Best Online Dating Apps: Top 6 Free Dating Apps & Online Dating Sites to Land Yourself an Amazing Date in 2020

Best Online Dating Apps: Top 6 Free Dating Apps & Online Dating Sites to Land Yourself an Amazing Date in 2020

It’s almost mid-way into the year in 2020, and you still haven’t fulfilled your New Year’s resolution – to find a new date online.

In fact, you’re starting to doubt yourself and wonder if it’s even a feasible resolution to have in the first place.

Before you spend too much time bashing yourself up, recognize that the problem may not be you after all – it could simply be the junky Dating Apps and Dating Sites which you have been wasting your time on.

Consider trying these 6 excellent and highly-recommended Online Dating Apps & Online Dating Websites before you slam yourself too hard …


Best Online Dating Apps: Introducing the Top Online Dating Sites & Free Online Dating Websites in the World

Having immense difficulty figuring out which Dating Apps and Dating Sites you should use to find your ideal dating partners?

Fret no longer! Just follow this list, and you’ll be in for a great time in your dating endeavors, whether you’re seeking a relationship that’s more Casual or Open, or something more Serious … Enjoy!


1. Raya (

Touted as the Tinder for famous, rich and affluent people, Raya is an exclusive Online Dating App that requires you to send in an application before you are allowed into their community.

Only 8% of applications are accepted into its database, so you can guess how picky and selective the team behind this Dating App is.

Their mission is to create a safe, exciting and respectful space for their members to meet someone special.

Raya further claims that they are a diverse and inclusive online dating platform that includes members from different ages, sexual orientations, passions and ethnicity.

Here, people are empowered to express themselves and to embrace their individual unique qualities.

Depending on the situation, the processing of applications may take a couple of days to a few months.

Once accepted, members are required to pay a monthly subscription fee to access this super exclusive site.


2. HILY (

Short for ‘Hey, I Like You’, HILY is an Online Dating App, that allows you to share stories (much alike to Instagram stories), to share interesting snippets of your day.

It also allows you to see what other users are up to. It’s pretty much like a dating version of Instagram, only that at the start, it seems a tall order to build HILY into a community, that is as extensive.

The developers have been making good progress though – it now boasts up to 12 million members on its Dating App, and that’s definitely quite a feat considering its humble beginnings!

With its smart search filters and algorithms, HILY promises to help you find the perfect one, so why not try placing your trust in them?

After all, they’ve got a good track record, y’know?


3. Pickable (

Women should rejoice because Pickable allows women to be in total control of the online dating game here.

On this Dating App, the ladies can approach or as Pickable says ‘pick up guys’ without even uploading a picture, signing up for an account or revealing your age!

The ball is totally in the ladies court here because you get to choose who you want to share your selfie with in this app!

So if you come across a cutie you like, you can connect with him by sending him a photo with your sexiest come-hither look!

Also, you don’t have to worry about creeps or even friends, colleagues and relatives discovering your online dating profile because your profile is kept top-secret here.


4. Bristlr (

Some people just have a soft spot and penchant for beards.

And just nice, Bristlr is a highly specialized niche Online Dating App, that lets ladies meet their dreamy bearded partner- or simply just ogle at their profile photos.

Essentially, you get to meet a whole bunch of hot men with a good amount of facial fuzz right here on this online platform!

Connect and chat with these men and you may get a chance to stroke their beards when you finally meet them in real life.


5. Tastebuds (

A wise man once said, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” And Tastebuds made use of this fact to connect like-minded people together.

Even if you enjoy the classical music of Beethoven or listen to rock tunes by Metallica; there is someone for you on this interesting dating app.

Mingle with people who enjoy the same genre and type of music as you.

Talk about your favorite singers and bands or even go to a concert or attend a live gig together!

With over 1.4 million messages sent between members monthly, there’s bound to be someone you can connect with musically on this platform!


6. HappyMatches

HappyMatches has shot to fame in a short span of time, with its ease of use, huge database, and effectiveness in helping members find their ideal Casual Relationship, Open Relationship and Committed Relationship matches.

Its user community continues to grow rapidly by leaps-and-bounds with each passing day, attributable in large effect to the never-ceasing continuous improvements and innovations of the HM Dating Apps’ management and developer team.

What makes Happy Matches so special is that the team tirelessly makes the effort to understand the problems bugging users of its existing dating platforms, as well as Dating Apps and Dating Sites all around the world.

Once the issues and challenges are identified, the HM Team then goes about deliberately and researching on how best to resolve these issues, and working on them.

New features and refinements rolled out thereby greatly enhance the experience of its users, making the usability, intuitiveness and dating results go up a couple of notches higher each time.

Pricing-wise, almost NO other Dating App or Dating Site out there has been able to match the incredibly affordable and value-for-money pricing of HappyMatches.

Date” accounts use the site ENTIRELY Free-of-Charge to interact with “Suitor” accounts.

Suitor” accounts on the other hand, pay a meager USD 1 for the first month of paid membership to access ALL (no limits) profiles of Dates in the HM community in any city across the entire world. Sounds too good to be true? It is absolutely true and offers an unassailable value proposition for any genuine Online Dater. You can also upgrade your membership subscription at any point to further enhance your dating profile’s attractiveness to land your ideal, attractive and gorgeous dates at the earliest possible!

With its World’s first state-of-the-art “Face Verification” process, this has effectively eradicated away the scammer, fake and inappropriate profiles from its dating community, that plagues (most times extremely severely), the database profiles of almost all Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Websites that exist (even the most popular, huge and respected of them all).

In view of this, you will now understand why no user blinks an eyelid when paying for a “Suitor” account on HM, since they acknowledge the immense value and quality of dates they get in return. Why try to save a penny, only to lose a severely disproportionate amount of Pounds (or US dollars), and throw away lots of wasted time and effort in the process. Worst of all, you end up not finding your date, or have to settle for someone much less ideal to your preferred person, and make yourself highly miserable in the process.

What many smart daters do when using HappyMatches, is that they create both a paid “Suitor” account and a free “Date” account, to enjoy the best of both worlds – and interact with the attractive Dates and incredible Suitors on both sides.


Concluding Insights on Choosing the Best Online Dating Apps

If you don’t seem to be getting any luck from the Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Websites that you’re using currently, it’s about time to ditch them and try others (especially instead.

Often, users are duped into signing up for Dating Apps and Dating Websites that promise the world. Besides, reviews that you see on the app store may not necessarily be credible!

By far, the best way to know if a Dating App or Dating Site is good, is to try it out for yourself personally.

We’ve determined the above Dating Apps and Dating Sites to be decent, but don’t take our word for it – Go On and try them out for yourself!


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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