Top Dating Apps: Best 6 Free Online Dating Apps Available in Google & Apple App Stores in 2020

Top Dating Apps: Best 6 Free Online Dating Apps Available in Google & Apple App Stores in 2020

Whilst it used to be awkward in the past, in today’s context, it is no longer uncommon (or even weird) for young people and matured adults to meet and connect on Online Dating platforms.

Few people associate negative connotations with finding one’s preferred Dating Partners online these days.

The use of Dating Apps and Dating Sites has become almost pervasive, and extremely popular in our day-to-day lives.

Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites are now the norm for people to know and meet their relationship matches.

They transcend all the different types and forms of Dating Relationships we can possibly think of, across the full spectrum of Casual Relationships and Committed Relationships.

You can find your ideal match whether you’re looking for a Heterosexual Relationship, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating, Bi Dating or even Bi Curious Dating.

These days in our Modern Dating society, there are hardly any more negative connotations associated with using Online Dating as a means to find one’s preferred Dating Partners.


Top Dating Apps

In this article, we’ll review 6 of the Best Free & Top Dating Apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Believe us, you’ll definitely find it a lot easier to decide which Dating App to sign up for, after reading our valuable insights.

We evaluate and recommend all the most reliable and effective Top Dating Apps and Best Online Dating Sites in great detail for you … Enjoy!


2. Tinder ( – No. 1 User Traffic among the Top Dating Apps

Tinder is by far the most established and renowned Online Dating App, that everyone knows, uses and talks about. It boasts over a billion “matches” to date, since its initial inception on 12 September 2012.

Its user base and popularity has grown from strength to strength over the years, reaching far beyond the United States to achieve worldwide global fame in the Online Dating niche.

Whilst Users can use Tinder for free (which most people do anyway), if you want to increase your chances of landing a date and enjoy the company of more attractive partners, it makes sense to pay the small subscription, and not be “penny wise, pound foolish”.

A small investment of around USD 10 per month gives you 5 daily “Super Likes” and allows you “Unlimited Likes”. You can now swipe right as much as you want (so long as there are available profiles in your vicinity). Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Tinder is well-known to be top among the best Casual Dating Apps (for Casual Encounters and Flings). It is famed for bringing into reality a large number of Casual Hookups and One Night Stands in the U.S., and also all over the world.

Interestingly, many people also see Tinder as a “go-to” Dating Site for Romantic Relationships. Tinder has also achieved remarkable success to date in pairing Long Term Relationship lovers. So you can also hop on to this Top Dating App if you’re searching for your significant other for a Serious Relationship.

Tinder’s success and effectiveness can be clearly attributed to its enormous global user database, accurate geo-location system, and also its very intuitive and easy-to-use “swipe left or right” interface.


3. CoffeeMeetsBagel ( – No. 1 among the Top Dating Apps for Serious Dating

Coffee Meets Bagel, the premier mobile dating app for Exclusive and Committed Relationships, focuses greatly on the quality of its users over quantity. Now that’s great news – since most other Online Dating Sites and Online Dating Apps prioritize numbers and Casual Dating Relationships instead.

The CMB Dating App differentiates itself by providing daily matches (curated based on one’s preferences), which Users have 24 hours to decide whether to “like” or “pass” these recommended Bagels. This counteracts the effort of swiping on profiles, something that many Users find a complete waste of time.

CoffeeMeetsBagel was launched in San Francisco in 2012, and boasts over 11,000,000 members from the USA alone. Its presence is now acclaimed worldwide, as a premier leader of the Serious Dating and Romantic Relationships dating niche. Since its launch, CMB has achieved more than 25 million introductions and grows steadily with over 400,000 new members every month.

Unique characteristics of Coffee Meets Bagel:-

  • More women than men on CMB. The 60:40 ratio of ladies to guys is great for everyone. Guys have no worries about heavy competition with other men, whilst Ladies can afford to be selective about the guys they choose to interact with.
  • 7-day limit on chatting with matched profiles. You have only 7 days from being matched, to get the contact details of your date and/or plan your meet up. This effectively eradicates the game of having to decide “who’s to make the 1st move”, and avoids users KIV-ing a list of potential dates to meet up later on.

Since CoffeeMeetsBagel merely shows a couple of suitable profiles each day, it presents much fewer opportunities for matching up with potential dates (compared to Tinder and Bumble). We would say that CMB is a rather cool app nonetheless, with a very refreshing mindset change that “more does not always equate to better”.

By avoiding the tedious and tiring game of swiping through hundreds of profiles, you can now focus yourself on reviewing a handful of carefully curated profiles daily and zoom in on the best match.

