Platonic Friendship: Top 6 Platonic Dating Sites & Platonic Friend App for a Platonic Relationship

Platonic Friendship: Here’s the Top 6 Platonic Dating Sites & Platonic Friend App to Find Your Ideal Platonic Relationship

When we were younger, making friends was as simple as offering to share the sand pit on the playground. However as adulthood hits and your time becomes a precious commodity, we become pickier on how and who we choose to spend it with. Apart from family and significant others, friends play a key role in our lives, providing support and fulfilling our need for regular social interaction.

At the same time, making new friends or finding like-minded people to connect with when you’re in adulthood could actually be more challenging than when you’re a kid. There’s no real sandbox equivalent, so where do you start? Some point towards befriending people through Dating Apps, but if the initial intent of being there was to “date”, finding a Platonic Friend there might not be the best of choices.


However, thanks to modern technology, there are now more options if you want to find new friends through mobile apps. Whether you’re looking to find people with similar hobbies and interests, looking for a workout buddy, or even want to find a friend for both yourself and your dog – there’s probably a Platonic Friend App waiting out there for you to download (or a Platonic Dating Site to use), no matter what your friend needs are.


Using the Right Platonic Friend App & Platonic Dating Sites to Find Your Platonic Friendship

Here’s the Top 6 Best Platonic Friend App and Platonic Dating Sites to help you “meet” new Platonic Friends and get started on your Platonic Friendship and Platonic Relationship …


1. Meetup (

A relative veteran in the social scene, Meetup first launched as a website way back in 2002 before the ubiquity of smartphones. As its name goes, the goal of Meetup is to find various hobbyist activities in your area and form groups based on common interests. Knowing that you have a common interest from the get-go allows an easier flow of conversation between you and the groups you connect with on Meetup, removing the typical awkwardness you get when meeting new people at other social settings.

Upon logging in for the first time, you’ll get a preview of popular “Meetups” that are happening in your area, and the activities can range from biking to coding and data analytics. In the rare case where you don’t see anything that quite fits with your interests, don’t be discourage and try creating your own event instead.


2. Meet My Dog (

Short of going to the dog park or meeting other dogs on the street at random, Meet My Dog does the work for you by helping you connect with other dog owners in your area and organize play dates for your furry friend.

Dogs aren’t called Man’s best friend for nothing, so why not let this best friend find you a new friend? Users are able to check-in at the dog parks to let your fellow dog owners know, or send private messages to share vet or care advice, as well as cute dog pics!


3. Bumble BFF (

Founded by one of Tinder’s co-founders, Bumble works in a similar fashion, with a key difference being that only female users can make first contact with their matches (in heterosexual matches). A while ago, the company released Bumble BFF, with the objective of helping you build a community around you, whether you’re in new city or looking to expand your social circle. Bumble BFF works similarly to Bumble, where you swipe and match with friends based on their listed interests and also what they’re looking for.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to expand your professional network (and who says you can’t form friendships from people you meet professionally!), Bumble has also released Bumble Bizz, which is designed to help professionals connect and network, and potentially collaborate or creating mentor-mentee relationships.


4. Patook (

If you’ve ever had friends that you connected with on friend-finding apps, only for them to reveal more than “friendly intentions”, you’re not alone. That’s why the creators of Patook have taken the idea of “friends only” to another level. Described as “The Strictly Platonic Friend Making App”, Patook and has created measures to ensure that its users adhere to this, with absolute zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior.

The key thing that sets Patook apart is has “the most advanced flirt detection algorithm in the world”, which recognizes pick-up lines, pet names and suggestive dialogue. As demonstrated on their website, when the app suspects something inappropriate, it prevents the message from getting sent and also informs the sender of their misconduct. Repeated offenders will end up getting blocked or banned from the app, which really helps to ensure the platonic nature of the platform.

A bonus feature would be the ability to join as a couple, so you and your significant other can meet with other couples together, and avoid the potential problems that may arise when you or your S.O. have a strong platonic friendship with someone of the opposite sex.


5. Atleto (

Similar to Meetup, Atleto lets you connect with like-minded athletes and workout buddies based on your location. Offering different types of sports and activities, Atleto goes further in ensuring that you’re matched with people of the same skill level and experience, so you never need to worry about being the lagger or the worst athlete in the group as everyone’s pretty much on the same plane.

You have the option of making your activity public or private to keep it within friends as well, but when you’re on an endorphin high after a good workout, making new friends will probably be no sweat.


6. Friender (

Essentially the Tinder version for making friends without any disguised intentions, Friender works similarly to Tinder in that you swipe to match with potential friends.

These potential friends are in turn suggested to you based on whether you share common interests, which you’ll first have to list upon creating your profile.

The app also works on a location basis, so you can be sure to find friends who are nearby and ready to meet!


Concluding Insights on Using the Right Platonic Friend App and Platonic Dating Sites

Whilst they are lesser known, Platonic Friend App and Platonic Dating Sites do exist. You just need to know which they are, how good are they, and what they can offer.

Increasingly, Platonic Dating (in the form of a Platonic Friendship or Platonic Relationship) is becoming more popular in the Modern Dating context. So much so that even top Dating Apps and Dating Sites like have included them as an important segment of its Dating Users who are keen on “Making Friends”.


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