Platonic Intimacy: Platonic Relationship Meaning & How You Can Improve Your Platonic Friendship

Platonic Intimacy: Platonic Relationship Meaning & How You Can Improve Your Platonic Friendship

When you come across the word “intimacy”, chances are that you’ll connect it to sex. That’s because it’s commonly used in the same context as sex – i.e. getting intimate with your Dating Partner. Therefore the phrase “platonic intimacy” might sound almost oxy-moronic, considering that the definition of “platonic” essentially means non-sexual.

However, the term “intimacy” refers to more than just sexual intimacy, but in broader terms, a closeness that’s associated with familiarity or friendship. Hence to be intimate with someone is to have a feeling of closeness and doing an action that strengthens that bond, which doesn’t necessarily have to be with your romantic partner or spouse.

Therefore Platonic Intimacy in this case refers to the closeness between two members of the opposite sex and when managed well, can result in better friendships.


Rediscovering Platonic Intimacy, Platonic Relationship Meaning, & How It Can Improve Your Platonic Friendship

If you’re in the beginnings of a Platonic Friendship and want to deepen the Platonic Relationship, here are the Top 3 Exclusive and Proven Tips to help you engage in more effective Platonic Intimacy with your Platonic Friends and Platonic Relationship Partners … Enjoy!


1. Be Mentally Vulnerable

For Platonic Intimacy to happen, don’t be afraid to share your honest thoughts for fear of getting judged, and remember to listen to theirs without judgement.

In today’s world where things happen at a fast pace we’re often quick to try and get our opinions and reactions to what others are saying in, instead of just listening and connecting to what they’re saying.

As much as we tend to think that we are more connected than ever before due to social media and mobile phones, that sometimes detracts us from having decent length conversations enough to share what we really think about different issues instead of just going along with popular opinion.


2. Be Emotionally Available

If something gets you excited or has caused you to feel sad, share it with your friend. We sometimes choose to keep these feelings to ourselves for fear of appearing uncool or overreacting.

But by doing so you rob the opportunity for your friend to understand you better, and in positive occasions, lose the chance to strengthen your Platonic Relationship through these shared experiences.

Particularly for males, when sharing feelings with your other guy friends might across as being “soft”, talking about your emotions with someone of the opposite sex can provide a healthy outlet, especially when you’re trying to work through a certain issue.

Similarly, if your Platonic Friend wants to share their feelings with you, make time for it, and remember to listen without judgment.

You might not understand why they feel the way they do, but more often than not your friends aren’t looking for empathy; a listening ear is good enough.


3. Get Close, But Remember Your Limits

While naysayers might disagree and say that physical closeness between two members of the opposite sex will only cause romantic feelings to develop, most supporters of Platonic Relationships agree that it’s fine as long as you can keep your hormones in check and remember your reasons for remaining just friends.

To build Platonic Intimacy, “Hugging” has been scientifically proven to have several benefits, and just a simple touch has been shown to communicate different emotions.

Some Platonic Friends have even including cuddling in their list of “acceptable actions”, and while that might be considered as dangerous territory by most, at the end of the day it boils down to what you and your friend are mutually comfortable with, and the boundaries that you’ve agreed on. Physical touch is a way of saying you care, so don’t be afraid to use it as a form of expression.


Concluding Insights on Platonic Relationship Meaning: What Platonic Intimacy is & How You Can Improve Your Platonic Friendship

The above 3 valuable tips on Platonic Intimacy can also apply to friendships in general and aren’t necessarily specific to Platonic Friendships. However, practicing them in your friendship with someone of the opposite sex will not only help you both to strengthen your connection and enjoy the benefits of having a Platonic Friend, but when done right, usually leads to a Platonic Relationship that lasts for a very long time.


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