First Date Advice For Guys: 10 Obvious Signs Your First Date With a Girl is Going Very Badly

First Date Advice For Guys: 10 Obvious Signs Your First Date With a Girl is Going Very Badly

When you’re new to dating, it can be really difficult to figure out what’s going on, especially when your date is being subtle in expressing herself when things are going downhill fast.

It is part of human nature to read too much into things when we’re on the brink of starting something new, but things can be much easier if you’re aware of the markers.

After reading through this article with our Top 10 First Date Advice for Guys on 1st Dates gone wrong, you’ll know if you should (or whether you’re likely to) see her again after the end of that First Date.


First Date Advice for Guys to Know When Dates Go Wrong

So Here��s our Top 10 Extremely Valuable Pointers on the topic “How to Know Your Date with a Girl is Going Badly” to help you know how you are faring with her on your First Date, and the areas in which you can improve for your other dates in future … Enjoy!


1. Too Much or Too Little

First dates are all about getting to know each other, and to do that you have to ask each other questions.

It is a sign that something is iffy when the questions come at a..well, questionable rate. What do we mean by this?

Questions which come in rapid fire like an interrogation is not a sign of a good date, especially when you feel like she’s trying to wring all your flaws out of you and seems condescending when you reveal something.

Or, she’s trying to figure out if you’re a good candidate for her to leech off for her entire lifetime. Either way, neither is a good sign.

A noticeable lack of questions is equally bad for your dating future. If she doesn’t ask you anything about yourself, it means that she’s not interested in you at all, or she’s more interested in talking about herself.

If you find that most of the conversation revolves around her material possessions and her line-up of ex-boyfriends, you know you’re in for a bad time with this girl.


2. The Sound of Silence

There is something called a companionable silence, whereby the couple takes a rest from talking to take in what was just said in the conversation.

You stare at each other in a comfortable silence, and smile to yourself while you mull over the things you just shared. Then there is something on the other end of the spectrum called an awkward silence.

It is where you’re trying to stop yourself from fidgeting so hard from the effort of trying to think of something to say.

Amongst strangers, it is common for people to be able to maintain a conversation for about an hour if they try, even if they have totally nothing in common.

If you find yourself in a constant uncomfortable silence with your date and neither is willing to go the extra mile to create a conversation, you’re going down a bad route.

Things just get worse when you realize that 90% of the date is spent with the both of you with your eyes glued to your phone screens, with the remaining 10% being when the food comes.

Yes, the silence might be unbearable but it is not an excuse to be on your phones. The fact that it’s happening means that this date is going nowhere.


3. You Don’t Get Along

Nothing about you and her match.

You find yourself fake-laughing at her jokes. Then you realize she’s doing the same for your jokes, or staring coldly at you because your senses of humor aren’t on the same frequency.

Your jokes offend each other. You find yourself getting angry at something she said, and she looks like she’s ready to slap you each time you tell a joke.

She wants a Casual Relationship or Hook Up, but you want something which ends in marriage; or vice-versa. She wants someone who’s ready to settle down in the next two years and you’re not willing to give up your freedom yet.

Either way, your needs and relationship goals are fueled by very different engines.


4. Offensive Behavior

When you like someone, you want to impress them. Showing each other your ugly sides only comes after knowing the other person for some time.

If there are no please’s and thank you’s to be found throughout the date, a lack of gentlemanly or ladylike behavior from either of you, and a general lack of basic courtesy, it’s a sure sign that neither of you are very interested in the other person.

If they’re acting so crudely the first time they meet you, it’s going to get a lot worse with time.

There is offensive commentary from her despite being aware that these comments might hurt you. For example, making racist or religious jokes when she knows you belong to part of that community.

Even if she’s statistically perfect from every other angle, you should not overlook something like that because it means that she doesn’t care enough to guard her words to protect your feelings.


5. Weird Vibes

Everyone gets the jitters and butterflies on a first date. However, this is completely different from getting a feeling of impending doom or the feeling that something is amiss.

These weird vibes can come from something she said or did, which totally doesn’t resonate right with you.

It is okay for you to decide that the date was a complete flop and not see her again because of these weird lingering feelings, even if you can’t explain where they’re coming from.


6. You’re Only There Physically

You’re physically present, but your mind is everywhere else but there.

You find yourself thinking about anything and everything except for the present.

You wish you were somewhere else, with someone else, you’re even okay with hanging out with your mortal enemy.

You get the gist of it.

7. Negative Conversation Topics

She mentions the ex. Then you mention the ex.

Then suddenly the two of you are in a battle of exes trying to trump each other over who had the crazier or hotter ex. If you find your date heading down this path, it is the guaranteed path to doom.

If a majority of the date conversation was about exes, this date is not doing well. Bringing up an ex to mention lessons learnt are different from harping endlessly about them.

You mention how bad your day has been. She mentions how bad hers has been. And lo and behold, you’re in a second battle of who’s had the worse day.

If you feel like all you’ve done between the two of you was a complaint battle, you’re engulfing each other in negativity and your date is on its way to doom.


8. She Cuts the Date Short

On your end, you might feel that you’re doing really well and that the date is going wonderfully. Then all of a sudden, she leaves three hours earlier than the designated time.

You might think oh, an emergency has come out. That might be true, but you need to take her words with a pinch of salt.

From your point of view, it might have looked like everything was going perfect, but you never know what it felt like in her shoes.

If she leaves early and you don’t get a text from her anytime soon after the date, you know not to go on a wild goose chase because she’s just not that into you.


9. Drinking Date

Whether you’re both trying to give yourselves beer goggles or drinking to fill the awkward silence left by your lack of conversation, having too much to drink on a first date is never a good sign.

No matter if it’s you, her, or both of you who’re acting like alcohol addicts, it’s not a good outcome for this date.


10. The date felt…Meh

You didn’t hate each other, but there was nothing memorable. It felt like you just attended a dinner out of obligation.

You’d be okay to go for a dinner like that again, but you’d much rather dine alone. There was no point in time that you felt your heart rate spike, or felt a connection in any way.


Concluding First Date Advice for Guys: How Do You Know If your Date is Going Badly?

So, how do you know if your date is going badly? Or simply not as well as you perceive it to be?

The signs are obvious if your First Date is not going as well as it should be. You should not be oblivious to what’s happening, and should be observant to know if she potentially likes you, or if she’s just not interested in you.

If she’s obviously NOT into you, then don’t waste time and effort, and consider moving on. Better to spend your precious time focusing on potentials, than to try to turn the odds of something almost impossible to your favor – which is to make her like you.

Like we mentioned previously, First Dates are a make or break with a lady – so bear in mind our valuable and essential First Date Advice for Guys. You need to put in the necessary thought and sufficient effort to try to impress her, and also know the Do’s and Don’ts to succeed on your First Date (and subsequent dates).

Digest our valuable advice, and you’ll be likely to see a different result for your future dates. Believe in yourself, and know you will find her! 🙂


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