Online Dating Sites: Top 6 Best Online Dating Apps & Free Online Dating Websites in 2020 for Modern Dating that Won't Rip You Off

Online Dating Sites: Top 6 Best Online Dating Apps & Free Online Dating Websites in 2020 for Modern Dating that Won’t Rip You Off

So, you think you’re savvy enough to make the right decisions, when it comes to becoming a paid user of Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Websites?

Our advice to you is, eat a small piece of humble pie and don’t be overconfident.

Even if you’ve been living your whole life in the midst of technology since you were a baby, that doesn’t automatically qualify you as an Online Dating veteran.

If you aren’t careful, you might end up losing money without even being aware of it. Like any other purchases, always consider carefully the fine prints before putting money into Online Dating platforms.

If you’re not into the nitty gritty details and would like to cut to the chase instead, these are some online dating sites with a transparent payment structure …


Online Dating Sites: Unveiling the Best Online Dating Apps & Free Online Dating Websites in the World in 2020

Here’s the Top 6 Trusted Dating Apps and Most Reliable Dating Sites You can Count On for Your Online Dating Success … Enjoy!


1. Anomo (

Taking on a very different approach to other Dating Apps and Dating Websites, Anomo steers itself away from matching potential partners, based on their compatibility scores from lengthy questionnaires.

Instead, this Dating Site prefers to look at both your chemistry through common interests and shared interactions.

For instance, you can participate in an icebreaker game on Anomo, to mingle with other singles.

Or chat with someone who strikes you as interesting, because of their attention-grabbing profile bio.

Essentially, you can interact with just about anyone and everyone.

Once you start to feel comfortable with someone, you can reveal yourself to that specific user.

Otherwise, you are just an anonymous avatar on this platform.

This keeps your online dating profile private and secure from the prying eyes of scammers, stalkers and catfishers!


2. OkCupid (

OkCupid doesn’t judge – whether you are on its Dating App or Dating Site looking for an affair, companionship, love, friends with benefits or even a One Night Stand or Hookup, you’re totally free to do whatever you want (except be a total jerk or a**hole).

Here, millions of users have found love, sex and marriage, that’s why OkCupid remains one of the most popular Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Websites till date.

You can choose to browse around OkCupid on Incognito mode, so you wouldn’t get unsolicited messages, stalkers or weird users spoiling your experience on this Online Dating platform.

Only when you like or chat with that particular user would your profile be visible to them.


3. Happn (

You established eye contact, and felt an instant connection with a cutie at the café you frequent.

But you stupidly missed out on the opportunity to get her/his number.

Now Happn lets you seize the chance and get to know her.

Because Happn knows that sometimes, fate doesn’t come knocking twice at your door.

If she’s a user on Happn, her profile will appear on your Timeline.

And this would really be a godsend for introverts or shy guys/girls, who are afraid to initiate conversations on the spot or are deathly fearful of rejections.

If the feeling is mutual, it is a ‘Crush’ and what happens next is in your hands.

You could come up with a witty pick-up line and chat with her and perhaps you guys could also meet up in real life!

Happn has proudly declared that they have helped thousands of singles, find connections and relationships on their website.

So, join now to find the girl or guy of your dreams!


4. Zoosk (

There’s 40 million members registered on Zoosk, and a record 3 million chat messages exchanged daily on this platform.

This proves that Zoosk is a very active platform, with a high level of activity buzzing throughout the site.

Zoosk’s mainly a hit, because the site extremely easy-to-navigate and explore.

Registration is a piece of cake, and the smart system actually recognizes your preferences, the more you use it.

Therefore, the more time you spend searching for dates on Zoosk, the better your matches become.

How cool is that!


5. Elite Singles (

A niche Dating App and Dating Website meant for working professionals with good educational qualifications, Elite Singles is stringent in its verification processes to ensure its Online Dating Site is safeguarded from creeps and unverified users lurking around.

Majority of users are in the 30-55 age range, and most of them are looking for long term Committed Relationships.

You’ll be notified of approximately 3 to 7 matches daily and upon registration, you’d be sitting through a comprehensive personality test to identify your percentage of conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness, neuroticism and extraversion.

The results of the test are used to match you up with users whose personalities complement you the most.

Sign up for an account and try it out today!


6. HappyMatches

HappyMatches is an extremely existing and up-and-coming contender in the Casual Dating niche of Online Dating.


Concluding Insights on Online Dating Sites

So there you have it – the websites we’ve listed above have all been evaluated based on two major criteria.

The first would be total cost; many Dating Sites aren’t very transparent about their different levels of paid subscription.

Often, it takes a lot of purposeful investigation to realize there’s actually a lower-tier subscription that would be sufficient for your needs.

Obviously, many Dating Apps and Dating Websites would try to get you to pay for their ‘top tier’ subscription (regardless whether you really need it)!

However, for the Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Websites listed above, you call the shots since such information are easily accessible!

Lastly, cancellation cost. If this comes across as a surprise to you, you haven’t been doing your homework!

Many of such Online Dating platforms do not allow users to end their paid subscription prematurely. As a result, any premature termination often comes at a hefty price!

While some of the Sites and Apps for Dating above do have cancellation charges, they are very upfront and transparent about it so you can make an informed decision!


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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