Dating Apps Free: The Top 7 Best Free Online Dating Apps & Online Dating Sites of 2019

Dating Apps Free: The Top 7 Best Free Online Dating Apps & Online Dating Sites of 2019

Have YOU tried Online Dating yet?

The millennials who rule the online world but rarely leave their homes have popularized Online Dating, and have made it more of a “norm” than something which used to be frowned upon in the not so distant past.

There is no longer any stigma which comes from telling your friends that you met the love of your life online.

Are you lonely but are too shy to venture into the real world and the notion of having to walk up to someone *gasp* terrifies you?

Internet Dating might just be your thing. Read on to find our Top 7 Best Dating Apps free picks in the World for 2019.


Dating Apps Free

After careful selection, here’s our highly recommended and perfectly curated list of the Best Dating Apps Free platforms, you can narrow your Online Dating apps/Online Dating sites selection to … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches ( – (Top #1 Among Dating Apps Free Platforms)

Despite being a newer player to the Dating scene, HappyMatches (HM) has surprised everyone and taken the Online Dating market by storm. Its User traffic volume is continually growing by leaps and bounds, surpassing 20% to 30% growth month on month.

HM prides itself on “Matching Aspirations & Expectations“, and true to its word, it offers unique, technically superior and unprecedented features that surpass even the most established Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites out there. revolutionizes Modern Dating whilst rejuvenating Conventional Dating.

HM simplifies Dating & Relationships, and facilitates straightforward and to the point User interactions, so that each person need not beat about the bush about what they are looking for – which is extremely frustrating, pointless and a real waste of time (and a common gripe about almost ALL other Dating Apps/Dating Sites out there).

Its functions offer explicit references to the Types of Dating Relationships that a Suitor/Date is looking for (eg. Serious Relationship, Casual Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating, Making Friends, Travel Companion).

Tags then allow Users to be even more explicit in indicating whether they are looking for a Romantic Relationship, Hook Up, Platonic Relationship, Friends With Benefits, One Night Stand, Open Relationship, Monogamous Relationship, Senior Dating, etc.

Particularly outstanding is its World’s First Facial Recognition Verification process, which together with other proprietary algorithms and safety measures, effectively removes scammers, duplicate profiles, fake profiles and time-wasters to a large extent.

Such issues continuously plague even the largest and most renowned Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites in the world, causing real grief and frustration to many of their Users.

This could explain the continual mass exodus of genuine Online Dating users to Happy Matches.

Date” profiles can use the HM Dating Site/Dating Apps entirely Free, whilst “Suitor” profiles can enjoy a free 14-day trial membership (before opting on their preferred Paid Subscription plan, which offers them more quality Date options and helps them stand out from other Suitors if they choose a higher plan). Interestingly, many HM Users have both a Date and a Suitor profile to enjoy the Best of Both Worlds!


2. Tinder (

What is a Dating Apps/Dating Sites compilation without Tinder, really? One of the most famous dating apps out there, Tinder covers most bases regardless of what you’re looking for.

Yes, you’ve heard the bad things about Tinder being overpopulated by a certain demographic, but in the end, you are in control of what you want!

Being so well known, Tinder gives you the platform to reach out to a huge user base of like-minded users.

On the downside, the massive userbase will make it necessary for you to skim through a gazillion profiles, and repetitive actions might cloud your judgement, making you pass on someone who could potentially have been a good match for you.

The short profile descriptions which are characteristic of Tinder can be a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it’s excellent for those short on time or those who just can’t be bothered reading long walls of text.

On the other hand, it can be pretty difficult to judge what the other person is looking for just by looking at their profile.


3. Coffee Meets Bagel ( – (Best #2 Among Dating Apps Free Platforms)

CoffeeMeetsBagel (CMB), with its tagline “Rediscover Dating”, aims to make authentic connections, i.e. this Dating App aims to create meaningful connections that spark hearts and inspire people to share themselves authentically and enthusiastically.

CMB is among the few Online Dating Apps with a higher female to male ratio (60:40). Others are eHarmony and Christian Mingle, which can be explained by its reputation of being perceived to be more of a Serious Relationship App and less of a Hookup App.

Coffee Meets Bagel is a Free Dating App which allows Users to use without, but also offers an in-app currency (known as “beans”) if you want more matches per day (and to connect with certain more popular User profiles which the app lists under its “Discover” section).

More recently, CMB has launched its $34.99/month Premium Service to offer a “value-for-money” subscription package and to reduce instances of “ghosting” by Users.

