Dating Apps Free For Adults: 6 Top & Free Best Dating Apps which are Underrated

Dating Apps Free For Adults: 6 Top & Free Best Dating Apps which are Underrated

You could be someone who’s recently single, and are ready to get involved in Online Dating again.

You could also be someone who’s never had the time to pursue a Serious Relationship with someone. Or perhaps you came from a very small friend circle so you never had a wide variety of options for a Romantic Relationship.

Or possibly, you’re someone keen to play the field and are more attuned to Casual Dating and Casual Relationship with less relationship commitments.

No matter which side of the Dating Spectrum you’re coming from, it remains that there are endless Dating Options for you to explore.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Dating Apps free for adults

In the search for a Dating Partner, people are often obsessed with creating the perfect profile or taking the perfect photos for their Dating Bio.

People often forget that before all that, you have to choose the right Online Dating Apps for yourself.

Different people are looking for different things out of a Dating App, and each Online Dating App attracts its own demographic of users, which might or might not be what you’re looking for.

To help you out, here’s a list of our Top 6 Underrated Free Dating Apps for you to choose from, if you’re sick and tired of the overpopulated mainstream (and sometimes, rightly or wrongly perceived as “ineffective”) Dating Apps out there. Consider using these 6 “Dating Apps Free for Adults” to achieve your ideal Dating Results!


Here’s our Top 6 Underrated Dating Apps Free for Adults … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches ( – (#1 Among Top Dating Apps Free for Adults)

HappyMatches is clearly in the running for the “Undisputed King” title among all the Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites out there.

Whilst a fairly new entrant to Online Dating, Happy Matches has outshone many of its established competitors with its cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology, excellent Dating App and Dating Site performance, ease of use, clarity of concept and effectiveness in helping Users find their suitable (and even their ideal) dates for their preferred Type of Dating Relationships.

The high quality of its User base is attributed to its World’s First Facial Recognition Verification System and associated AI algorithms (which eradicates scammers, fake and duplicate profiles), and its unique “Straight-to-the-Point” concept requiring Users to state explicitly the Type of Dating Relationships they seek and what they are looking for in their desired dates. facilitates Conventional Dating (eg. Serious Relationship, Romantic Relationship, Committed Relationship) and Modern Dating (eg. Casual Dating, Casual Encounters, Casual Relationship, Hook Up, One Night Stand, FWB Relationship, Open Relationship) in all its various forms, with the exception of Compensated Dating (i.e. Sugar Dating and Seeking Arrangement).

So whether you are looking for a Heterosexual Relationship, Gay Dating or Lesbian Dating (or even a Platonic Relationship/Platonic Friendship or Senior Dating), you can find it all here.

Usage of the Happy Matches Dating Apps and Dating Site for “Date” accounts is absolutely free.

On the other hand, “Suitor” accounts are monthly paid subscription accounts (offered at very reasonable pricing rates), and offer Users the benefit of being able to choose the relevant Suitor membership level to stand out from the crowd and attract their ideal Dates very easily.

To start off, you only pay a mere USD 1 for your first 30-days “Bronze” membership if you are a new Suitor account, so Users get to experience the “real deal” and can already interact and meet with potential dates by paying a negligible amount.


2. Hinge ( – (Top #2 Among Dating Apps Free for Adults)

Hinge prompts you to fill out your profile in a standard but interesting manner, so that people don’t end up with the boring “ask me more” or generic “I love watching TV”.

This layout also makes it easier for users to compare interests easily across the same markers.

Also, instead of the traditional swipe left and right function which most dating apps use, Hinge allows you to like or make comments on photos the user has uploaded.

This serves as a useful icebreaker for people who are normally too shy or at a loss of what to say.

The upside of this Online Dating App above others is that people usually connect based on a meaningful conversation rather than pure appearances alone, which usually happens with the swiping method.

It is a Dating App well loved by users for this reason. On the downside, you’re allowed only a limited number of matches a day.

If you think about the flipside though, who needs quantity when you have quality?


3. Raya ( – (#3 Popular Dating Apps Free for Adults)

This is one of the free Dating Apps for adults meant for online socialites to mingle.

Sounds pretty daunting if you’re an average Joe looking for love, and indeed, this Online Dating App might not be for you if you wish to shy away from the limelight.

Raya is best known as a celebrity Dating App, and a large majority of users have a couple thousand of followers across different social networking sites.

If you’re not afraid to venture into the lion’s den, you can rest assured that your future matches will be someone who’s charismatic enough to have attained some level of clout in the influencer scene.

You could potentially date a celebrity, and the site bans screenshots, allowing you privacy if you’re famous and wish to shy away from the public eye while looking for someone to date.

You can sync your favorite song to your profile, which is reminiscent of the Myspace era.

The downside is that this Dating App gives off a very elitist vibe, which might rub some people the wrong way.

There are no options for you to filter your matches by location since the app operates on the premises that users are assumed as affluent enough to travel to wherever their match might be.


4. Her (

Her is the go-to app for Lesbian Women of the LGBTQ crowd. Whether you’re a transsexual, bisexual, or lesbian, there will be someone to match you in this app. Her goes beyond being a simple dating app.

It comes equipped to function as a social gathering and support group for LGBTQ women to interact and widen their social circle.

The app is exclusive for LGBTQ Lesbian Ladies and Lesbian Girls, so there will be no annoying harassment from unconcerned parties.

There is an option to find users worldwide, so that you can find someone local to show you around, and you’ll always have a companion even when you’re traveling.

The downside is that not too many people are using this Lesbian Dating App, perhaps due to lack of awareness that it even exists.


5. Chappy (

Chappy is an affiliate app related to Bumble, but catering specifically to Gay Guys and Gay Boys.

It sets itself apart from other Gay Dating Apps which run rampant with hook-ups and one-night stands, and instead wishes to set up their users for long term, serious relationships.

It functions in the exact same way as Bumble, save for the fact that it’s only for homosexual Gay Men, and either Gay party can start the ball rolling.

Chappy works hard round the clock to moderate current users to create a safe space for those who’ve signed up to join its Gay Community.

So, if you’re sick and tired of being jeered at and discriminated on general Dating Apps, this is the place to go for you.

A downside is that a minimal amount of personal information can be seen on profile, giving users the feel that they’re only swiping for matches based on superficial appearances alone.


6. Coffee Meets Bagel (

Coffee Meets Bagel is like Online Dating, but on a personal level. What does this mean? Instead of leaving users to their own defenses, there is quite a bit of hand-holding for users of this Online Dating App.

From the start when users register, they’re provided with comprehensive prompts to fill out their Online Dating Profile.

The users are then suggested matches carefully curated by the Dating App, daily at noon.

That isn’t all! The app even goes one step further to help users initiate conversation with their potential matches by providing a list of personal topics specific to their match.

A downside is that users have complained of a confusing user interface, and that the prompts to fill out their Dating Profiles aren’t as personal as those seen on Hinge, and goes into less detail.


Concluding Insights on Dating Apps Free for Adults

Whilst Dating Apps free for adults are aplenty in the Online Dating market, choosing the right and most appropriate Dating Apps for your individual dating needs and relationship wants is of essence.

You’ll end up wasting lots of time, effort (and even money) if you use Online Dating Apps which are not suitable for you.

If used correctly, the right Dating Apps will lead you to Online Dating paradise.

To kick start your Online Dating endeavors, or if you are already using other Dating Apps and Dating Sites with limited (or unsatisfactory) results, then consider going down our list of recommended Dating Apps free for adults above starting with the very first Free Dating App and Site listing (i.e.


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