First Date Tips: Top 10 Proven Best First Date Tips for the Perfect First Date

First Date Tips: Top 10 Proven Best First Date Tips for the Perfect First Date

Your First Date can be a time filled with stress and insecurities. You don’t know the other person very well yet, so you don’t know what they’re expecting or how to act around them.

Can you be yourself? Or should you act like a storybook prince or princess? Regardless of how you stand in your level of experience at dating, these First Date Tips will help you out for the perfect 1st Date experience.


Our Top 10 Proven & Best First Date Tips

This list of First Date Tips is not all inclusive, neither is it exhaustive, but it does contain some fundamental rules for the newbies at dating.

Let us now explore how you can breeze through your First Date!


1. Get a Date

For the ideal first date experience, you first need to…have a date. Yes, kind of sounds like common sense, but many people forget that.

They’re too engrossed about planning what they can do on their first date, that they forget to get a date to go on it with them.

The easiest way to get a date these days is to get on a Top Dating Site or Dating App like, since you can extend your search beyond your social circle and to people who are too busy to hang out and bump into you accidentally.


2. Trust Yourself

The next step to going on a perfect First Date is to go on a date with someone you genuinely like or are interested in.

Many people overlook this fact, and believe that it will all work out somehow when you meet them in person.

Well, it just doesn’t work that way!

If you hate them or are bored out of your mind when you’re texting them, there’s no way you’ll like a real-life rendition of their text self.

It is also important for your own safety not to meet up with someone if you’re getting weird vibes or are suspicious about them in any way or form.


3. Don’t Overdo the Booze

If you’re the kind of person to take a drink out of nervousness every 5 minutes, chances are you’re going to be piss drunk at the end of the night.

This isn’t a good look for anyone – ever. Get a grip and put down your glass. A few initial sips are fine if that’s what you need to calm your nerves down a little.

It is very important to know how much alcohol you can handle before you’re drunk or pass out. You don’t want your date to have to spend the rest of their night taking care of you.

Other than the fact that it won’t go down as romantically as in movies, you have to keep in mind that you don’t really know this person – it won’t be safe for you to knock yourself out or lose your awareness and ability to think in such a situation.


4. Don’t Glue yourself to your Phone

It’s pretty common these days that when you’re sitting in a group and you’re bored, everyone takes out their phones and start typing on it out of reflex – even when there’s nothing there for them to engage with.

You need to quit this bad habit, especially when there’s only two of you and it’s your first date.

If you see your date constantly on their phone and continue to do that despite you trying to start or keep up a conversation, it’s a good time for you to leave.

There’s no point in wasting your time with someone who isn’t interested in you and not putting in any effort to get to know you.


5. Be Punctual

Yes! Do you know how many times I’ve had to wait for my date? Countless!

Okay, probably two times, but both of those dates never went anywhere.

Just be on time. It’s a horrible feeling having to wait for someone, and it shows a lack of respect.

Now, if something happened, like an accident, that’s different. But focus on respecting you and your date’s time.


6. Show Interest

(a) Maintain Eye Contact

If you’re into them, lay on the eye contact.

How else can you tell them non-verbally that you like them? The eyes are the windows into the soul.

And if your soul is thinking, “you are so sexy, I can’t handle it,” show it with eye contact.


(b) Listen

Listen, not just hear what they’re saying. There’s a huge difference there.

You can’t stare into blank space while listening to them yabber on for a very good reason – you want to be prepared with something to reply when there’s a pause in the conversation.

Being a good listener is not all about being silent and letting them talk – it’s about being able to maintain a two-way conversation and listening is the best way to get that started.

7. No Ex-talk

There’s nothing more annoying on a first date than being with someone who harps on and on about their ex. Or worse, constantly comparing you to their ex.

No-one needs to find out your entire dating history on a first date. Make sure that the conversation revolves around your date and their life rather than your own – or your ex’s.

If your date is the one who initiates the ex-talk, it’s fine for you to answer as much as what you’re asked, but nothing more.

After you’ve answered their question, drop the topic and move on – unless you haven’t moved on from your ex, in which case you shouldn’t be dating again because it’s unfair to the other person.


8. Be Honest

There’s even a joke that says First Dates are all about telling each other lies to get the other person interested enough to go on a second date.

If your motive is to get your date into bed and no future long-term relationship is involved and they’re consensual with this kind of relationship, then go ahead and tell each other all the lies you want to make this brief fling seem more amazing than it actually is.

If you intend to start anything serious with this person, it’s better not to tell them any lies, even if it’s a small lie to make yourself seem better than you actually are.

Strings of small lies add up to big lies which will entangle you in a web you can’t get out of. It’ll be devastating if you spend your dates lying to someone and end up really liking them, only to have them break things off because they found out about your lies.

Start things off on the right foot with the first date – always be honest.


9. Go with an Open Mind

In the initial dating stage, it is not wrong for us to keep our options open. Often, we’re talking to more than one person, and this person might not be your “first choice” amongst all the people you’re talking to.

If you’re going to go on this date with the mindset that you don’t like them that much anyway and it’s okay for them to hate you, the date likely won’t go very well at all.

If you go with an open mind and without a list of ridiculous expectations, it is more likely that you’ll be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed.

It goes without saying of course, if you truly don’t enjoy their company, there is no point in keeping up the facade. If the date isn’t going well, it’s perfectly okay to end it earlier than expected to save both your time and theirs.

You need to acknowledge that you aren’t getting along with them, or might even be uncomfortable. Tell them politely and leave rather than drag it on and torture yourself.


10. Who Pays?

This can be one of the most confusing things in this era. The solution however, is something deceptively simple.

If your partner offers to pay for dinner, and you’re find with that, then let them do it.

However, you should offer to pay for dessert or entertainment, or pay for the next date.

If you’d like to half the bill, then communicate it to your partner.

It should never be the case that you’re both arguing over who should pay because it looks petty and reeks of inexperience.


Concluding Insights on the Top & Proven 10 Best First Date Tips

You would know by know the importance of your First Date with any date – particularly the ones you really like.

Make or break, how your 1st Date goes really matters. First impressions really count.

So if your date enjoyed the date with you, the chances of you going out on a second and subsequent dates with her/him are positive.

Don’t leave planning and being prepared for your First Date to the last minute. Every great First Date starts with lots of preparation and planning beforehand.

Be sure to check out our entire valuable series on First Date Ideas, and also be sure to read through our articles on First Date Advice and First Date Tips to equip yourself with everything for your Dating Success! Enjoy your dates!


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