The chat function is time-limited and expires after a few days, thus effectively encouraging Users to interact more and take things forward. This Dating App also offers useful tips and valuable feedback to Users to help them improve as an Online Dater.

New features have continually been added since the CMB Dating App’s launch to increase its relevance and appeal (eg. the Tinder “Super Like” equivalent of “Send a Woo”, and the Photo Lab function which helps Users choose their best profile picture to enhance their Dating Success rate.

Users communicate via a time-limited chat section, meaning chat opportunities do expire which provides more incentive to get the ball moving quickly.

Also notably, the app continually provides helpful feedback and tips to make any user an overall better online dater. Coffee Meets Bagel has continually added new features since it’s launch to make it more useful and relevant


4. OkCupid (

After Tinder and CoffeeMeetsBagel, OkCupid is probably the next well known and popular site amongst those who frequent online dating sites.

There are rumors floating around that OkCupid are for those looking for a more serious relationship, and many have reportedly met their spouses on this site.

This could be attributed to the fact that OkCupid allows users to update their profile meticulously, and goes into great detail in their template for completing one’s profile.

There is also a match percentage shown for several attributes, with the results derived from “mini quizzes” people take part in as part of their profile completion.

The “quality” of users on the site are also supposedly better than most other online dating apps, but this claim is best taken with a pinch of salt as different people are looking for different attributes in their online search for a partner.

You can send a message to someone without matching, but it will only end up in their inbox if you match with them.

This is mostly to protect their users from being spammed with unsolicited messages from unwanted persons.


5. Bumble (

Bumble has set itself apart from its competitors in the online dating niche in two ways:

Firstly, the app requires women to take the first initiative to send the initial message.

Secondly, there is a timer function: if the recipient fails to reply within 24 hours, he loses his chance to match with her!

This timer function has been greatly welcomed by people who are sick of waiting for replies from people they’re interested in, which never seem to come and poses a great waste of time.

At least now you have an indicator of when to move on!

The timer was put in place by developers to encourage responsiveness, and giving procrastinators a push in the right direction.

However, for those who’re really busy and barely have one day in their workweek to spend on leisurely activities, Bumble is probably not for you since the timer function will render all your matches moot.

Bumble is great for shy men who find it hard to break that initial ice, since this app requires women to get the ball rolling.

Bumble also has a couple of features which aren’t directly linked to online dating, but let’s leave that for those interested to find out for themselves.


6. Happn (

Happn works on the basis of physical proximity of users. It’s pretty useful for people who have just moved to a new town, or for those who are still weirded out by starting an online relationship with someone a thousand miles away.

It’s for people who want to find someone online in a more traditional method.

Yeah, confusing huh. On the downside, user engagement is not that high, so if you live in a small city and try this app, your chances of finding someone are pretty slim.

Happn shows you users who you’ve crossed paths with, so you could potentially end up with a movie style relationship where you end up falling in love with a stranger who walked past you yesterday.

Chances are, if you see someone you find attractive in real life, you’d have a better chance of trying to chat them up in person than trying to check if they’re on Happn.

However, it’s completely understandable that we can’t all do something like approaching and trying to chat up an attractive stranger, and that’s what Happn is there for.


7. The League (

This is one Dating App for elites: you have to send in a “resume” of sorts for you to even be approved as a member.

Your college, occupation and job title are just a few of many determining factors of whether or not you get to play.

You have to provide your LinkedIn account when you sign up, and there are pretty extensive waiting lists in some cities.

Pray hard that you’re not in one of those hot-spots, or you’ll be waiting for a long time for the reviewers to finally get to your “application”.

You are given the option to use moolah to speed up the process (just like what game developers do).

Those who sign up tend to be saddled with an “elitist” mentality, which of course, is attractive to some people, but turns others off.

It feels like high school all over again, and people with a lower self-esteem might beat themselves up for being deemed ��not elite enough” for The League.

Users of the app have seen members eligible for The League in other “normal” dating apps, so you’re not losing out on much if you fail to make the cut, really.


Conclusions on Dating Apps Free (i.e. the Top/Best/Free Online Dating Apps in 2019)

With a few great Dating Apps & Dating Sites to try out, which should you use, and how many should you use?

We recommend that you just start with one or two (at most three!)

You can start by going down the list of our recommendations of Online Dating Apps/Online Dating Sites in that same order.

Remember, your Online Dating success starts here – if you never start, you never will (SUCCEED)!

Kudos to your Dating life and to finding your ideal Dating Relationship partners (based on the Type of Relationships you are looking for).


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