First Date Advice: Top 10 Essential Best First Date Tips that Make or Break a Perfect Date

First Date Advice: Top 10 Essential Best First Date Tips that Make or Break a Perfect Date

For those of us who’ve been on First Dates, we know that it is a stressful, yet exciting process of going out and spending a few hours one-on-one with someone you barely know.

There are so many factors in play when it comes to determining what makes a First Date a good one.

To make things easier for you, here is a list of the Top 10 Things on the Do’s and Do Not’s for First Date Advice, which you can refer to before your next First Date.


Top 10 First Date Advice & Best First Date Tips for a Perfect Date

Follow our 10 Best First Date Advice below, and you’re on your way to Success on your First Date … Enjoy your Perfect Date!


1. Be Yourself

Strange as it sounds, this is the one rule everyone keeps talking about, yet no one seems to do it.

In the presence of someone we’re attracted to, we can’t help but only show the most attractive sides (or what we think is the most attractive) in an attempt to impress our date.

In doing so, we forget that this is not an audition program. It’s not a pass or fail process, and by concealing certain aspects of yourself, you’re passing up on the chance to let the other person get to know you better.

What you might consider your flaws might be lovable to someone else, so it would be best for you to act like you normally do.


2. Listen More than you Talk

When you’re nervous, you can’t be blamed for grasping at straws and rattling on about something – anything.

People will talk about the things they know best – which is themselves.

You need to learn to realize when you’re doing this, and put a stop to it. It’s not attractive at all to ramble on about yourself.

Prepare a set of questions which you can ask your date, and when they’re telling you about themselves, listen and respond appropriately instead of just preparing the next question to ask.


3. Tell the Truth

It’s that all important first date – of course we want to impress that person we’re with so that we can go on future dates with them.

In our attempt to impress our date, sometimes we tend to exaggerate on aspects of our lives to make us seem better than we really are.

While it’s not a bad thing to make yourself appear more wholesome and perfect, it will be an awkward situation in future when they find out you spent your first few dates lying to them.

Not a good look at all. You might also compromise the trust you have between you. Let them know who you really are, and see how it goes.


4. It’s Only for Tonight

What breaks most people is the fact that they’re overthinking things and trying to project the relationship 50 years into the future when all they’re doing is going on a first date.

This is a terrible mindset to have because it will make you unnecessarily tense and nervous on that date.

It’s better if you just take a step back and take things one date at a time. If it goes badly, so be it. There are other dates to go on.

There will be no long term effects scarring your future prospects so relax and drop the panic button.


5. Avoid Sensitive Topics

While it is true that earlier we discussed about how important it is to be yourself, it is also important to put a limiter on the things you talk about on your first date.

If you’re insistent on bringing up sensitive topics like abortion and veganism on the first date because it’s a part of you, then so be it.

However, it’s important to remain on the positive side while talking about all topics on this first date.

If you’re unable to talk about it from a positive viewpoint, then drop the topic for tonight. Such things can always come later.


6. Drop the Expectations

Often when people are holding too tightly onto a list of expectations, the people they place these expectations on tend to fail spectacularly. Don’t let your ideals prevent you from having fun and hinder your road to a successful relationship.

You need to take a second (or third or fourth) look at your list, and drop those which are unrealistic and do not particularly affect a relationship.

For example, if the physique of a tanned beach dweller is on your list, are you going to drop the person if they’re pale and average despite the two of you getting along really well?

You also have to take a look in the mirror and reflect if you’re in a position where you can impose all these expectations onto someone when you have a lack of redeeming qualities yourself.


7. Have Pride in Yourself

If someone you just met is constantly comparing you to their ex, and criticizing every aspect of you or making you feel insecure and sad, it’s time to take your exit.

No one has the right to do something like that to you. Yes, we do know that some people do that to make themselves feel better.

However, if they do it at your expense, they would not be a good person to add into your life. If your date makes you feel inadequate in any way, means, or form, you are free to leave.

You might think it’s respectful to keep quiet and stay for the rest of the date, but if they’re being that rude, you don’t need to show them any respect in return.


8. Talk About your Plans for the Future

When the date is coming to a standstill and you don’t know what else to talk about, you can talk about things you’re passionate about lately, such as gardening, painting, or teaching your dog new tricks.

You can ask them about what’s going on in their lives, and both your plans for the future.

You can gain an insight into what type of person they are by their plans for the future.


9. Footing the Bill

What a hard world we live in – on the first date it seems wrong to let them pay the bill, and at the same time feels equally wrong if we were to pay.

Regardless of your stand on this, you should always make an attempt to pay.

Who pays the bill for future dates is a whole other story, but it’s only polite for you to make your gesture on the first date, regardless of gender or orientation.


10. Let Them Know What Happens from Now

Don’t end the night by lying about seeing them again when you know you’re not going to.

Don’t tell them to call you if you don’t want them to.

If you’re not sure yet, don’t blurt out random nice tidings which you might turn back on in future. Tell them you had a nice time, and stop there.

You’ve only just met for your first date, so it’s unlikely that either of you have a deep emotional connection yet.

It’s better to tell them sooner than later, instead of leading them on by lying.


Concluding Insights on First Date Advice

Messing up your First Date means you will not have a second chance. You need to take your First Dates with your ideal partners very seriously. Do all the necessary preparation for a Perfect Date, besides memorizing and faithfully applying all the Top 10 First Date Tips we have shared above.

Apart from that, dress up appropriately and groom yourself well. Bring on your best smile and most cheerful personality to impress your date. Be confident of yourself, enjoy the conversations and time together – and the date will go smoothly. Enjoy!


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