First Date Tips: Top 10 Best Proven & Exclusive First Date Tips for Women

First Date Tips: Top 10 Best Proven & Exclusive First Date Tips for Women

There’s a saying that rules were made to be broken, but this is not true of all rules. If anything, there are some rules you should never break in the game of dating.

If you want a second date to follow the first, you at least know the rules so you don’t accidentally cross a line you shouldn’t. If you’re ready to start, let’s get reading on the Top 10 First Date Tips for Women!


Our Top 10 Proven & Best First Date Tips for Women

Every lady should know and practice these First Date Tips. In so doing, you put yourself in the best position for a successful 1st Date and have the highest chance of having subsequent dates with your ideal guy(s).


1. Keep Your Expectations Low

Don’t spend all your free time planning for your second date or what you’re going to name your babies.

Don’t imagine how he’ll act on the date based on how he looks or talks over text.

All this over-thinking that women tend to do is what gets them disappointed in the long run.

Just show up for that first date with minimal expectations, and the date will usually turn out better than expected.

It’s when you expect things to play out the way they did in your head that what should be a pleasant experience turns out to be unpleasant for you.


2. Don’t Be Too Serious

Most girls have a checklist a mile long for their potential partners, and some are even determined to make sure on the first date that the guy fulfills every point on their checklist.

This often leads to an interrogation style conversation – which, while not leaving the awkward lull in conversations which people hate – might also terrify your future boyfriend. We know you need to find out if he ticks every box on your checklist.

However, have you considered the fundamental aspect of all relationships? Does he get along well with you?

A man can look perfect on paper, but if there is no chemistry between the two of you, there is really no point in pursuing this relationship just because he’s “perfect” judging by your checklist.

This First Date is for you to have fun and find out if your personalities mesh well together. The rest will come later naturally.


3. Dress Comfortably

Yes, women’s magazines have said that men love the smell of vanilla, and are visual creatures so you must drown yourself in a vanilla perfume and dress as sexily as possible.

Women often forget that not all men are the same. There are girls who dress sexily despite their dates telling them prior that they prefer a homely girl who dresses casually, and are surprised when their date doesn’t go well.

All in all, you can dress to impress the man you’re dating, but make sure that you’re comfortable dressing up the way he likes. If you’re a girly girl, dressing in the jeans he loves would impair your self confidence in some way, and would affect how you interact with him on the first date.

Dressing up for him can come later, for the first date it’s important that you dress in what you like.


4. Know your Alcohol Limit

If he orders a bottle of wine or a beer tower, you’re not obliged to help him finish it if you know you’ll pass out a quarter of the way through.

Drinking at home and getting drunk with family or close friends it completely different from doing it on a first date.

Other than the aesthetic aspect of how terrible you look while drunk and puking in front of him, you need to keep in mind that this is the first time you’re dating this person.

You have no idea how he’ll act in the presence of a vulnerable female. Have a drink or two to be polite, but decline politely when he offers you more.


5. Go on a Unique Date

Going to “grab a coffee together” or the classic movie-dinner date is so passé. People act like as though there are no other places to go or other things to do on a first date other than the aforementioned activities.

There are many others, if you just know where to look! Go to a haunted house and watch him scream his lungs out instead of being all prim and proper. Go to a fair or explore unseen parts of your city together.

Check out the event calendar of your town or those nearby for some novel things to do. If you keep your mind open, the options are limitless.


6. Choose Conversation Topics Wisely

The first date is not the time to discuss controversial topics like abortion or the death penalty, or how the politics of the various nations are affecting the price of oil.

Even if he works in sectors which deal with the above, it’s probably not an attractive option for him to talk about work on a first date.

You don’t want to end up in a meaningless argument with your date ending in a cold war, which has no impact in the first place on the topics you were so passionate about.

7. Listen for Alarm Bells

There are moments during a conversation which gives you that uncomfortable feeling in your chest.

While you may think nothing of it initially, it would be wise to keep track of when these events occur. If it keeps happening you need to take an introspective look into why he makes you uncomfortable.

Different people have different thresholds for their comfort levels on various issues, and it’s okay for you to feel threatened by something someone says, especially when you don’t know them.

If anything, these alarm bells are an important warning while getting to know your date better on a personal level, and lets you know when to leave.


8. Always Have an Escape Plan

We’ve seen this routine on comedies, but it’s very practical in real life. Tell your bestie that you’re going on a first date with someone, and have them call you 2 hours into the date.

If things are going fine, you can tell your friend it’s all peachy, but if you’re stuck in an uncomfortable or extremely boring situation, you can pretend that an emergency came up and have it as your reason to escape your date.


9. Let People Know Where You Are

Ladies need to keep themselves safe because if they don’t, who else will?

You are going on a first date with a man you barely know, it only makes sense to let someone (or two) know where you are.

These people need to know the person’s name you’re meeting, and have a photo of him and his contact details.

It might seem like a great deal of overreaction and paranoia acting as such, but there will be no harm done if your date turns out to be a nice guy. Your safety is the most important at the end of the day.


10. Sex or No Sex?

Some people say no sex before the third date, some people say no sex before marriage, other people say you should only have sex with aliens. The point it, it is totally up to your judgement to make the call.

However, it should be known that generally if someone wishes to pursue a Serious Relationship, they usually wait till they know the other person well enough, and find out what they want out of the relationship before engaging in sexual acts.

If he jumps into things without bothering to know your stand on things, it’s very likely that he’s only in this for the fun. If you’re okay with that, then go for it.

If not, it’s better to decline and keep yourself safe from emotional damage or being “used” by him.


Concluding Insights on the Top & Proven 10 Best First Date Tips for Women

Besides the above First Date Tips for Women, be sure to also check out our entire series on First Date Advice and First Date Ideas. So you’ll be best prepared for your 1st Date and enjoy the highest rate of success with your ideal guy dates.


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