Good Dating Apps: Top 5 Things You'll Need to Know When Using the Best Online Dating Apps

Good Dating Apps: Top 5 Things You’ll Need to Know When Using the Best Online Dating Apps

Are you searching for love? Whether you’re looking for someone to marry, or just someone to have a lustful night with, there probably exists an app to suit your needs.

The available Online Dating Apps range from those specific down to the micro-details, and those which cater to a wide range of audiences.

Regardless of what you’re seeking, what are some things you need to keep in mind when looking for Good Dating Apps?


Here’s our Top 5 Things you need to know to help you Use Good Dating Apps Effectively to Achieve your Dating Goals and Find the Ideal Guy/Lady Partner of your Dreams … Enjoy!


1. When You Start Out Using Good Dating Apps

First, you need to decide on how much you’re willing to shell out for a dating app. With so many free options out there, do you really need to pay to use a dating app? Some people argue that the paid ones come with more functions and/or have a demographic that’s looking to enter into longer term or more serious relationships. Monthly subscription fees can vary from as little as $10 to those exceeding $40, with added discounts when you choose a longer subscription period.

There are also Online Dating Apps which are initially free to use, but handicap you in your search by making you pay to communicate with people you matched with, or getting their payment in the form of profile boosting or “gifting” people you like in the app.

Keep in mind that even though most Dating Apps will claim that they’re complimentary to use, there will be expense expected from you in some form or other. If you’re tight on your budget, this is probably something you need to consider when choosing Good Dating Apps.


2. Setting Yourself Apart On Good Dating Apps

If you’ve got the looks and figure of a Greek god/goddess, there is no need for you to read this section. As superficial as it sounds, people normally browse profiles based on looks. Good looking people are eye catching regardless of what they write – or don’t write – on their profile.

If you’re more average in the looks department – which most of us are – you might want to fill out your profile more carefully. Most Online Dating Apps allow people to find you more easily by asking your location, age, hobbies, interests and such. You need to complete as many sections of your profile as possible to increase the chances of someone finding you when they search for tags or filter by their own interests.

Be as comprehensive as possible so that people trying to find you are able to do so with a simple search. As such, you need to find Good Dating Apps/Dating Sites which allow you to do this.


3. Sexual Preferences & Identity

By this we don’t mean your kinks or fetishes; (though there are apps out there catering to this too). We are talking about those of you who belong to the LGBTQ crowd, who are looking for Gay Dating and Lesbian Dating.

In this day and age, there are still people who discriminate or hate on non cis-hetero individuals for no reason at all. It is sometimes the fault of the developers for fostering such a community by only allowing options for straight people, but other times it’s not their fault that the demographics of their app steers that way due to the traffic inflow.

As part of a minority, you just have to do a little bit of extra leg work to find apps which cater for you. These apps do exist, you just have to find them. There are also non-exclusive apps which welcome the LGBTQ community, and these are pretty decent options too. What you need to do is avoid the discriminatory apps.

Not only do they not provide options for you to choose your identity, these apps often don’t provide options for your sexual orientation either. It would be absolutely pointless for you to join these.


4. Get the Ball Rolling on Good Dating Apps

Once you’re done filling out your profile and making yourself visible with hobby tags and interests, it’s time to start the hunt for your perfect match. This stage is where the apps play with functions and options to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The most common method of browsing and choosing matches across most apps is by swiping. Other apps apply a gender imbalance by allowing only one side to message first. Yet other apps focus on matching users based on their personalities, so users’ profiles display the information they have filled out and is a determinant for whether or not the viewer decides to “like” them.

After finding your match, or at least someone (or a few people) who interest you, it comes to the part where you have to talk to them! Most apps allow for communication free of charge, but some apps choose to monetize here. Depending on the app you use, you might have to whip out your credit card to communicate with the apple of your eye. Some of the apps which require you to pay for communication allows you to express your interest for free, in the hopes that the other person will contact you first. Some other apps will allow you to buy “gifts” that you leave on people’s profiles to express interest. Again, if budget is an issue for you, you have to consider the fees for reaching out to that special someone.


5. Keeping in Contact

The newcomers to the Good Dating Apps market usually offer an Android, an iOS version, a mobile site, and/or a desktop version. You are free to choose amongst all these available options, but it’s noteworthy that sometimes functions and the interface might differ markedly from each other.

You don’t have to choose one option, you can use the mobile Dating App/Dating Site while you’re out and about, then revert to the desktop version when you’re home relaxing. Some apps only have a mobile site or only have an Online Dating App, so keep your preferred mode of use in mind while choosing your ideal Good Dating Apps.

After choosing your preferred Dating Apps and operating platform, you have to remember to play with the notification systems a little. You don’t want to be getting a hundred emails a day from apps which notify you each time someone has viewed your profile. Alternatively, you can set up a “spam e-mail” to sign up for such apps so the inbox for your daily use won’t be overly cluttered.

While we’re on the topic of creating contact detail proxies, it might be useful idea for those of you who want to play the field to create communication platforms which conceal your real identity, phone number, or other sensitive information.


Concluding Insights on Using Good Dating Apps

Just as important as choosing the Best Dating Apps is how you use these Good Dating Apps. You also need to know how you can present your Online Dating Profile in the best possible light, so that you can use these Dating Apps effectively to further your Online Dating endeavors and find your ideal Dating Partners and Type of Dating Relationships.

Do put the 5 valuable pointers above into practice … and you’ll start to see the results of your Online Dating efforts pay fruit in no time! Here’s CHEERS to your successful dates and fulfilling relationships ahead!


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