Platonic Relationship: 5 Most Important Rules for Maintaining a Platonic Friendship

Platonic Relationship: 5 Most Important Rules for Maintaining a Platonic Friendship

So you’ve established that you and your friend of an opposite sex are in a Platonic Relationship.

You have both decided that you are just friends, and have zero sexual or romantic interest in the other.

However, even though you both start off assured that your relationship is platonic. It takes effort, and also the occasional reminder to keep things within the “just friends” zone.

Feelings can change, or you might have Platonic Friendship skeptics telling you that it’s impossible.


Platonic Relationship: How to Maintain a Platonic Friendship Successfully

Whatever the challenge may be, here are the Five Key Rules that you should observe to help keep the relationship platonic.


1. Be Loyal to Your Decision – (#1 Top Platonic Relationship Advice)

If you’ve both decided and agreed that your relationship is platonic.

Be responsible for that decision, and actively remind yourselves of it.

Sometimes the thoughts of “what could be” may enter your mind, or you find yourself comparing your friend to your Serious Relationship partner.

If so, stop yourself and remember why you made the decision to keep the relationship platonic in the first place.


2. Deal with Sexual/Romantic Tension – (#2 Essential Platonic Relationship Tip)

The fact that the two of you are great friends, does mean that you are attracted to each other’s personality at some level.

However, if you find yourself feeling physically attracted towards your friend, then you should deal with it before it becomes too much.

These momentary feelings of lust can present themselves every now and then.

Especially if you are both used to being “touchy-feely”, or sharing physical spaces (e.g. sitting closely on the couch while watching TV or sharing the same room when traveling).

Do your best to overcome them. And, avoid placing yourself in those situations.

Until, you’re certain you can handle them, without feeling more than you should.


3. Treat Each Other as Equals

Neither of you should play a submissive role in your Platonic Relationship.

And, you both should be acutely aware of each others’ weaknesses as well as best traits.

Revealing your bad side, might also discourage your friend from considering you as dating material.

Due to certain qualities which they see as flaws and not want in their Romantic Relationship partner.

At the same time, remind yourself that because you are friends.

It is perfectly acceptable for them to know your weaknesses.

You’re not looking to make the best impression on them, as you would for a potential romantic interest.


4. Ignore Skepticism

Many people still believe in the age old adage, that there is no such thing as friendship between a man and a woman.

But given the world we live in – where men and women work, live and play alongside each other.

It’ll be near impossible for that to not exist, without romantic drama breaking out everywhere.

However, if you have naysayers around you, telling you that there’s more to your Platonic Friendship.

Ignore them, and remain confident in your decision to keep this relationship platonic.


5. Remember the Benefits of Platonic Dating

If you ever find yourself wandering into the “What if we were dating?” zone. Remind yourself of the benefits you’ve gleaned from being platonic friends.

Apart from having someone to confide in, and have fun with without the emotional baggage or drama.

Your Platonic Friendship is also free, from things such as jealousy, lack of trust and doubts.

On top of that, if a man and woman decide to be friends, their Platonic Relationship is supposed to be long-lasting.

After all, the pure definition of a platonic love as described by Greek philosopher Plato, is one that’s of a spiritual nature, where two souls find affinity rather than their bodies.

Thus, if you are connected on a deep, emotional and spiritual level, this creates a strong bond that can withstand both time and changes in life circumstances.

If you have trouble believing that, check out these friends who show how special Platonic Friendships can be.


Conclusions on Maintaining a Platonic Relationship/Platonic Friendship

At the end of the day, how special and long-lasting your Platonic Friendship will be.

This depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in, in order to get the most out of the Platonic Friendship.

And, remembering your reasons for wanting to keep it platonic, in the first place.

Of course, there could be instances where you both mutually decide to become a romantic couple.

Because you’ve developed feelings for each other, and are certain that this is the right move.

After all, Platonic Relationships also help to set a foundation for a serious loving relationship.

And teach you, how to build one that’s based on compatibility and support.

However, if you’ve committed to staying just friends, checking yourself with the above Five Rules will certainly help your Platonic Friendship go a long and fruitful way.


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