First Date Tips: Top 10 Best First Date Advice for Guys to Succeed on Your Dates

First Date Tips: Top 10 Best First Date Advice for Guys to Succeed on Your Dates

Have you been out of the dating game far too long and now that you’re back in, you’ve forgotten everything you know?

Or perhaps you’ve never had a flair for dating, and has never known what to do on a First Date in the first place.

There are some deal breakers and things guys can do to earn plus points on a first date. To score a Second Date with the girl of your dreams, you need to know what these First Date Tips for Men are.


Our Top 10 Proven First Date Tips & Best First Date Advice for Guys

Follow our 10 Solid First Date Advice for Guys below, and you’re on your way to success with your date … Enjoy!


1. Don’t Split the Bill

Yeah, all your bros, men’s magazines and social media are telling you it’s okay to split the bill on dates.

At the end of the day it’s totally up to you if you want to pay for her or not.

Paying does not mean that you have to go all out and hire a chauffeured limousine and take her out to a high-end restaurant.

The act of paying for her on the first date is a simple act of courtesy, and because women’s magazines tell them that men only spend money on women who they’re interested in.

No matter what women say, they still find it flattering when a man pays for them.


2. No Hanky Panky

Trying to touch her inappropriately when you barely know her gives her the impression that you’re a sleazebag. No, make it a desperate sleazebag.

In your head, you would be extremely delighted if she had done the same to you, but women are wired differently.

To her, it just seems like you do the same thing to every girl you meet. Of course, don’t go the extreme opposite way and stand a metre away from her.

Hold her hand, or place your hand on the small of her back on the first day – no higher and no lower.


3. Know When to End the Date

We’ve all probably been on those dates which start out well but then it drags on too long and both parties are exhausted and irritable and everything goes downhill from there.

You shouldn’t make the date so long that you run out of topics to talk about since you don’t know each other well enough to talk endlessly.

You also want to make the date pleasant but short enough that she wants to go on a second date with you.


4. Don’t Drink Too Much

Most women are turned off by seeing men guzzling down booze.

You might think it’s something cool to do, and it might be in front of your bros, but not in front of a girl.

Being drunk or close to that will also hinder your cognition and ability to have a decent conversation with her.

You are also very likely to forget important things she might have told you, which will make you lose points in her book later on.

Being intoxicated also has the effect of removing the filter over what you say, and you might accidentally say something stupid or offensive.


5. Date While the Sun is Out

You want your date to feel at ease on her first date with you, so it’s the wrong idea to take her to a dark place and light a candle.

Nope! The first date should be about the two of you getting to know each other, so it would be a better idea to head out in broad daylight where she feels safe.

You can see each other’s facial expressions clearly so you both know neither of you is being deceitful, and this helps build trust between the two of you.

You get plus points if you manage to arrange the meeting somewhere near where she lives so she can get home easily.

If it’s inevitable that you meet after dark, have the decency to send her home instead of leaving her to go home alone.


6. No Vulgarities

In a parallel universe, cursing and swearing in front of women might be seen as masculine and attractive, but not in this one.

She will be very much turned off by hearing you curse like a sailor.

Women are turned on by men who give off a dignified air, and dropping vulgarities every other word isn’t going to do that for you.

Instead, speak like a gentleman and ditch the cursing.


7. Keep the Banter Light and Easy

You might love talking about controversial topics or deeply intellectual topics on a daily basis, but you should ease up on that for your first date.

There is no need for her to get further riled up by pondering over the difficult questions you impose on her when it’s likely that she’s nervous enough on the first date.

Keep it simple, and focus the questions on her, so that you can find out more about her, and she will be more at ease.


8. Don’t Show Off

While it is very true that women like successful men, it would be the wrong move for you to make if you were to list all your accomplishments and all of the material goods you have.

If she isn’t a gold digger, she’ll be pretty much turned off by your insistent bragging. If you’re truly successful, she would be able to see it very easily from the way you act, talk or dress.

You don’t need to tell her the cost of the suit you’re wearing of how much you paid for your new car. Don’t try to attract her with what you have – if she likes you, she likes you.

If she thinks you’re an annoying braggart, you’ll be one regardless of how rich you are.


9. Be Punctual

Women are sometimes fashionably late, but you are not allowed that same luxury.

You asked her out – you need to be there before her.

If your time estimation is horrible, it’s always better to be early than late.

If you get caught up in something and know you’ll be late, it’s only right that you tell her as soon as possible.


10. Plan the Date

Women are usually indecisive creatures, so they love a man who knows what he’s doing and where he’s going.

If you ask a girl on a date and she agrees, it’s only right that you have the courtesy of planning out a date with her in mind.

Always have a few options available, in case she doesn’t fancy your initial plan.


Concluding Insights on First Date Advice for Guys

Women prefer to be led. They want a guy whom they can feel safe and secure with. Someone who can show them initiative, keep them excited, be there for them and humor them.

Chivalry is not extinct. Plan and prepare well for your first Date. Show them that you’ve got it – and that you’re their knight in shinning armor.

If you can show them these qualities on your First Date, you’re on your way to a second and subsequent dates. And to winning their hearts.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a more Casual Relationship instead – Friends With Benefits (FWB) or one with No Strings Attached (NSA).

These same First Date Advice for Guys will work for you as well. Just do your part, and enjoy your First Dates to the max!


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