Define Sapiosexual & Sapiosexual Meaning: Top 10 Positives & Negatives for Sapiosexual Men Wanting to Date an Intelligent Lady

Define Sapiosexual & Sapiosexual Meaning: Top 10 Positives & Negatives for Sapiosexual Men Wanting to Date an Intelligent Lady

Are you getting ready to ask a smart girl for a night out?

Hold your horses – there are some things you need to consider before doing so. In order to ensure that you’re not setting yourself up, to fail big time.

The fact that you’re attracted to intelligent girls, means that you’re a Sapiosexual – i.e. someone who is more turned on by their partner’s brains, rather than their beauty.

What makes a smart girl so attractive? What negatives might there be, in dating someone who (possibly) might be smarter than you?

Let us find out together, as we explore the Ups and Downs of the Sapiosexual Man who wants to date an Intelligent Lady.


Define Sapiosexual & Sapiosexual Meaning: The Pros & Cons for Sapiosexual Men to Date a Smart Lady


Positives: Understanding the Allure of an Intelligent Babe

1. She’s easy to get along with – (#1 Positive Trait in Define Sapiosexual Meaning)

She’s knowledgeable in a lot of areas, so you’ll never run out of things to talk about.

Your dates will never be boring and you’ll learn so much just from hearing her talk! It definitely beats listening to an air-headed girl who talks about nothing except fashion and makeup.

As a plus, it’ll be so easy to choose a gift for her when the occasion calls for it because she’ll value the meaning of your gift over its monetary value.


2. Her intelligence is under constant upgrading – (#2 Positive Trait in Define Sapiosexual Meaning)

She is never satisfied with how smart she currently is.

She wasn’t born with this much knowledge – it’s her proactive search for knowledge which supplemented her curiosity and innate intelligence.

She’s always finding new information to add to the treasure trove she already has, so you’ll never get bored of talking to her.

You know she won’t be the kind to leech off of you because she takes pride in her work and her potential to succeed.


3. They won’t embarrass you in social situations

Smart girls tend to be introverts, but that does not mean that they are social retards as portrayed in the media.

It is precisely because of their superior knowledge and interest in multiple fields that they can easily mingle with practically anyone.

It would do you good to throw away all assumptions on that smart girl you’re so in love with.


4. They don’t idolize people for their “trendiness”

If you ask the average girl, their role models are usually someone famous or with a lot of money.

While it is easily understandable, it portrays how shallow the average mind is.

Your girl will name someone who inspires her beyond their looks and material possessions.


5. She does not make baseless accusations

If you’re one of those men out there who are sick and tired of being accused for something you never even thought of, then a smart girl should be your next pick.

Smart girls are logical creatures.

While instinct may still play a part in her suspecting you of something, rest assured that by the time she brings it up to you, she’d have cold hard facts to back it up.

If you’re a liar though, a smart girl is probably not for you because she’d be able to tell easily when you lie to her.


The Negatives of Dating a Smart Lady

1. She can make you feel really unimportant – (#1 Negative Trait in Define Sapiosexual Meaning)

Smart girls will prioritize their work or their interests far above most other things – you included.

You need to be understanding, when she calls off dates at the last minute, or turns down your requests for a night out, in favor of completing her work.

She’ll likely be equally passionate about her hobbies, so you might find yourself in 3rd place a lot of the time.

If you can deal with this, then go for her! When all else fails, you can always join her in pursuing her other loves in life.


2. You have to be careful with your words at times

The average girl won’t mind the occasional dig at her intelligence, and will willingly complain to you about her job.

You should be careful not to take the same approach with an intelligent girl.

Not only will she not join you, she might even be really offended when you insult her job or what she’s passionate about.

Don’t stereotype her either – intelligent people tend to value their individuality highly.


3. She is very likely attracted to people as smart as or smarter than her

This puts you in a very tough spot, especially when you don’t compare to her in intelligence.

Your competition will be other men who might be much smarter than you, but do not feel intimidated by any means!

What she will value in you is your propensity for your mind to connect with hers on a deeper level, not your ability to impress her with knowledge that she probably already knew anyway.


4. Over-ambition – (#2 Negative Trait in Define Sapiosexual Meaning)

She can give up everything for the sake of her aspirations.

She believes in her ability to do something, and she definitely has the intelligence to attain it.

She will even run you over, if you stand in the way of her dreams. Deal with it.

She might also spend large amounts of money in maintaining her interests, so much so that she has little left over for other things.


5. It’s easy for her to invade into your life

A smart girl is almost always tech-savvy, since technology can help her out to huge extents in her pursuit for knowledge.

If your girl is constantly fiddling with the newest gadgets in the marker, don’t be surprised when she knows where you are even though you didn’t tell her.

If you dislike this intrusion, talk it out with her and perhaps discuss your boundaries of privacy with her. She’ll understand!


Define Sapiosexual & Sapiosexual Meaning: Concluding Insights on Sapiosexual Guys Dating an Intelligent Lady

There are many ups and downs for the sapiosexual man who loves intelligent girls.

If you think you’re ready to handle a girl with a great mind, you’re well on your way to success in dating a girl who will give you smart-ass babies.


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