First Date Advice For Men: Top 10 Signs of a Good First Date & Good First Date Conversation

First Date Advice For Men: Top 10 Signs of a Good First Date & Good First Date Conversation

Do you recall that horrible moment after your First Date, where you’re wondering how well you did, and if you should make the move to ask her out again?

Often, it’s easy to tell when you take a retrospective look at the events which transpired, during or shortly after the date.

If you’ve just had a first date and are wondering if it was a good or bad one, have a read of this article to clue yourself in, on how you’ve fared on that First Date.


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First Date Advice For Men

So here’s our 10 Top Signs to you gentlemen of a Good First Date and a Good First Date Conversation … Enjoy!


1. You felt like you’ve known her forever – (#1 Top First Date Outcome on First Date Advice For Men)

If she makes you feel at ease and you’re bantering like old friends within a few minutes of the initial introductions, you’re off to an excellent start.

Human instincts are a powerful tool, you will know for sure if you don’t like someone despite talking with them for hours.

On the other hand, you’ll instantly get those pleasant vibes from someone you get along with.

There is no awkwardness to speak of, and you’re not forcing yourself to make conversation.


2. Smiley Man

If she makes you laugh like a maniac, or you remember the two of you laughing together at countless things, there is a good chance that she’s waiting for you to ask her out again or planning to ask you out herself sometime soon.

Couples who laugh together, stay together. If you have the same sense of humor as her, it’s more likely to push your date onto the path of success.


3. Pleasant Memories

For hours and even days after the date ended, you remember fragments of the date, and find yourself breaking into a grin.

Whether it was her bubbly personality, or her silly jokes and adorable reactions, you can’t stop smiling when you think about seeing her again.

You get that fluffy, sweet cotton candy feel spreading around your chest for no reason at all, when you think of her.


4. Kindness and Respect

Your date was mindful at all times about the way she speaks and acts, and this doesn’t only apply to the way she treats you.

She took great care to say please and thank you to not only you, but also the service staff the both of you encountered through your time together.

Even if this date doesn’t end in a relationship, it was a great date, and you know you’ve found a great friend with wonderful manners.


5. Cheerful Banter

Even with friends, you know when you instantly like someone, because it was so easy to talk to them.

The conversation felt like a game of tennis with an old buddy, rather than like teaching an old dog to play fetch.

A few awkward moments are permissible on a First Date, but if a majority of the date was spent with good conversation, you can mark this off as a successful First Date.


6. You forget your phone existed

It is a common reflex for millennials (and everyone else) these days to seek the embrace of technology, when we feel vulnerable or bored in the company of strangers.

If you’ve never felt this need arise while you’re with her, it’s a good sign that it was a great date.

Of course, if she was on her phone for a great deal of the date, then she might not have been having as great a time as you had.


7. You can’t bear to leave each other – (#2 Top First Date Outcome on First Date Advice For Men)

You planned for the night to end at 10pm, but the two of you took turns at prolonging the date, and you found yourself sending her home at 1am.

No one would voluntarily prolong a situation, which they do not enjoy.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is very likely that she enjoys being with you as much as you did with her.



8. Inside Jokes

At the end of the night, you have a private joke which no one else could possibly get without an explanation.

This comes from people being close enough and sharing the same sense of humor.

So if you get there, it’s a good signal to start planning for a Second Date.


9. She hints at future dates – (#3 Top First Date Outcome on First Date Advice For Men)

There were points in the conversation, where you bring up something fun you’ve done, and she replies that “we should totally try that!”.

This reply, coupled with a bunch of other things on this list, means that you’ve had a successful date with her.


10. A connecting message

She sends you a text after you send her home, telling you how much she enjoyed your time together, and thanking you for the night out, or something with these general airs.

It is the perfect end to a perfect First Date, which means that you’re good to start planning for date number two.


Concluding Insights on First Date Advice For Men

If you observe some or most of the tell-tale signs of a Good First Date and Good First Date Conversation above, you can be safely sure that she has a sufficiently positive impression of you.

And that she will be interested to get to know you better. So why wait? Don’t let the flame turn cold.

Interact with her more, through texting on your mobile phones over the next few days.

And be sure to ask her out for a Second Date within the coming week or two, so that you can enjoy each other’s company in person again.


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