The CMB App is generally Free to use. However, similar to Bumble Boost and Tinder Plus, you can subscribe to a premium plan for $20 to $35 a month, which provides extra features (eg. an increase in the number of daily matching profiles). You can also purchase the in-app “Beans” currency of Coffee Meets Bagel to use certain perks and premium features on an ad hoc basis.


4. OkCupid (

OkCupid (OKC) is a huge name in the dating industry. The first thing you have to do after clicking the signup button is to choose a username.

You then proceed to fill in an extensive form detailing your personal information, and you can connect your existing social media platforms to your OKC account so you don’t have to upload pictures already present on those platforms.

OkCupid then gives you a long questionnaire which will be used to generate your match percentage with people you come across in the site. The questions are divided into a few categories, and you can click into peoples’ profiles to view their responses to questions.

There is even the option of giving reasons behind these “yes” or “no” questions. The interface of the site can get quite cumbersome to navigate at times, especially when you’re on the mobile app.

There are a variety of filters you can use when searching for potential partners, but the app still shows you people who have “liked” you but do not fall within your search criteria. It gets quite annoying when the people initiating contact all live thousands of miles away.

The upside is that the filters are very much inclusive when you are the one doing the searching, allowing people to search for their gender preference, age preference, and even height preferences.

Users are notified when someone “likes” them, but they are unable to see who has done so unless they pay for a premium membership.

The upside of OkCupid is that you get access to a large pool of information about your potential matches (provided that they fill out their profiles) instead of deciding to “like” someone based on their profile pictures.

The downside is that people don’t need to match with you to message you. If you choose not to match with them, the profiles of people who have messaged you can continually pop up on your browsing list despite you having swiped them away.


5. Hinge (

Hinge is very much similar to Tinder, except for a few plus points. The user interface looks pretty much like Tinder with a few minor tweaks.

However, it functions rather differently. Hinge utilizes your Facebook information to connect mutual friends and the mutuals of those friends together.

It also displays the hobbies and interests of these people which overlap with yours. For the app to be able to do this, you are required to answer a set of predetermined questions beforehand.

The questions only require ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers rather than open ended response, which makes things a lot faster and easier.

It is probably a more efficient and fun way of getting to know someone than reading their paragraphs of “About Me”.

One huge advantage of this app is that the scammers and fakes weed themselves out. If you are interested in someone and want to authenticate their profile and whatever they say in it, you can simply ask the mutual friend who connects the two of you.

This feature provides a feeling of safety and security absent in most other apps because in online relationships, you never really know who is behind that screen till you meet up.

You are also able to see what the other person expects out of this relationship, so Hinge is really more about building relationships rather than quick flings.

Pictures uploaded onto profiles tend to be a carefully curated collection rather than haphazard snapshots which might be inappropriate because this online dating platform is so closely related to the users’ real lives.

Pictures can only be added via Facebook or Instagram, which is very much a hassle if you don’t use these apps or are not very active on them.

For users with a very small social media friend pool, you can very possibly run out of potential matches after a few swipes, which can be a substantial limiter on your search for a partner.


6. Match (

Match could be touted as the app which started all dating apps, or at the very least one of the first dating app pioneers.

It was one of the first players and has remained at the top of the game for a very long time.

There is no Facebook signup – which figures – there was no Facebook back then. You sign in via a username and password you created during the sign up, after which you fill out some personal particulars and information before you can really get started in the app.

Every day, Match sends you a carefully selected list of matches tailored to your preferences and the profile you have filled out.

When you have run through these people and haven’t found someone suitable, you can continue your search by browsing through their database for people to “wink” at.

Sadly enough, for the best Match experience you do need to shell out money. The cheapest subscription fee comes in at a hefty $21 monthly, which most people might not be willing or able to pay for.

Paying a for a premium account lets you gain access to a variety of other features which are locked on the free account, such as reviewing visitors to your profile.

The interface is aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes, though it does require some minutes of practice to use with ease.


Concluding Insights on Top Dating Apps: Choosing the Best & Most Appropriate App to Find What You are Searching For

Using the right Dating App will “make” or “break” your success in Online Dating.

The reasons are obvious. If the App has enough of the profiles you are looking for, and helps you sieve them out effectively, this would makes it extremely easy for you to connect with and impress them.

Chances are, you are already more than half way towards success in your finding your ideal Casual Hookup or Serious Relationship partners.

Besides, it is important to use the appropriate Dating Apps depending on the Type of Dating Relationship(s) you are looking for.


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