Sites So You Don’t Spend Christmas or New Year Alone

The festive season and brand new year is around the corner, and you’re totally dreading it.

Somehow, seeing happy couples around you hugging and dancing to Christmas tunes, or welcoming the new year joyously, make you feel like a complete loser.

You desperately need a date for this Christmas just to keep some of your friends’ and relatives’ mouths shut.

It really doesn’t matter to you if your date is just for show, but it’s definitely a bonus if it works out eventually.

If that’s you, then check out these Top 10 Amazing Dating Apps & Dating Websites which we highly recommend … 🙂


Best Free Dating Websites

Here are the Top 10 Free & Best Dating Apps & Dating Sites to check out if you don’t wish to spend Christmas or New Year alone … Enjoy!


1. Chemistry (

If a serious relationship is what you’re looking for, Chemistry would be a good candidate to consider.

It works by matching you with someone who is compatible with you, and this is based on the data collected from user profiles on the website.


2. Lavalife (

Lavelife enables people to search for potential dates based on their hobbies and interests.

What’s great about Lavalife would be its 10-minute profile builder which functions similarly to a matchmaking service.

The search filters are highly advanced so you’re sure to find someone suitable here!


3. Badoo (

Even though Badoo isn’t as well known as other dating platforms, it still has a pretty decent following of over 400 million users!

It works by looking at your location, before searching its database for suitable matches who are near you.

The website also has a pretty secure user verification process to weed out the fake accounts.


4. Hinge (

Lauded as one of the top dating websites, Hinge allows users to connect to their Facebook account so that the website can gather necessary information to suggest suitable dates.

The really interesting part about Hinge is that you get to read users’ responses to questions like “2 truths and 1 lie”.

It’s a really unique way to get to know someone new!


5. Tinder (

This is where the ‘swipe right’ motion came from.

In fact, Tinder brought about a boom in the Online Dating Culture.

That’s why we are absolutely certain you have come across this dating platform before, even if you haven’t been searching it out intentionally.

You really can’t go wrong with Tinder, because of its massive user base.

In summary if you don’t know where to start, this is it.


6. Bumble (

If you’re a lady who is sick and tired of being harassed, Bumble is a dating platform that you’d surely not want to miss.

Created by ladies for ladies, men basically can’t say anything to you here unless you allow them to.

It’s really convenient to set up a profile here since there’s Facebook integration which allows Bumble to grab all the key information about you.


7. Plenty of Fish (

Truth be told, we are a little confused about what this dating website has to offer.

We have heard our fair share of raving reviews about Plenty of Fish, but at the same time, people have talked about the bad experiences they had with it.

We suppose everything should go well if you’re intending to be a paid member.

After all, it has quite a huge user base if you’re serious about finding a date.


8. FirstMet (

If you’re unsure what sort of partner you’d like for a date, try FirstMet.

That’s because unlike typical dating websites, FirstMet doesn’t assume anything and suggest matches for you.

We suppose the creators of FirstMet don’t assume things like that because it makes an ass out of u and me.

It really is true to a huge extent if we think logically about it.

Having the same interest doesn’t guarantee you a happy-ever-after – it simply means the relationship has a head-start.

Anything can happen after that!


9. Christian Cafe (

Some people prefer to date those who share the same faith and beliefs as them.

That’s understandable since it would be really tough to live with someone who doesn’t understand why you go to church every Sunday morning, or even pray before every meal.

That’s how niche Dating Websites like Christian Café come about – not our cup of tea but go ahead if it’s yours.


10. HappyMatches

Be absolutely sure, to check out and use, before you venture out to use any other Dating App or Dating Site.

It is what it is – FANTASTIC to the core, easy to use, highly effective, elegant and produces great and quality date matches!

Pricing wise, HM is Entirely FREE for “Date” accounts. “Suitor” accounts, who have access to the full range of Date profiles, need only pay a mere USD 1 for their first month’s subscription. Crazy, isn’t it?

Upgrade to a higher Suitor status at any point, when you’re convinced that HappyMatches works very well indeed for you. No rush! Make the most of your 30 days almost-free Suitor membership subscription.

What astounds everyone about HM is its “Explicit Dating” concept, where every User states on their profiles the Type of Dating Relationship they are looking for. For example, you can indicate that you are seeking “Casual Dating”, “Open Relationship”, “Serious Relationship”, or perhaps to “Make Friends”, “Network” or find a “Travel Companion”.

Similarly, you state clearly whether you are finding a Heterosexual Relationship, or here for a Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating or even a Bisexual Dating relationship.

Leverage on the HappyMatches World’s First “Face Verification Process”, and you’ll enjoy Online Dating without the usual frustrations of scammers, fake profiles, duplicate profiles and time wasters.

Now you can see perfectly why, and rationally so – that everyone in the Online Dating arena is flocking to’s Dating Site and its mobile Dating Apps already … See you there!


Concluding Insights on Best Free Dating Websites

Don’t lose heart. Take comfort in that there’s many more people out there, in the same or a similar plight as you!

Being single or alone, doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. In fact, there’s so much awaiting you out there in virtual dating paradise.

It’s not too late yet, so don’t lose hope! In fact, you will succeed in finding an amazing date (or even more), if you start now.

Sign up for a few of these Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Websites, to boost your chances.

Consider especially the World’s Most Phenomenal Dating App & Dating Site, a.k.a. – everyone in the Online Dating arena is flocking there now!


(Last Updated: 11 July 2020)

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